What to Do When a Girl Likes You: The Right Ways to Make Your Move

Do you like her back? Or do you want to let her down easy? Are you unsure of how you feel? Here is what to do when a girl likes you.

what to do when a girl likes you

If you found out a girl likes you from her friend, from her signals, or straight from her, there are quite a few ways to go about responding to what to do when a girl likes you

Maybe you like her too and aren’t sure how to start things up. Or perhaps you are trying to think of a way to let her down easy. Maybe you have yet to decide how you feel. No matter what course you want to follow, this is what to do when a girl likes you. [Read: Subtle signs a shy girl is crushing on you]

Make sure

Before even going into this situation, be sure that she does indeed like you. If you heard it from a friend or just think you have picked up on some clues, you could embarrass yourself whether you ask her out or turn her down.

You can ask someone you know is very close to her or just go straight to the source. Tell her you heard that she might like you and wanted to know if it was true. [Read: 16 signs a woman is attracted to you and wants you to make a move]

Decide how you feel

Before doing anything, you need to come to a conclusion about how you feel. You do not want to go and talk to her about it when you are still confused. All that will do is confuse her.

So think about it. When you found out she liked you, were you happy? Were you worried? Were you flattered?

How well do you know her?

How close you are to this girl plays a big role in how you handle this situation. If you are close friends, you do not want to ruin the friendship one way or the other. Whether you reject her or start dating, make sure you talk about what that means for your friendship.

If you are friends, talk to her in person. She deserves that respect. And if you don’t know her too well, you can give her a call to let her know you’re flattered, but don’t have romantic feelings for her.

What to do when a girl likes you but you don’t like her back

Letting someone down is never easy, but remember that being rejected is always worse than being the one rejecting. You have a responsibility to be honest and kind in this situation.

#1 Be honest. When it comes to rejection, being subtle is never a good thing. This leaves what you say open to interpretation which lead to her getting the wrong message. Instead, come straight out with it. [Read: The best ways to reject somebody and what to expect]

#2 Be gentle. You can still be straightforward with the truth while being kind, polite, and respectful. Simply let her know that you are flattered that she likes you, but are interested in someone else, you don’t have those feelings for her, or just want to be friends.

All of these things can sound harsh, but when someone needs to move on, they need a clear cut response. Rejection might sting, but knowing the truth will help them move on quicker. [Read: Understand how to say no and live your best life]

#3 Be prepared. Rejection is different for everyone. Some girls might take it worse and cry. But some might nod and smile and say, “no worries, I understand” then go home and cry. But no matter her response, be prepared. You are letting her down.

So whether she gets mad, cries, or gets quiet, let her know you’re sorry and know that she will find someone great. Let her feel her feelings. Don’t tell her not to cry or be upset, that is just patronizing.

What to do when a girl likes you and you like her back

You just found out that the girl you like likes you. Congratulations. But, now what? Can you just ask her out? Are you sure she wants to date? Are you still nervous?

All those are normal things to worry about. But there are a few steps to take to worry less and feel more confident.

#1 Tell her. Now that you know she likes you, do not wait around for something to happen. Take action. Tell her you like her too. This leads to her offering a date or making a move. You won’t get anywhere without you both knowing how the other feels. [Read: 12 subtle moves to show a girl you like her and win her over]

#2 What do you want? Do you want to be friends with benefits? Do you want to go on a couple dates and see how it goes? Or do you want to jump into a relationship? This is something you should know so you can talk about it and get on the same page before moving forward.

#3 Relax. The possibility of rejection now is exponentially decreased so you can go in with more confidence than ever. She already likes you, that is half the battle.

What to do when a girl likes you and you don’t know how you feel

This is something that happens all too often. You find out a friend or acquaintance likes you, but you don’t have strong feelings one way or the other. What do you do?

#1 Don’t avoid the situation. By all means take some time to think it over and see what you want to do, but don’t just let her sweat wondering how you feel. That is unfair and slightly cruel, especially if she is the one that told you how she feels.

#2 Do you want to be dating? Before even indulging in the idea, consider whether or not you want to be dating. Are you recently out of a relationship? Are you sort of dating someone else? Are you overwhelmed at work?

This girl deserves to know the truth whichever way you go, so you should be aware of what you want before talking to her. [Read: It’s okay if you’re not ready for a relationship right now]

#3 Tell the truth. As always, the truth will set you free. So tell it. Tell her if you like someone else. Or tell her you are flattered, but never really thought about her that way. But also let her know what you want to do.

Tell her you want to remain friends. Or tell her you’re interested in a date to see where things could go. Just make sure she understands. Don’t tell her you 100% like her back if you’re not sure.

#4 Give it a chance. If you can’t make up your mind, ask her out. But once again let her know that you are not promising a relationship because you aren’t sure how you feel and want to get to know her better. You do not want to get her hopes up. [Read: 50 relationship questions to test your compatibility instantly]

#5 Tell her you need time. Perhaps you aren’t ready to go on a date. Tell her the door isn’t closed, but you aren’t ready to start anything. Make sure she knows you are not expecting her to wait for you. If you are ready and she is available, you’ll reach out.

Hopefully this helped you with any decision to when it comes to knowing what to do when a girl likes you. Girls are not the only complicated ones when it comes to romance and dating. Your feelings can be, and usually are, just as confusing. So take your time, see how you feel, and enjoy the ride.

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When the time is right you’ll know exactly what to do when a girl likes you, whether you like her back or not.

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