19 Wily Signs She Only Wants Your Attention But Not a Relationship

You like her, but you’re not sure if she likes you back. So, how do you know for sure? One way is to look for the signs she only wants attention from you.

signs she only wants your attention

It’s time you figured out if this girl is really interested in you or if you’re just wasting time. If she’s only looking for attention, she knows exactly how to get it, but it’s your job to figure out her intentions.

Don’t waste another minute chasing her around if it’s only attention she wants from you. No one wants to be kept around just because it feeds their ego.

Why do girls like attention so much?

We have all known “those” people – the ones who are the attention-hogs and need to have everyone’s eyes on them. But just because we know these people doesn’t mean that we always understand them.

And when that kind of person is a girl that you like, it might be even more confusing. It’s quite difficult for most guys to decode a girl’s behavior. She may seem like she likes you, but then you turn around and she is doing something else that makes you question if she’s even interested in you!

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If she is only acting that way to get attention from you, what could be the reasons?

Why do some girls want your attention so badly?

It seems rather cruel of her to do that and lead you on, doesn’t it? Let’s take a look at the reasons and signs she only wants attention from you.

First, she may have low self-esteem. Let’s face it – many girls have low self-esteem. It doesn’t matter how hot, intelligent, funny, and charming she is. She still may feel bad about herself for one reason or another.

True, it doesn’t make much sense that a hot girl would have low self-esteem. But unfortunately, that is the case for many of them.

1. Her childhood made her needy

What would make a girl like that have low self-esteem? Well, the list could be endless. But let’s start with her parents and childhood. You have no idea what kind of family she grew up in.

Her parents might not have been very loving to her.

In fact, they could have been downright abusive – whether it’s emotionally, mentally, or even physically. Or she could have just been neglected more than she should have been. [Read: What makes a girl an attention whore who can’t exist without attention]

When that happens to a child, it can have a deep negative impact on that person as an adult. If your parents don’t give you positive messages about yourself, you start to think that you aren’t any good. Unless you hear things like, “You’re so smart, pretty, funny, I’m so proud of you, etc.” then you might think you aren’t ever good enough.

If this happened in her childhood, then she will start seeking approval from anyone and anywhere. She does this because she needs to get emotional confirmation from somewhere, if she never got it from her parents. [Read: 19 signs of low self-esteem in girls that show just how badly they need self-love]

So, that’s one of the reasons why she may be an attention-seeker. She simply feels bad about herself so she looks outside to guys like you to pump up her ego and make her like herself a little more.

2. She just loves attention and needs it to exist

Another reason is that it just feels good to get attention. This ties closely with what was just discussed about her low self-esteem. If someone is feeling bad about themselves, then it feels good to have people pay attention to you.

People who have low self-esteem feel a lot better when other people tell them how great they are. And even if they don’t use those specific words, just the very fact that someone is spending their time focused on them makes them feel important.

Feeling important to other people is a big deal to people with low self-esteem. Because they can’t derive feelings of self-love on their own, they have to rely on other people to do it for them. And the more attention they get, the more they feel important in the world. [Read: Why do some girls desperately crave male attention? Their mind and the need to be desired by all men]

3. She’s toying you for fun

Another reason that she only likes attention is that she might just like playing games with guys. That’s not very ethical, but it happens a lot. Because she doesn’t love herself and needs other people to feel important, when she plays games, it gives her a feeling of power.

Someone with low self-esteem does not feel powerful. They don’t like themselves, so they are in constant angst.

So, if she can find a way to play games with guys and get them to grovel after her, pay lots of attention to her, then she feels like she has power over them.

You could say she does this because she has no morals. That could be true. But one of the biggest reasons she does this is because she is self-centered. [Read: How do some girls become so self-centered and stop caring about others]

When people are self-centered, they are only thinking about themselves. So, if she only wants your attention, she is not thinking about YOUR feelings… only hers.

Think about it this way. If you are starving and there is not enough food, most people would be self-centered and try to get the food all to themselves. It’s just a survival instinct.

Well, it’s really no different when people are starving for attention. They only think about “feeding” their own ego, and don’t think about much else. [Read: 20 clear signs she’s leading you on, using you and only pretending to love you]

The clearest signs she only wants attention from you and nothing more

When you’re into someone, you don’t see reality. Of course, you see them, but their flaws or actions are masked by your puppy dog love eyes. It’s not your fault, really. This happens to the best of us.

In these cases, it’s easy to get caught up in your feelings and end up chasing her. Now, chasing a girl isn’t bad, but if she lets you chase her just for her own ego then it’s a problem.

Not only will your chasing get you nowhere, but it also makes you look like a fool. Don’t be a sucker. [Read: 20 ways to spot selfish people and stop them from hurting you]

1. You can’t actually get a date with her

You may chase her all day and night, but the thing is, you can’t actually land a date with her. But, if she only wants attention from you, she won’t actually spend any time with you.

If she agrees to go on a date with you, just when you’re supposed to go, she’ll make an excuse and flake out. Or, she goes but invites other people along.

2. She’s always texting

If she spends time with you, most of her time is with her glued to her phone. She makes plans with her friends for later, goes on Tinder, takes selfies. The point is, though physically next to you, she’s not mentally present.

