37 Warning Signs You Have an Overly Obsessed Girlfriend

An overly obsessed girlfriend can make it difficult to have a healthy relationship. But don’t worry! Here is how to figure out if you have one.

overly obsessed girlfriend

Obsessive people are difficult to be around, much less date. If you have an overly obsessed girlfriend, she could quickly become the bane of your existence. Picking you apart piece by piece, not only will she never be okay with herself, she won’t ever be okay with you.

37 signs that you might have an overly obsessed girlfriend

Wanting to make you into the “perfect boyfriend,” *whatever she thinks that is*, she will wear you down until you just want to run screaming from her. So if you have the sneaking suspicion that you might have an overly obsessed girlfriend, take a look at these characteristics and decide for yourself.

#1 She is highly competitive – If your girl is obsessed about always doing her best, she is going to be highly competitive not just with her friends, her family, and you, but likely your future kids too *should you choose to have them with her*. [Read: 16 silly bad habits that can ruin your love life]

#2 She is very career-oriented – Wanting to always do her best, she is going to be highly-concentrated on climbing the corporate ladder, if that is where she chooses to throw all of her pent-up energy.

#3 Her apartment looks more like a museum – If you have an overly obsessed girlfriend, her apartment has complete and utter organization. If you touch anything, she will instantly know and move it back the quarter of an inch that you moved it.

#4 She has her pantry organized by the alphabet – There is a place for everything, and everything is always in its place, for the overly obsessed girl. And not only will it be organized by the alphabet, but it could also even be broken down into categories.

#5 She throws food out the minute the due date expires – Nothing in an OCD girl’s refrigerator is past its date. In fact, she is so on top of it that she typically throws it in the trash the day before its expiration date, knowing that she won’t use it in time. [Read: Things that will turn any girl into a crazy girlfriend]

#6 Her shoes are perfectly matched – There is never space for things to be out of place. Her shoes are all lined up and perfectly matched – by occasion, by color, and probably by the accessories they go with.

#7 She has to have the last word – An overly obsessed girlfriend is never going to let you win. She is going to have to have the last word every time. Not only will she have the last word, but she will also bring it up – again and again – to ensure that you didn’t miss the fact that she had the last word.

#8 She notices every little flaw in you – If your tie is crooked, your shirt untucked, or if there is the tiniest stain on one of your collars, she has to fix it because that simply isn’t okay with her. She will be focused on it all night unless she corrects it. [Read: Relationship OCD: 12 things you have to keep in mind]

#9 She is more concerned with your schedule than you are – Not only will she never be late to anything, she will ensure that you aren’t either. Ruled by time and scheduling, she will obsess about how long it is going to take you to get from A to Z, and make sure you are on time and waiting.

#10 She cleans your apartment the minute she walks in *not such a bad thing* – She absolutely can’t sit in an apartment that isn’t in tip top shape. Before she is in the door for ten minutes, she will have picked up your socks, made your bed, and cleaned out the refrigerator. [Read: Signs that your girlfriend is insane!]

#11 She is always on you about your appearance – If she has to be perfect, so do you. Constantly picking on you, there is never going to be a time when you look *or are dressed* perfectly enough.

#12 She works out every day without fail – Whether it is a snowy Sunday morning or she’s on vacation in Aruba, workouts simply can’t be missed. Rise and shine, sunshine! She is going to be on that treadmill by 8:00 a.m. come hell or high water!

#13 She counts every calorie that she puts in her mouth – A girl with OCD is all about counting. She will count stairs as she walks up them, signs as she drives by them, and nothing – and I mean nothing – is going to pass her lips unless it all calories are accounted for. [Read: 20 glaring signs of a control freak you just can’t miss]

#14 She is both your Captain Obvious and your Jiminy Cricket – Making it her personal responsibility to save you from your sloppy self, she is both going to point out those things you already know *and don’t care about*, and feel it is her place to make sure you are always on the path to righteousness.

#15 There is never a hair out of place – Extremely concerned with her appearance, you will never catch her with a hair out of place. It is her agenda to be “perfect” every second of the day. [Read: Things women do that will make you think she’s crazy]

#16 She won’t go outdoors until her makeup is on – She doesn’t ever want anyone to think that she isn’t perfect. Before she walks out the door, she is going to make sure that her face is “on.”

