How to Make a Woman Happy: 28 Simple Things that Matter Most to Her

Many men think that learning how to make a woman happy is a huge, complicated deal. It’s actually not. It’s far more simple than you think. 

how to make a woman happy

As much as you like to think us ladies are complicated, foreign beings, we’re really not. In fact, a lot of what makes you happy will definitely make us happy. The thing that’s difficult to get around is that understanding barrier between men and women. But once you figure that out you can easily learn how to make a woman happy.

A lot of it has to do with listening, of course. But even then, men might not be able to pick up on the subtle hints women give them.

It’s important to remember that men and women often communicate in different ways. If you’re willing to put in the work to figure out what women truly want, you won’t be disappointed with the outcome. [Read: How to make a girl smile – 50 things you can do to make her happy]

Once you know how to make a woman happy, it’s basically game over

Many women spend too much time trying to get their significant others to learn how to make them happy. If you know that right off the bat, she’ll be over the moon. That alone will make her happier than you can imagine. Your relationship will be easier because you’re getting exactly what you want and need.

You see, we ladies are used to men misunderstanding us. It’s kind of annoying to teach someone day after day what they should do to win our favor.

We prefer when a guy can just walk in and do the things we love without us having to tell them exactly what to do. So, you need to learn what makes a woman happy and act accordingly. [Read: 30 must-follow relationship rules you must follow for happy love]

How to make a woman happy right from the start

Do you want to impress a woman right away and make her happy from the very first day together? Instead of waiting for her to tell you exactly what she needs, learn what makes a woman happy.

Show her you already know how to treat her right by doing some of these things.

1. Compliment something abstract about her

Don’t just go for the same thing she always hears. We know you want to tell your woman she’s stunning, but if she hears that all the time, it starts to lose meaning.

Plus, that’s not something she has control over. Tell her how much you love her ambition or passion. Those are things that’ll make her feel a lot happier about herself than a silly compliment she gets all the time. [Read: How to compliment a girl – 15 must-know tips and 35 of the best lines]

2. Ask about her family

We know you may not want to hear too much about her family aside from whether or not everyone is doing well. Ask anyway.

When she knows her family is important to you, it’ll make her happier than you can imagine. This is definitely one of the things on the ‘what makes a woman happy’ list.

3. Show her that you’re listening intently

Don’t just act like you’re listening, either. Really listen to her and show her by making eye contact and being attentive. Not many women get to be heard like that and it’ll mean a lot to her if you just listen. [Read: 19 ways to be a better listener in your relationship]

4. Talk honestly about your feelings for her

Guys aren’t really into talking about their feelings. We get it. But the thing is, women really, REALLY love to hear about them. We love knowing for sure how our men feel about us.

So if you sit her down and just tell her something you truly feel about her, she’ll smile bigger than you’ve ever seen.

5. Sometimes, just go with whatever she wants to do

We know compromise is important, but every now and then, if you want to know how to make a woman happy, do whatever she wants.

Sometimes she’ll only suggest things she knows you’ll agree to and that takes the fun out of it for her a little. Ask her seriously what she wants to do and then do it.

6. Suggest seeing a movie you know she wants to see

What makes a woman happy? Thought and effort. Once again, she’ll likely not ask to see a movie with you that she knows you wouldn’t like.

Surprise her and go see a movie you know she’s been dying to see. It’s a selfless move and doesn’t cost you anything but a few bucks and a couple of hours. [Read: Every girl’s weakness – What women really want and how to become it]

7. Pay attention to the small things

It’s not those big days that mean the most to us ladies. It’s the little things and smaller moments. When she has a big day at work, making her breakfast could be the one thing that makes it all go smoothly. Telling her you like her hair when she does it differently is so powerful.

8. Focus on her body language

A woman’s body will tell you all you really need to know. If you can pay attention to those things, you’ll be able to react in a way that’ll make her really happy.

The next time she leans into you, watch for it. Wrap an arm around her and kiss her forehead. It’s likely she wants that but doesn’t want to ask for it. [Read: Body language of women and the subtle cues to read her mind in no time]

9. Do some chores for her without being asked

If she’s having a rough day or week, do some chores. Wash those dishes, sweep, mop, and even make her bed for her.

Do those things you know she hates doing and do it without her asking. When learning what makes a woman happy, this is definitely it. She’ll be more than happy. [Read: How to treat a woman right – 21 ways to make her want to live happily ever after with you]

10. Bring her something sweet home

If you have a spare dollar and a minute, stop somewhere and grab her a little candy bar or whatever sweet treat she loves.

It’s very small and simple but it can make her happier than you know. And that’s because she knows you were thinking about her even when she wasn’t there.

11. Give her a small massage without being asked

Even if she isn’t having a rough time at work or she didn’t do anything strenuous, massage her. Nobody in their right mind would turn down a great back rub.

The fact that you’re pampering her for seemingly no reason will make her extraordinarily happy. [Read: The 30 sweetest yet smallest romantic gestures that make a girl really happy]

12. Kiss her hand as you walk together

This is a very cutsie thing to do but believe us, women love it. While you’re holding hands and walking together, bring her hand to meet your lips and give her a small kiss. It’s one of those old-timey romantic things that’ll make her smile like an idiot.

13. Kiss her forehead in public

There’s something very special and meaningful about forehead kisses. When you’re out in public, lean into her and give her a soft kiss on her forehead.

It’ll be more adorable since there are a lot of people around and she’ll feel like she means the world to you. [Read: The meaning of a forehead kiss – What makes this kiss so special?]

