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What to Do When You’re Emotionally Exhausted and Just Can’t Deal

Everyone gets tired occasionally but being emotionally exhausted, it can be so much worse. Here’s how to deal with this issue in a healthy way.

Emotionally Exhausted

There are a lot of times in our lives where we deal with excess stress and it makes us tired and dreary. This is normal and so long as you have a way of relaxing and unwinding at night, it’s not a problem. The issue arises when you become emotionally exhausted and just can’t deal.

It’s a much different feeling than being stressed or physically tired. When your emotions are so drawn out you can’t help but collapse, you know you’re in for some trouble. Because sleeping and relaxing don’t help get rid of emotional exhaustion.

Things that emotionally exhaust you might be bigger signs of trouble

If you find that certain things leave you easily emotionally exhausted, it may mean that your life no longer has a place for them. Their toxic energy is so consuming that you actually become worn down by it. That’s not healthy and it’s definitely not something you should deal with.

Sometimes you have to separate your feelings from a situation and assess it from afar. Doing this can help you pinpoint exactly what’s causing the issue so you can correct it. [Read: 10 signs stress is ruining your life and how to fix it]

How to know if you’re emotionally exhausted and what to do about it

Since emotional exhaustion can manifest just like stress and even anxiety, it can be difficult to know the difference. And since you can’t treat all of them the same way, you need to be able to tell which is which so you can fix it correctly.

#1 Sleep doesn’t help. When sleeping doesn’t make you feel any more rested or any better, you know it’s emotional exhaustion. Because it doesn’t just go away with a good night of sleep. It’ll be there until you can actually solve the problem and get things off your chest.

#2 Your relaxation techniques don’t help. Relaxing and unwinding are supposed to get rid of stress and anxiety. If you think you’re stressed and your normal techniques don’t work, you’re probably just emotionally exhausted. You’ll need a different approach to get rid of it. [Read: How to relax and recharge your mind]

#3 You feel very irritable and don’t know why. If you’re cranky and angry for seemingly no reason, you might be emotionally exhausted. When your emotions are basically fried, anything can result in anger and frustration instead of a reasonable reaction.

#4 You can’t sleep. Insomnia can also be a side effect of stress but if you still can’t sleep after relaxing the way you usually do, it’s a problem. Your emotions are really exhausted and as much as you want to sleep, you just can’t. That’s how you know it’s more than everyday stress.

#5 You’re having nightmares. Your emotions are very closely tied to your dreams. If you’re having nightmares, there’s something wrong in your subconscious. Even if you don’t consciously realize it, it’s manifesting in your dreams and it’s probably emotional exhaustion.

#6 You feel unattached to things and people. This is probably the biggest sign you’re emotionally exhausted. When you can’t make yourself feel things, it’s because your emotions are just fried. This manifests in an unattached feeling of emptiness. [Read: 12 signs your fierce emotional attachment feelings are unhealthy]

#7 You can’t concentrate. When your emotions are used up, it’s really hard to concentrate. You can’t seem to focus on tasks and your mind slips often. If this happens a lot, you could be very emotionally exhausted.

#8 You get sick often. Just like stress can harm your immune system, so can emotional exhaustion. If you keep getting sick and are also experiencing some of these other effects, it’s a huge sign your emotions are overworked. [Read: A strengthened immune system and 14 more benefits of sex]

#9 You can’t eat. When you’re emotionally exhausted you just can’t eat. No matter how hungry you are, you just can’t get food down. If this happens to you often, seek some help so you can eat again!

#10 You get headaches. For obvious reasons, when you’re emotionally exhausted, you get headaches. Your brain is working extra hard to process what’s going on and it’s not really good for it. And even when you’re normally exhausted, you get headaches so having your emotions out of line only makes it worse.

What to do when your emotional exhaustion affects your day-to-day life

#1 Talk to someone you trust about it. Open up to someone and ask for their help. Go to a friend or family member and talk about what’s potentially bothering you. Unburdening yourself will help you feel a lot better. [Read: How to build trust and open up in a relationship]

#2 Pinpoint the issue. You need to figure out what’s causing this problem. You need to do some deep thinking and analyzing and stop whatever it is. If you allow it to continue, it could be really bad for your health.

#3 Take a break from everything. Yes, this means a vacation. You need to clear your head and calm your emotions. Sometimes that means taking a step back from everyone and everything and just allowing yourself to be free of any outside influences. Go take a weekend to yourself and get your emotions in check.

#4 Don’t shove your feelings down inside of you. If you close yourself off and keep every single emotion you feel buried inside of you, you’ll end up emotionally exhausted. Cry when you need to. Get mad when you need to. Confront people who upset you. Communicate your feelings and you’ll feel better. [Read: How to calm your mind and relax your feelings]

#5 Seek professional help. If you really can’t get a hold of your emotions, go ahead and seek professional help. There’s nothing wrong with getting help if it makes you feel better. You don’t want your emotional exhaustion to impact your life permanently and sometimes, only professionals can help.

[Read: 12 mysterious factors that play a part in emotional stability]

Being emotionally exhausted for long periods of time has a really negative impact on your health and well being. If you’re feeling this way, seek help and improve your situation ASAP.

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