12 Things Guys Do that Makes Girls Want to Fake It!

Are you doing something in bed that’s turning her off? Here are 12 things guys do often that makes a woman want to fake it instead of experiencing it!

why girls fake orgasm

Statistics vary widely, but it’s a known fact that all women don’t orgasm every single time they have sex!

And yet, most guys always behave like they’re the gods of sex.

And these guys brag about how good they are in bed, and how they’ve never slept with a girl who didn’t experience a shuddering orgasm in their arms!

Now, that’s surprising, isn’t it?

If every girl fakes it now and then, are these guys liars, or are the girls really damn good at faking it?!

Why do women fake it?

The reasons why women fake it are plenty and varied.

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But it’s not always their own fault.

More often than not, the reason behind a girl faking it isn’t her own shortcomings, but more because of the guy’s short-comings!

A guy could be selfish, or he may be too bothered about having a good time himself that he fails to focus on her or on how nice a time she’s having in bed with him.

When it comes to sex or lovemaking, women find the journey to be more satisfying than the destination.

So if you really want to please a woman in bed, stop worrying about getting her to orgasm. And just worry about what you could do right then to have a great time with her. Understand that, and that idea will transform you into a real sex god overnight.

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12 things guys do that makes girls want to fake it!

Here are 12 reasons why women choose to fake it in bed, instead of truly experiencing an orgasm. Sometimes, it really isn’t a guy’s fault. But then again, almost always, it definitely is!

#1 You’re not good at foreplay. A guy may take a few seconds to get a stiffy in his pants. But a girl is like a pot of water on a stove. She takes time to warm up, but stays hot for a long time afterwards! If you don’t arouse her enough with foreplay, either by stimulating her down there using your fingers or with the way you caress her body, chances are, she may not be aroused enough to experience a real orgasm.

#2 You don’t know what she wants in bed. This is the case with many guys. They just think they know everything about a girl’s body, and everything about what turns a girl on. But really, all girls are different and every girl has her own expectations in bed. Take cues from her, watch how she reacts to the things you do, and learn from it. Don’t be arrogant and believe you know what works for her better than she knows herself! [Read: 18 sizzling sex tips for men to make any girl crave for more!]

#3 You suck. In bed. Who can blame you here, really? You’re just not good enough, and you’re probably a lost cause. And since she loves you so much, your girl may just fake it each time just to make you feel better about yourself *while she dreams and fantasizes about a guy who can give her the orgasm she craves for someday!*

#4 You blame yourself. If you’re a guy, it’s pretty understandable that you look at an orgasm as a prize. To most guys, a girl orgasming under them is a sign of victory. Do you persistently question your woman each time she doesn’t experience an orgasm? And do you blame yourself for being bad in bed? If you do, then your girl may fake it when she’s unable to experience an orgasm just to stop you from blaming yourself. [Read: 15 ways to last really long in bed without any pills]

#5 You blame her. Do you ever accuse your girlfriend or wife when she doesn’t experience the big bang in bed? Do you snap at her or angrily say something like “why don’t you f**kin’ tell me what turns you on in bed then?!!!”

#6 You get annoyed. You may not tell it to her face, but your dismayed expression may give away your annoyance when she doesn’t experience an orgasm. And each time you appear upset, you may just make her feel bad about it, which would just lead to her faking it each time she doesn’t feel like experiencing it.

#7 Foot in the mouth. You said something that was totally inappropriate or something that just creeped her out while dirty talking in bed. And now, she’s either feeling yucky or pissed off about it! [Read: How to talk dirty and reveal your fantasies to a girl without turning her off]

#8 You make her feel ugly. This is something most girls just don’t want to acknowledge. Ever! But it’s the truth that you shouldn’t talk to her about. Do you make her feel ugly in bed, either by talking about how fat she’s got, or by staring at her with a bad expression on your face when she’s undressing? If you make a girl feel ugly, there’s a good chance she’s not going to feel comfortable in bed with you for a long time to come!

#9 You’re too big! Yes, your crowning glory that you’ve been so proud of has finally let you down when it matters most! If you’re too big for her tiny cute little mound, she may just hate your little *big* guy each time you penetrate her. And just to get you to stop sooner, she may tighten her thighs, scream a little, more out of pain, and fake a good one! [Read: Compatibility between a man and a woman’s privates according to the Kama Sutra]

#10 You’re not going to finish the race. And so, she brings the finish line closer to you! If your girlfriend sees you panting, sweating or trying really hard to hold on to your ejaculation, and she knows she may not be experiencing an orgasm very soon, she may just fake it to give you the confidence boost you need and make you believe that you’ve finished the race. [Read: 20 ways to keep an erection hard and high for longer]

#11 She’s embarrassed. This is something you may experience early in a new relationship. If a girl you’re dating knows she takes a really long time to experience a good orgasm in bed, she may fake it about ten to fifteen minutes into sex just to make you believe she’s had great sex, and convince you that she’s just a normal girl who experiences normal orgasms.

#12 You’re putting a lot of pressure. Have you been talking on and on about the impending vacation sex or birthday sex or one month anniversary sex for days on end? We know you’re excited about it, but you may be stressing her out by constantly talking about it. She knows the sex is supposed to be glorious, and she’s trying hard to make it feel like the best sex yet. But somewhere in her mind, all that stress is killing her chances of experiencing an orgasm!

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Every now and then, your behavior in bed may be forcing your girl to fake it instead of waiting for it. So avoid these 12 things guys do that makes girls want to fake it, and let your woman realize that you’re not just after her orgasm, but you’re trying to enjoy the experience too!

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