24 Flirty and Romantic Things You Should Do for Your Girl

Women love being pampered and shown that you care. If you love her, don’t wait any longer to attempt these 24 flirty and romantic gestures.


Boys, there’s nothing wrong with adding a dose of passion and fun to your relationship. While she may not care that you don’t have a romantic bone in your body, this is precisely why you should make the effort to show her that you can be sweet. Another night of Thai takeout and spending a Friday night on the couch isn’t going to cut it.

Don’t ever let her go to bed wondering if she can do better. There are a myriad of flirty and romantic things that you can do to treat the woman of your dreams to an unforgettable time. All the effort that goes into doing these things will not only put a smile on her face, it’ll also remind her of how priceless your relationship is.

Where to start – Sweet things you should do for your girl

If you’re not the sort of couple that does these things, there’s no better time than the present to get the ball rolling. Trust in your ability to show her a good time, and I can guarantee you that both of you will end up having a blast. It doesn’t always cost money to have a great time. Sometimes, all it takes is a little effort and planning to create a momentous occasion.

Put some effort into whatever you’re doing, and treat her like the dazzling goddess that she is. Here are some tips on how to be the most flirty and romantic partner she has ever had the pleasure of calling hers.

#1 Bring her flowers. Whether you choose to hunt for her favorite flower *which, of course, is super rare and very expensive*, pick something pretty that’s in season, or even pick wildflowers by the side of the road, no girl will find fault with you for surprising her with flowers.

#2 Personalize something. Everyone loves expensive gifts, but trust me when I say that your girl will appreciate something from the heart a lot more. So why not present her with something personalized to remind her of you? It could be a cheesy giant tea mug with your faces on it, or matching his and her iPhone cases. [Read: Different ways to show your love without saying a word]

#3 Plan a weekend escapade. Take charge and plan a weekend escapade. Don’t tell her where you’re going. Just give her basic details so she’ll know what to pack, and whisk her away for the weekend. Everything from a luxury staycation, to a quaint night at a B&B will rock her world.

#4 Surprise her with a class. Women love taking mindless classes—even more so when you take these classes with them. From salsa dancing to Ayurvedic healing seminars, sign both of you up for something she will enjoy.

#5 Travel far and wide with her. Initiate the first step and seal the deal by buying flight tickets in advance. This will let her know that you’re serious about the trip and she’ll eagerly plan everything else.

#6 Massage her. Everyone loves a good massage, so take it upon yourself to give her a foot rub at the end of a long day. Throw in a back massage for good measure. You can also head to this sensual massage guide and pick up tips on how to sensually massage her. Trust me when I say that it will turn her on.

#7 Cook for her. Even if you don’t know your way around the kitchen, and end up making her Mac and Cheese, she’ll love you for it. If you have some kitchen skills, plan, prep, and present a full course menu and you’ll have her eating out of the palm of your hand. Literally.

#8 Cook with her. She may be the savvy one in the kitchen, but there’s no reason why you can’t help her out. I’m sure you’ve seen those cheesy pictures next to articles like these that depict couples smiling and laughing in their kitchen. No reason why that can’t be you. [Read: 10 sweet ways to make cooking together a lot more fun]

#9 Make a playlist. Whip up a list of her favorite songs and upload it onto her phone. Start or end it with a sweet voice note from you. She’ll be pleasantly surprised the next time she turns on her music.

#10 Naughty lingerie. Be sure to pick out something luxurious, and not trashy. If you have no idea where to start, head to La Perla to get a sense of what fancy lingerie is all about.

#11 Create a video. Forget about making a sex tape. Instead, create a video detailing your time together. You’ll find plenty of sweet ideas on YouTube. This project will take plenty of time on your part, so plan ahead and present it to her on a special occasion like her birthday or your anniversary.

#12 Surprise dinner with loved ones. She’ll adore you for getting everyone she loves under one roof. Steer clear if you’re not already married, as she may think that you’re going to propose. You can also opt to save it for a special occasion if you don’t want her getting the wrong idea.

#13 Plan a girl’s trip for her. I’m sure she loves her girls, so why not plan a girl’s trip or girl’s night out for her? Get into cahoots with her friends and plan something amazing. Surprise them with champagne at the hotel, restaurant, or club.

#14 Cuddle often. Whether it’s on the couch watching a Game of Thrones marathon, or on the bus heading to the store, make an effort to get close and cuddle her. Women love being touched, so indulge her, won’t you? [Read: 16 non-sexual touches that’ll make you feel more connected and loved]

#15 Send her love messages. She knows that you love her, but why not put it into words? Send her love emails or messages at random times of the day just to let her know you’re thinking of her. My partner puts little love notes in my suitcase every time I head off on a trip, and I can’t tell you how nice it is being surprised at the end of a 22-hour journey.

#16 Buy her macaroons. From cheesecake and truffles, to dark chocolate and ice cream, there’s a whole world of fancy sweet treats just waiting for you to take them home to her.

#17 Clean up the house. Whether you live together or not, she will love you for it. As an added bonus, draw her a bath and let her relax in the tub while you break your back vacuuming.

#18 Offer to help her with errands. Time is a luxury, so why not treat her to it? Offer to run some errands for her while she kicks back with a good book. From taking the cat to the vet, to heading to the post office, do whatever you can to lighten her load. [Read: 20 easy ways to make your girl incredibly happy]

#19 Kiss her for no reason. You don’t need a reason to show her that you love her, so indulge in kisses, hugs, and squeezes any chance you get.

#20 Organize cocktail night. Why not bring the bar to her? Head out for ingredients, invite some friends over *or keep it low key with just the two of you* and play bartender. Be a sweetheart and whip up bespoke cocktails all night long.

#21 Join her during her beauty routine. I love it when my partner takes off his man cape and plays lady with me. Join her for her weekly face mask and foot scrub routine to get a giggle out of her.

#22 Play out a kidnap routine. Kidnap her after a long day at work, blindfold her, and drive her to her favorite restaurant for a surprise treat. [Read: 36 sweetest things you can do with your girlfriend]

#23 Dedicate a love song on air. Think of it as a throwback surprise. No one really listens to the radio anymore, and that’s why this idea is perfect. On her drive home from work, tell her to tune in to a particular station, and let her enjoy the sweet dedication made out to her.

#24 Play to your strengths. If you have a way with words, write her a love letter. If you can sing, sing her a love song. If you are good with music, compose a love tune. If you’re outdoorsy, take her on a hike and at the top, surprise her with a picnic lunch. There are a billion ways that you can play to your strengths, so get creative and just do it.

Guys, trust me when I say that no matter how simple or extravagant your gesture of love is, she will adore you for it. Women love being pampered and shown that you love them.

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It’s not going to kill you to practice a little chivalry every now and then, so don’t wait any longer to attempt these 24 flirty and romantic gestures!

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