When Women Are at Their Horniest and What You Can Do About It!

Have you ever wondered why women are hornier on some days more than others? We’ve revealed the secret to this mystery right here!

when are women horny

There are moments in a woman’s life when they can be extremely horny, while other times they will avoid intimacy like it’s the most contagious disease known to mankind. This phenomenon isn’t their fault. In fact, the fault lies in their bodies, and in the raging hormones within.

The anatomy of a woman is very different from a man. Men are equipped with enormous amounts of testosterone that can trigger horniness at any moment. Women, however, have a more complex makeup that consists of hormones that are triggered by menstruation, ovulation and menopause.

When are women at their horniest?

Want to know when your girl will be more likely to engage in some sensual seduction with you? Here are the best times to try and seduce her!

#1 During ovulation. A woman is hornier during ovulation, because it is biologically the perfect time to mate. Their hormones are on overdrive, because their bodies are equipped to send out pheromones to their mate.

While this is happening, a woman’s estrogen level dips briefly and soars to higher levels until the start of menstruation. At the same time, their progesterone starts to kick in. These hormones, when at their peak, can make a woman very, very horny.

Since we are human beings with intelligence and free will, women do not just jump on other men while they are ovulating. Still, the pheromones they emit are able to attract a man that they are intimate with. Even strangers may feel a strange attraction for women they don’t know, just because they are ovulating.

A woman that is already in a relationship will be more open to having sex when they are ovulating. On the other hand, if you have never been intimate with a woman, it will not matter whether she is horny or not. Although she is ovulating, it does not mean that she needs to release the sexual tension she is feeling immediately.

#2 During menstruation. It seems strange to be horny at a time like this. It is especially unprecedented because this is the time when conception is at its lowest probability. The reason for this is because the hormones in a woman’s body are undergoing a serious overhaul. They are about to crash down immediately because the eggs that the ovaries released during ovulation have not been fertilized. [Read: The ultimate guide to period sex]

#3 At the second trimester of pregnancy. When a woman gets pregnant, there is a significant increase in estrogen and progesterone. Your sex drive increases during the first trimester, but most women don’t realize it, because other symptoms like nausea, fatigue and body aches are more problematic.

When the body starts getting used to the influx of hormones, they will start to feel relief from the initial symptoms. By the second trimester, the sex drive will increase further and decrease as the third trimester progresses.

#4 At the start of menopause. With the same concept as when a woman starts to menstruate, they can also become hornier when their hormones are about to stop being produced. The body starts to process the last stores of hormones before it shuts down to prepare for menopause.

At this time, a woman will experience a short period of horniness that can last from a few days to a few months. There is no scientific explanation for this as of yet, but many women have attested to the fact that they did feel a surge of horniness right before they started menopause.

Their hormones will be lessened after this period, but their doctors can prescribe them with supplemental stores in order to promote a healthy balance within their body. Because of that, women undergoing menopause can still be as horny as they were during their hormone-dominated teenage years.

When is the perfect time to turn a woman on?

Women are scientifically proven to be hornier during their second trimester of pregnancy, ovulation and menstruation. That last one is up for debate because most women won’t allow sex while they’re bleeding out of their vaginas.

In terms of menopause, you can never predict when it will happen so you cannot use it to your advantage. It is easy to see when a woman starts to become horny, so you will not need any predictor anyway. Still, you can at least prepare for it in case she is not very vocal and obvious about her situation.

The biggest chance of success for you when turning a woman on – apart from when they are pregnant – is during ovulation. It’s understandable that you cannot ask your partner whether they are ovulating or not, but you can observe them for the signs.

# They are hotter to the touch.

# They have bigger boobs.

# They have a voracious appetite for sweets, especially chocolate.

# They want to have sex almost all the time.

When a woman is horny, you might assume that seducing her becomes easier. That is not necessarily true. Just because your partner is at her horniest, it does not mean that she will immediately agree to a half-hearted plea for lovemaking.

Your biggest advantage at this point in time is that when you do manage to seduce her properly, she will be a tad more aggressive than usual. You can expect some hot and heavy lovemaking because she is ovulating. Her body is actually signaling her to copulate even though her mind is not telling her the exact same thing. [Read: 7 big signs that she wants to sleep with you]

How to approach a woman when she’s ovulating

In order to approach her during this period, you need to be sensitive about it like always. It is the same advice I would give you if she was not ovulating anyway. The only difference is that this advice focuses on the initial stages of the act itself rather than the courtship leading to your intimacy.

#1 Touch her. Touch her all the time. Kiss her cheek when you see her. Hold her hand and her waist. Rub her thighs while you are watching TV. Use any excuse you can find to touch her and she will get riled up enough to finally make love to you. [Read: How to make her wet just by sitting next to her]

#2 Feed her. Ovulating women are hungrier than usual. You are not exactly aiming to make her gain weight. You are only satiating her other needs, so that you can focus on her primal needs. If she is happily satisfied with food, she will not be thinking about anything else, except having sex with you.

#3 Flirt with her. Make your intentions known by flirting with your partner. Do it with finesse, and don’t be crass about it. She is still a woman and she will not settle for a tactless approach when it comes to having sex. [Read: 20 flirty questions that will turn her on]

#4 Set the mood. Use the proper lighting and make your bedroom feel like the sexiest place on earth. Place some lit candles and light some incense. If your partner sees the perfect setting, she will not think twice about jumping you before you even make it to the bed.

#5 Ladies first. In terms of foreplay, focus on her needs before yours. She will be very horny at this point in time, which will make her orgasms easier to achieve. The art of making a woman climax is not about how fast you can make it happen. It should be a pleasurable experience before, during and after it happens. So, make time to get her hot and bothered to make her orgasms more powerful.

#6 Hug her after. Yes, it shows that you care, but that is not why I am advising you to do it. You should hug her tightly, because it can make her feel giddier after she climaxes. The amount of closeness you experience can increase her arousal. This means that you will be having more sex later.

#7 Touch her everywhere. Again. After a woman climaxes, you should rub her all over her body. Do not do it awkwardly, but do it while you’re talking or recovering from your first session. Her whole body is like one big nerve ending that you can play with. This will give her unexplainable pleasure and can arouse her enough to engage in a hotter session afterwards.

[Read: 8 crucial moves you should do to turn her on]

Taking advantage of your partner’s horniness is simply a way for you to pleasure her when she wants it the most. Just always remember that the best way to satisfy your partner is to know her well enough to do it properly.

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