How to Get the Girl You Want

Bad boys may be good for a fling, but everyone knows they’re not for keepers. And good guys are boring. So how to get the girl you want without being too nice or too bad? Here’s a ten step guide to be the oh-so-desirable brat boy.

How to Get the Girl You Want

Bad boys aren’t bad anymore.

The good ones never were good.

So who’s the new super kid on the block?

If you’ve been preening yourself, and doing the bad boy thing because that’s what you think girls really want, it’s probably time for you to step aside.

And make way for the new man who’s stepping up to rule the streets. The Brat Boy.

We girls do like the regular bad boys that run along the likes of Colin Farrell and Robbie Williams, and they do have massive female fan following.

But there’s something about a bad boy with a soft side somewhere deep inside that draws us like moths to a warm flame.

Bad boys are good for a fling, but they’re not someone a girl can really take home to her mother. If you’re wondering how to get the girl you want, you actually need a softer side, to compete with the metrosexual man that all girls can relate to.

How to get the girl you want by being a brat boy

A brat boy is just that, he’s the guy who can be a typical bad boy, with a happy sugary twist. Go ask a few women who love Robbie or Colin Farrell, if they’d like to date them. You’d hear them all go giddy with positivism.

But would they be able to hold on in a long term relationship with them, and most importantly, handle their bad side? Nope, I wouldn’t think so. So be the baddie, but don’t go all out, if you want to hitch the girl of your dreams. [Read: What does it take to have a long term relationship?]

It’s not to imply that you be the selfish jerk, lie, cheat, not work, steal, have paid sex or dirty habits, be unpunctual and make only your girlfriend pay. Don’t try either, to be like the celebs or rock stars. You can’t be on drugs, an alcoholic or have a sex tape and expect girls to like you. Among girls, there is a huge space between fancying popular icons and in genuinely liking a guy for real.

Add on a few traits of the typical brat boy to your bad boy side, and you’d be a regular baddie no more. Here are a few traits that you could definitely look into and work on, to have all the women in your life dreaming and drooling about you!

Firstly, learn these tips on how to talk to a girl and how to ask a girl out even if you’re shy. They can help you a long way in learning to play nice and be fanciable by all women. Other than that, these ten steps should help you get the girl you want even before you ask her out!

How to get the girl you want with words

A rebellious attitude has everything to do with not giving in too easily. You should have assertive ways to get things done as you want, and you have to have the rising leadership qualities. Perhaps, you want to be very sweet and accept everything she says, which is sweet. But this can get boring very soon, and stop you from getting the girl you want, because she’d get bored of you even before you ask her out.

But since you’re a brat boy who’s playing bad, there may be a few girls who won’t be looking to get serious with you. But that’s where a brat boy can be the difference. Play nice sometimes and listen to her, and go against her at times just to keep her intrigued.

Even if it’s a serious relationship you’re looking for, don’t tell her you’re falling for her within a week or two. You can get the girl peeved by flirting with other girls! [Read: How to charm the girls in your life]

Imposing this attitude gets girls confused. So are you interested, or are you not?

Let the girls make a few moves instead. The brat side of yours, or the wannabe brat side, is sure to be on a high knowing that the girl is trying to get to know you better by searching for you in communities on the net, paying more attention when you talk, even if you just quip a response to her questions.

The way you talk

The bad brat has a style in his speech! Be it the celebs with the ‘bad boy’ tag or the ones you know, girls can be won over by the bad boy’s way of talking. If you want to know how to get the girl you want, be the cool indifferent, confident speaker! Dare to speak your mind and say it without wavering. And don’t bother waiting for an answer.

Watch it when you talk!

Again, you can’t go about saying mean, rude or lascivious stuff like bad boys do! Respect women and also let it show. Many guys today are either truly mean or chicken out of situations when the women in their life need help. We women find them wretched and contemptible! [Read: How to make a girl like you without even asking her out]

For most of the nice boys out there, this may seem crazy or even terribly hard to do. But remember, this is what girls really want, at least while you’re still trying to impress them. So don’t think twice, and try to be everything we’ve mentioned here to get the girl you want. After all, love and affection is a good thing, but too much too soon of anything can never be good, can it?

Continue reading about how to get the girl you want in the next part, what kind of boys do girls like?


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