She’s basically just hanging out with you to pass the time while you stroke her ego at the same time. [Read: 24 secrets signs of narcissism you should never ignore in a person]

3. She flirts with everyone

Now, there’s nothing wrong with flirting with people, that’s basically how we see if we’re attracted to someone. But she flirts constantly with multiple guys, even if they have girlfriends.

These girls don’t mind grinding against other guys, kissing them, giving their number without any intention of actually going further with them. That’s definitely one of the signs that she only wants attention.

4. She’s all about drama

If there’s something slightly troubling, it’s the end of the world for her.

If she fought with a friend or had issues at school, everyone hears about it. This, first of all, keeps the world revolving around her. Secondly, it keeps you interested in her and concerned. [Read: How to calmly deal with the drama queen]

5. She’ll speak to you on social media

But not via text message. Maybe you have her number. It doesn’t matter, she never replies. If she only replies to you via Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, there’s a problem.

It’s easy to ghost people on social media in comparison to texting and phone calls. Plus, it keeps you hooked on watching what she posts. [Read: What does it mean when someone’s ignoring your texts on purpose?]

6. She needs to feel like a celebrity

You noticed she’s unable to sustain genuine relationships with people around her. She constantly needs to be in the center of attention with constant stimulation around them. It’s hard to get that from the same people. She switches them in and out of her life.

7. Her friends are the same

There’s this quote that says, “You are who you hang out with.” And you know, it’s completely true. If all her friends do these things and use people, there’s a high chance that she does too.

Now, we don’t want to generalize, so you definitely should check her friends before you make this assumption. [Read: Sneaky signs you’re pursuing a genuine 24K gold digger]

8. Her excuses are vague

You asked her out or asked her if she’s into you, but she can’t really seem to give you a solid answer. In fact, she doesn’t have a good or logical answer to any question you ask her.

Truthfully, this is one of those big signs she only wants attention from you, but doesn’t actually care nor does she even want to invest the time.

What does this mean? She just keeps you around because it makes her feel good to watch you run after her.

9. She doesn’t want to be alone with you

She never asks you to hang out one on one. Well, she never asks you to hang out but never mind that. If she’s not trying to spend time with you one-on-one, it’s not a good sign.

If she saw you as a friend or someone close, she wouldn’t have a problem spending alone time with you, but she doesn’t even see you as that. [Read: Attention seeker: 17 signs a girl is one even if you can’t see it]

10. She keeps you away from her friends

You don’t get invited out with her and her friends which is a pretty solid sign she’s not into you. If she was, she would tell all her friends and introduce you to them as soon as possible.

But in this case, she doesn’t want them to know that you’re anything more than a friend, she doesn’t want them to get the wrong idea of what’s going on between you two.

11. She’s inconsistent

One week she texts you all the time. Then, the week after, she’s as cold as ice.

Though extremely annoying, it hooks you on her as you end up investing more time in figuring out what’s going on. See how it works? It’s a one-sided relationship through manipulation tactics. [Read: 15 types of girlfriends who will make your life hell]

12. She knows nothing about you

She’s never actually asked you about yourself. Weird, right?

If someone really likes you, they want to know everything about you. But if she’s not curious about your personal life then she’s not into you at all. If a girl likes a guy, she spends all the time in the world getting as much information on them as possible.

13. She loves being complimented

In fact, she spends a lot of time fishing for compliments! If she does her makeup, wears something sexy, she’s expecting your jaw to hit the floor.

She even makes negative comments about her appearance, usually, that’s a way to get you to praise her and boost her ego. This is one of the clear signs that she only wants attention from you. [Read: Manipulative behavior – Why it’s toxic and why you shouldn’t put up with it]

14. She has 1,000,000,000,000 selfies on her social media

Selfies are pretty common these days. However, there’s taking selfies… and then there’s TAKING SELFIES!!!! In other words, when a girl does nothing but take pictures of herself and post them for the whole world to see, then you know she is an attention-hog.

And even more so, if she only uses a ton of filters and never shows her natural face, then you know she needs to “look perfect,” and is searching for people to compliment her all the time. [Read: What make someone an attention seeker and how to read those traits]

15. Her words don’t match her actions

You may be saying how much you like her, and she says she likes you too. But yet when you text her, she takes hours and hours to respond. People who really like you don’t take that long.

Or when you ask her to hang out, and she says “Oh yes, I can’t wait to see you!” but she can never fit you into her schedule or she flakes on you.

If that’s happening, then she is probably only seeking your attention. [Read: Here’s why you should always ditch the people who flake on you]

16. She posts on social media 24/7

If she posts things on social media several times an hour, then as they say, “Houston, we have a problem!”

It could be anything from what she’s eating, to her friends, to selfies… well, anything! It’s not only important to analyze how often she posts, but also what kind of stories and photos she posts. The more often and the more self-centered the posts, the more likely she is only trying to get attention from people.

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Now that you know the signs she only wants attention from you, it’s time you figured out if this girl is someone you need in your life or if you’re just wasting your time feeding her ego. If it’s the latter, it’s time to move on!

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