14. Playfully tickle her

Obviously, if she’s not into being tickled, don’t do this. But if you know she thinks it’s fun, then do it! Couples often forget about this type of thing when they’ve been together for a long time. It’ll make her think about when you first got together and were all flirty together. [Read: 16 non-sexual touches to feel connected and loved]

15. Whisper something naughty in her ear in public

This is something women love that not a lot of men do. You can whisper something really erotic or something more to her taste. Whatever you know she’ll like, say it. Then watch her smile for the rest of the night.

16. Let her know if she does something well, and thank her

Everyone possesses these little hidden and not-so-hidden talents. Whenever your wife or girlfriend displays those talents, be sure you let her know that her efforts matter and that you appreciate what she does.

Whether it’s as complex as doing your tax returns for you or as simple as getting a stain out of your white shirt, give her a smooch and tell her she did a great job. [Read: How to be grateful – 20 authentic ways to appreciate and express it]

17. Make her laugh

What makes a woman happy? Fun times! They say looks fade, but a sense of humor sticks around. Laughter is great medicine, and it’s a good idea to give your gal a hearty dose whenever you can.

Even if you’re not a born comedian, you can still try to master a couple of jokes or antics that are sure to tickle her funny bone. Just bear in mind that being funny doesn’t mean you have to do it at another person’s expense. [Read: 12 types of humor and how it affects your relationship with your girl]

18. Cook for her

Whether you’re a master chef or just a guy who can barely fry an egg, your efforts won’t go unappreciated.

It feels nice every once in a while to not worry about whipping up a quick meal. There are tons of easy recipes online that only call for the simplest ingredients. If you want to know how to make your woman happy, learn a few of these recipes, practice a couple of times, and then surprise her with a freshly cooked meal.

19. Shower her with affection whenever you can

This doesn’t mean you have to get your hands all over her whenever you’re together. Affection can be as subtle as a random kiss on the cheek or a quick back rub when she looks tired.

These tiny things you do can pick up her mood or even make her day a whole lot better! [Read: Love and affection – The magic spark in long-term relationships]

20. Fix the things that need fixing

We know men aren’t walking, talking handymen either. But there’s bound to be one thing you can fix for your girl. It can be as tough as taking a look under the hood of her car or as simple as getting rid of viruses on her computer.

What makes women happy? Men who can fix things. Do this and she’s bound to like you twenty times over!

21. Play games or sports together

Games aren’t just for kids. Adults play games all the time to stimulate the mind and body. If you’re tired of going to the same old restaurants for your date, take your date outdoors with some sports like Frisbee, running or swimming.

For those who aren’t athletic, video games are another great option. Pick a game she might like and teach her how to play. Just don’t let her notice if you’re letting her win! [Read: 19 naughty and horny games you can play in bed and have loads of fun!]

22. Pamper her when she’s down

Sometimes, women try to look better to feel better. That’s why they go on pamper sessions at the spa, their manicurist, or their favorite salon when they’re sad.

In times like this, if you want to make your woman happy, offer to pay for her pamper session or accompany her when she’s trying to relax.

23. Give her little gifts

You don’t always have to whip out hundreds of dollars to impress your girl. Even the smallest gifts can have a huge impact.

For example, you can get her that dress she’s been eyeing at the store. If she loves cats, you can always get cat-related things from shops around the corner.

If you’re good with your hands, create something that shows you care about her. The effort almost always matters more than the price tag. [Read: 19 perfect gift ideas for your girlfriend that are both creative and thoughtful]

24. Put your phone down and give her your attention

Some girls are capable of talking your ears off. But instead of just brushing off what she has to say to you, try to actually listen and respond, without having your phone in your hand.

You don’t always need to solve her problems or give suggestions, because sometimes all she needs is someone who would listen. She simply wants your attention. Be that person and she’ll know you’re a keeper! [Read: 15 types of really bad girlfriends who’ll make your life hell]

25. Involve her in your activities

Show her that she’s an important part of your life by letting her in on activities you enjoy.

If you’re into working out, invite her to join you. Perhaps you’re a soccer player, so invite her to watch you play. If you like to paint, ask her for her opinion on how to make your painting nicer. Even if it’s not her thing, simply asking already makes her feel more involved.

26. Listen to her opinions

Heed her opinions, whether they’re about small matters or big decisions. It shows her that what she thinks matters enough to affect your choices.

If she’s the one you want to spend the rest of your life with *or if she already is*, then you have to make her feel that she has a say in things that matter to you. This is definitely on the list of what makes women happy. [Read: How to communicate in a relationship – 16 steps to a better love]

27. Value what she values

Whether she’s into art, music, pets, or sports, you have to make her feel that you also value these things because they’re important to her.

For instance, if she needs to cancel a date because of a music event, understand that this event is important to her and let her off the hook. If she’s in love with her pet, give her pet a treat when you can.

Show her how important she is to you by showing her that you do your best to care about the things she cares about. [Read: Self-concept – How we create and develop it to control our happiness]

28. Give her space when she needs it

When everything’s crumbling down around her, your first instinct may be to come to her rescue. But when she asks you to give her space to figure things out, respect her decision and give her the space she needs.

You can be the godsend who can get her out of her predicament, but sometimes women want to learn how to do things for themselves. Just remind her that you’re there for her if she needs a helping hand.

We hope these little tips help you keep your woman happy. It may seem like a lot, but you don’t have to do all of them at the same time!

And most importantly, don’t just use these tips to get out of trouble because then she’ll start to worry why you’re suddenly being so nice to her. Be genuine, and make the effort because you love her, not because you expect a favor back from her!

[Read: 23 things girls wish guys knew about a woman’s mind]

These may seem like odd things, but if you do them, you’ll see just how easy it is to learn how to make a woman happy. It’s the simple, meaningful stuff that’ll really get to her the most.

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