25 Perfect Gifts to Get Your Girlfriend for Christmas

Clueless about what to give your girl this Yuletide season? Well, worry no more—we’ve shortlisted the top 25 gifts to get your girlfriend for Christmas.

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Christmas is all about family, loved ones, and giving. However, this season of cheer can be mixed with a little stress and frustration if you don’t know what to give your girl. This is especially true when your girlfriend has already given you her gift for you right at the start of December. It’s nerve-wracking, right?

Well, don’t worry. Even if you are still looking for a gift a few days before Christmas, there’s still time. So before you lose hope, just dust yourself off and look at these easy-peasy ideas for the perfect Christmas gifts to give your honey.

Classic Christmas gifts for your girl

#1 Watch. There’s nothing that says special yet unassuming more than a watch for her. It’s functional yet classy enough to wear with a few matching jewelry items or on its own. You can go with something minimalist or modern. You can also choose a bejeweled one for an extra wow factor. Whatever your girl’s taste, you’ll never run out of options.

#2 Perfume. Another classic gift that benefits you too is a scent that you know she’ll love—and you’ll love it on her as well. You can go for floral, citrusy, woodsy, or buy something made by one of her favorite personalities. If you know her well, you’ll never miss the mark with a good perfume.

#3 Jewelry. For a *sort of* no-brainer gift that will surely have her gushing over you, buy her a piece of jewelry for Christmas. Diamond or pearl studs, a necklace, or a bracelet are all safe bets. However, for the ultimate winner, you can gift her with a Pandora charm bracelet.

#4 Body care. You can also show her how much you care for her by pampering her. This can be by giving her backrubs or taking her to the salon, but the best thing that you can do is to also give her luxurious body and bath care items such as lotions, hand balms, body and facial scrubs, and many more.

#5 Clothing accessories. Since chilly weather is here, you can keep her cozy and comfortable with some clothing accessories like a scarf or beanie. Pick something that she will really be stylishly comfortable in during the cold holiday season. Better yet, give her a pair of designer shoes!

For your go-getter girl

#6 Coffee machine. If your girl is a whirlwind of deadlines, meetings, and all the things she has to do, give her something that can help her keep going. There are many express coffee machines from notable coffee brands these days, so your choices are endless. Pack it with some choice coffee pods, too!

#7 Planner. Another great gift idea is a planner, especially if your girl is the type who likes to plan and keep to-do lists. Visit your nearby bookstores or go online for more personalized and unique-looking ones.

#8 Personalized calendar. These days, there are online services that allow you to create personalized calendars based off of your social media photos. You can even select special dates in your lives together and add customized photos and text to make the calendar extra special.

#9 Personalized wine. Anything can be personalized these days, even your wine. Signal to your girl to unwind and relax a little by giving her a bottle or two of specialty wines which you have personally selected for her taste.

#10 Gadgets and accessories. Nothing can make a busy girl’s life so much easier than a few gadgets. From detachable keyboards to speakers, from new phones to tablets, you can show your girl how much you love her by how much you splurge on tech gifts for her.

For your active girl

#11 Fitness tracker. There’s so much to love about fitness tracking gadgets such as the latest fan-favorite, the Apple Watch Sport. From monitoring her steps and runs to using it as a fully functional extension of her smartphone, this is something she will definitely appreciate.

#12 Bluetooth headphones. If she’s into running or jogging and needs to have her music with her at all times, give her headphones that will make even the most discerning audiophile jump for joy. Make sure to get a pair that matches her active lifestyle.

#13 A new smartphone. Maybe she’s the type who keeps dropping her phone in the water when she’s outdoors. Why not get her something that is practically water-, sand-, shock-, and weather-proof?

#14 Photography gear. If she’s in the great outdoors all the time, she may have taken some photos of her adventures. Allow her to document them with ease using some great gears such as a GoPro, and throw in some additional accessories to boot.

#15 Relaxation package. After a tiring day that leaves her muscles in aches and pains, allow her to recuperate with a rejuvenating relaxation package. There are plenty of sets available in many brands, so choose wisely!

For your bookworm lady

#16 Ebook reader. If you’re with a girl who always needs to be reading a book or two, she’ll appreciate an Ebook reader, especially if it’s waterproof so she can take it in the bathtub or to the beach.

#17 Erotica novels. If you want to spice things up a bit for your girl, you can give her an erotica novel. Who knows, you might both end up reading it together and give yourselves your own “happy ending.” [Read: LitErotica – The best reading recommendations for sensual minds]

#18 Volume set. Whether she’s a fan of the classics, sci-fi, adult-fiction, or what-not, she will definitely appreciate a volume set, especially if it’s a collector’s item.

#19 Cookbook. If she’s the type who devours everything hard or soft bound, then a cookbook is also a good choice. It’s also a great way for you both to have delish home-cooked dinners, and maybe you can even cook together as a way to bond.

#20 Cozy comforts. Every book nerd appreciates the cozy feeling of plush pillows, fuzzy blankets, and practically anything that makes their hours of reading so much more fun, comfortable, and relaxing. So think about luxurious throws and even personalized pillows to delight her.

For your homegirl

#21 Indoor garden. If your girl is the type who would rather stay home than go out and party, then for sure, she’ll love seeing something that will make her place extra snazzy. Get her an indoor garden and tend the plants together.

#22 Loungewear and undies. This one is actually a gift you give yourself. Get her a set of sexy undies and seductive loungewear. She’ll definitely wear these when you’re together, to your pleasure. You can pat yourself on the back now.

#23 Personalized personals. From portraits to coasters, mugs to beddings, anything can easily be personalized now. So why not get her something that will remind her of you and your fun times together? Try sites like Etsy for ideas.

#24 Party packages. She may be a homebody, but that doesn’t mean she can’t throw a mean house party. Get her some fancy wine glasses, decanters, cheese boards, adult or party games, conversation starters, or other cool pieces that will make her guests go “wow!”

#25 Kitchen gadgets. Another cool gift your home girl will definitely love is something for her kitchen, like a juicer, tea infusers, a coffee machine, a molecular cooking set, or even a knife set that will make her feel like a MasterChef *just don’t pick a fight with her while she’s slicing and dicing*.

Still have no clue what to give her for Christmas? Ask her friends or officemates about what she wants or needs that you might get her, and they’ll more than likely be able to point you in the right direction.

You can also give her something unique and quirky like a “Ring for a Kiss/Hug/Shag” bell, Monogamy board game (for some adult fun), a world map corkboard, “sex coupons,” or funny foot warmers. However, if you really want to splurge on your girl this Christmas, you can take her on a holiday vacation or cruise that will definitely leave her looking forward for the next Christmas with you.

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Whatever gift you choose to give your lovey, from a simple greeting card to the most extravagant jewelry, what’s important is the time you spend with her during this special season of giving and love. So choose wisely, but make sure to be sincere. Good luck!

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