#17 She worries about things like gluten, sulfates, and 100 other things that will kill you – Highly sensitive to just about everything, even if she doesn’t have a reaction to things like gluten, she is still going to obsess about the potential of it being in her food.

#18 Her mother is obsessive – The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. If you grow up with someone who has OCD, you are very unlikely to escape the crazy. If she was brought up with rigidness, that is all she knows and will carry on the tradition.

#19 Before you can finish your meal, she has your plate in the sink – For an overly obsessed girlfriend, preparedness is an obsessive girlfriend’s best friend. She’s always one or two steps ahead of you.

#20 Her bills are always paid a week ahead of time – There is no waiting until the last minute with an overly obsessed girlfriend. Her obligations are not only on her iPhone, her iPad, and computer, but they are also set in stone – literally – she may have etched them into the rock outside her house. [Read: When is a girl’s jealousy okay?]

#21 Her car interior is spotless *even if it is 20 years old* – It might be cracking and falling apart with age, but the interior of her car is as clean as a whistle. It might be so slick from interior car-cleaning products that you might just accidentally slip out the front seat of the car.

#22 When she says “6 o’clock,” she means “6 o’clock” – No mixing words when she says 6 o’clock – you better be there, or all hell will break loose. Not only does she have a watch, but she also has one that counts seconds.

#23 She worries about what you are wearing as much as what she is wearing – Before she checks herself in the mirror, she will check you out from head to toe. More concerned that you aren’t going to screw up her “look,” she will pick you apart to ensure that you are holding up your end of the partnership.

#24 She has a dust buster, a lint brush and a Roomba going constantly – Eat over your plate, don’t miss a morsel, and make sure that you don’t leave any crumbs, or she will be all over you like white on rice.

#25 She wouldn’t dare have a dog… all that hair! – Not your outdoorsy type, she isn’t into roughing it, dirt, or a mess of any sort. There won’t be any puppies in your future, unless maybe a toy Yorkie, because they are just small enough not to shed or make a mess. [Read: Annoying girlfriend habits that guys hate]

#26 Her idea of roughing it would be staying at the Marriott – No camping for your overly obsessed girlfriend. She doesn’t want to do it any dirtier than a three-star hotel. And even then, that is slumming it. And she has to bring her own cleaning supplies!

#27 She never skips breakfast *it’s the most important meal, don’t you know* – She is all about the rules and regulations – and breakfast is one of them. And she also pays particular attention to exactly what her breakfast consists of.

#28 She has slip covers on everything in her house – An overly obsessed girlfriend is so freaked out that someone might spill food or drink around her house that she covers it all up. Better safe than sorry!

#29 She has a “no shoe” policy when you enter her apartment – She knows all too well that there are all sorts of pesticides and dirt on the ground, and she doesn’t want it in her house. A vacuum isn’t going to get that stuff up.

#30 She corrects your grammar in front of people – All about rules, you even have to have your speech monitored by the “perfect police.” [Read: 10 sure signs of a bitch that most don’t even realize]

#31 She will remind you of the same things 20 times, just in case – As if you didn’t hear it the first, second, or twentieth time, she will make sure that it is pounded into your head until you can’t think anymore. But the good news is that you will remember what she said *if nothing else!*

#32 You wouldn’t dare not use a coaster on her coffee table – Have you seen the rings that can result?!?! That would give her nightmares for weeks.

#33 She writes things down for you like you are two-years-old – Just short of pinning it to your shirt, she will make little post-it notes just so you know what is expected of you – or maybe even when your mommy is going to come and pick you up.

#34 She is afraid of her own shadow – So good at telling everyone else what to do, the funny thing is, she is afraid of her own shadow, freaks out easily, has major anxiety. [Read: What it feels like to experience anxiety in a relationship]

#35 She won’t ever let anything go – She doesn’t need to be right just once – she has to keep beating a dead horse. It truly never stops even after you say “uncle.”

#36 She will check with you 30 times about a decision she made two weeks ago – The decision is already made, but she has to re-check, re-check, and then re-check some more. The strangest part is that there is no changing it anyway.

#37 You don’t make it out the door before she has checked the lock 20 times – The OCD girl has to check and double check things about 100 times before it sticks. If you go on vacation, she will check the coffee machine, the toaster, and every light, 10 times over to ensure that they are all off.

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The best way to deal with an overly obsessive girlfriend is to see the signs before you fall in love. But if it is too late and you are already in love, hold on tight because it is going to be a bumpy ride.

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