Unlucky 13: Signs Your Girlfriend Isn’t Attracted to You Anymore

You love your girlfriend, but you’re seeing the signs your girlfriend isn’t attracted to you anymore. It’s time you got to the truth of what’s going on.

Signs Your Girlfriend Isn't Attracted to You Anymore

There comes a time in some relationships where you’re just not sure where you stand with your partner. Yeah, things were going well months ago, but suddenly there was a shift in the relationship. You’re starting to see signs your girlfriend isn’t attracted to you anymore. It’s a normal feeling to have when there’s a sudden change in the relationship.

But, before you jump to conclusions, really take a look at your relationship and examine the signs. There’s no point stressing out right now. Stop and look at things with a rational perspective *easier said than done, I know*.

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13 signs your girlfriend isn’t attracted to you anymore

Now, seeing one of these signs in your relationship isn’t enough to get to a conclusion. But, if you see a couple of these signs, then you have a better idea of what’s going on. However, the only way to really know what’s happening is by talking to your girlfriend.

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It’s not an easy conversation to have, and you may not want to hear the truth. You deserve to take control of your life. You don’t need to be with someone who isn’t investing themselves in your relationship.

Unfortunately sometimes, attraction doesn’t necessarily last forever.

#1 She doesn’t put you first. In a relationship, you make your partner a priority in your life. You take their needs into consideration before you do something. This is what being in a relationship is about, two people creating a life together. But she’s stopped putting you first in her life. [Read: 15 signs the girl you like is leading you on and taking you nowhere]

#2 She stops making time for you. She used to give you her free time, but now she’s stopped that. Of course, we all have hobbies and friends to see, which is understandable. But if she’s completely stopped making time for you, that’s a bad sign.

#3 She stops introducing you as her partner. When you would go out, she would introduce you as her partner, but recently, she only addresses you as her friend or just by your name *and an awkward pause*. Well, if it’s come to this point, then you really should talk to her. [Read: When you girlfriend says she needs space – What she means and expects from you]

#4 She stops contacting you. She used to call you during the day and text you often, but that’s all come to an end. The little things she used to do like sending you a ‘good morning’ text has completely stopped. Now, why did she stop suddenly? You must talk to her. [Read: Why you should tell your partner the truth even when it hurts]

#5 She argues with you about everything. You used to get along quite well. Sure, you had your disagreements, but that didn’t happen all the time. Now, all she seems to do is argue with you about everything. There’s something going on behind these arguments that you need to figure out.

#6 There’s no more sex. I want you to know that just because there’s no sex right now, doesn’t mean she’s not attracted to you. Every couple goes through their own dry spell; it’s normal. What you should focus on is if this comes with other points on this list.

#7 There are no more talks of future plans. Normally, when a couple is together, they talk about the future. Where you will go on vacation during the summer or what they want to do in five years. But any mention of the future and she automatically changes the topic. [Read: 15 common reasons why people start getting bored with their relationship]

#8 She doesn’t seem interested in your life. You used to talk about what was going on at work or school, but now she doesn’t show interest in your life. She doesn’t ask you about work or your family. All those conversations that brought you two together ended. [Read: Why something feels off in your relationship and what to do about it]

#9 She’s suddenly always busy. She may have been busy before, but she always made time to see you. However, she’s always busy now, with never any time to spare. Things happen in people’s lives, and it can get hectic. But if she was truly invested in the relationship, she would make time to see you.

#10 The affection has come to zero. There are times when couples go through a dry spell, and naturally, that means there’s not much sex happening. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t attracted to you anymore. But if she stops hugging, kissing, and cuddling with you, then this is when you’re in trouble. [Read: 20 simple ways to make your girlfriend incredibly happy]

#11 She avoids your touch. You love to show her affection, and when you used to show affection she would want more and more of it. But now, when you hug her or touch her, she avoids you by dodging out of the way as quickly as possible. If she’s not responding positively to your touch, something is wrong. 

#12 She flakes on plans. When someone really likes you, they try their hardest to see you as much as possible. And this was probably the case with your girlfriend in the beginning, but now something has changed. When you ask her to hang out, she agrees and then flakes out on plans. This doesn’t happen once or twice; it happens all the time. [Read: The signs of disrespect in a relationship that indicates a lack of love]

#13 You feel it. There are just some things you feel inside of you. If you see a bunch of these signs, and deep down you feel that she’s no longer into you, listen to yourself. If this means anything, you should sit down and talk to her. It’s time to set the story straight.

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Take a look at the signs your girlfriend isn’t attracted to you anymore. If you feel she’s not, then talk to her about it.

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