Manscaping: What Girls Want to See on a Guy’s Body

Facial Hair. Chest Hair. Back Hair. Boys, if you want to find out what women really think about your manscaping routine, pay very close attention.


Manscaping has been taking the world by storm and growing in popularity within the last year–something I am actually grateful for. But the one question that has been plaguing nearly every guy’s mind, since the notion of manscaping became well-known, is this: how do women really feel about it?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term “manscaping,” it’s basically just a clever word used to describe the process of men removing their body hair. It can be related to the face, chest/stomach, back, and pubic area.

While men may have their own preferences when it comes to their body hair, women have preferences about what hair they like on men, and what hair should just be gotten rid of completely. We’re here to tell you just what women think about manscaping different regions of your body.

Take it off! Take it off! Your body hair, that is.

Many women have similar tastes when it comes to body hair. However, everybody is different; some women love one type of appearance, and loathe another. Speaking on behalf of the majority of women out there, we have created a comprehensive guide to what should be manscaped, and what should be left alone. [Read: 9 non-sexual things that arouse girls instantly]

Facial hair

Women often have differing opinions when it comes to facial hair. We like looking at facial hair better than we like kissing someone with it. Nonetheless, here is how most women feel about you manscaping your facial hair.

#1 If it’s patchy, manscape. Nobody looks good with facial hair that only grows in certain spots. If it looks patchy and straggly, women prefer that you just don’t have any. None is much better than some that looks like a hot mess. [Read: 6 big disadvantages of dating a man with a mustache]

#2 Keep it under control. If you’re not looking to manscape—or get rid of—all of your facial hair, at least manscape it enough so it’s under control. Manscaping does not just mean removing all your body hair; it also means keeping it trimmed and proper, if you are going to keep it grown out.

Having a beard or any sort of facial hair that is wild and all-over-the-place is going to look unattractive. Women think that you should keep your beard well-manscaped in order to pull it off.

#3 If it makes you look worse, get rid of it. That’s right. Not every guy looks great with facial hair. Honestly, it can make some of you look pretty creepy—if it’s not maintained properly. If having facial hair doesn’t enhance your appearance in any way, women want you to manscape the heck out of it! [Read: Facial hair – What kind of beards do women like most?]


Let me be honest really quick: this differs between women greatly. Some LOVE chest hair while others prefer their men to be as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Nonetheless, here is the criteria that the majority of women agree on.

#1 If it takes up most than 40% of your chest and stomach, manscape it. This is basically a standard. If your chest and stomach hair is so extensive that it’s literally difficult to see your body, then it needs to go.

Women think that you should definitely manscape that and get rid of it. It’s just something that we don’t really find all that attractive. Now, some women actually appreciate a man with more than average chest hair. Until you find a woman like that, however, your best bet will be to manscape it!

#2 At least trim it. When it comes to manscaping this region, you definitely need to at least keep it in shape. And by that, I mean keep it trimmed up and not looking like an overgrown mess. If you prefer to have your chest and stomach hair grown out, you need to trim it every once in a while—it’s just what women like.

#3 If you fear looking like a little boy, don’t. One of my ex boyfriends refused to shave his chest because he claimed it made him look like a “little boy.” I honestly thought this was ridiculous and he was being over-dramatic.

Personally, I—and many other women out there—love a man with a clean-shaven front. If you’re feeling like you may not feel as manly manscaping this area, just know that women feel like you should at least be paying it some attention. [Read: 13 little changes to be the sexy, manly guy you’ve always wanted to be]


This area is a very simple one to explain how a woman really feels. If you have a hairy back, you need to manscape it. It’s that easy. No woman is going to be excited to cuddle up to a giant, fuzzy human back. No, thanks!


Now for the finale! The moment you’ve all been waiting for. What do women really think about you manscaping your love-making region? [Read: What’s sexy and what’s cute? Women’s views on men]

#1 DO manscape in some form. This is a hands-down. I think about 99% of all women would agree that there needs to be some form of control down there. First of all, who wants to look at a naked person with a huge, fuzzy mess down under?

You need to control this region in some way. Women really feel that it’s much more attractive when it’s taken-care-of and looking fresh.

#2 If you like women going down on you, get rid of it. This is the truth behind manscaping your fun zone. If you want a woman to use her mouth on you, then you have to manscape it.

Whether you remove all of the hair, or trim it back enough to be comfortable, manscaping will improve your chances of getting some action from a lady’s mouth. An added bonus to this is that you’ll even look bigger after trimming the hair that’s hiding you! [Read: 16 ways to get a girl to give you head and love it]

#3 Be comfortable with whatever you do. The best thing you can do for manscaping your groin is to make sure you feel confident. Women unanimously think that confidence is sexy, so manscaping as you see fit is a must!

If you feel confident rocking a full-blown, overgrown bush, then keep it that way. But if you feel more confident doing what you know a woman really likes, manscaping is the way to go.

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Women have strong feelings about manscaping. If you really want to know how women feel about your body hair removal, this is the place to find out! Oh! And if you are a man who is manscaping any region of your body other than the ones listed above, we have a response just for you: don’t.

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