Feisty Girl: 35 Personality Traits That Make Her So Scarily Sexy!

A feisty girl can be a lot of fun to be with, or she can be a nightmare. So, if you are wondering if your lady is one, read on to see if she is!

feisty girl

Let’s face it, when you start dating a feisty girl, they are like a person at a funeral – totally on their best behavior. The last thing she wants to do is let any of the crazy out of the closet.

The thing about a feisty girl is that although she can be totally and utterly calm in certain circumstances, she can also turn into the gremlin that got wet. Feisty girls are both a blessing and a curse. But the one thing that is for certain, is you have to have good self-confidence to be with one.

“Feisty” is a peculiar definition. It isn’t exactly crazy or obnoxious. Rather, it is an overreaction, but typically as an appropriate response. Confused? Maybe you should be!

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What makes someone a feisty girl?

Everyone is different and has their own personality characteristics. But have you ever wondered what makes someone a feisty girl? Well, here are some explanations of why she is the way she is.

1. It’s just her personality

To some extent, we are all just born a certain way. Some people are naturally shy or introverted. And some people are naturally outgoing and social.

Sure, some of it can be socialized into you by your family and your environment. But for the most part, we are all born with a particular set of personality types.

So, if you are with a feisty girl, you might wonder if she can change. Chances are, she probably can’t. Especially if one of the reasons she is feisty is due to how she was born. [Read: 20 positive personality traits that can change your life forever]

2. She is stubborn

Being stubborn is part of someone’s personality too. The word stubborn means that someone is not willing to budge on any particular thing. They will dig their heels in and not move their minds or body one bit.

3. She felt a need to defend herself in childhood

Depending on what kind of childhood she had, the feistiness could have come from how she grew up. Perhaps she had older brothers show teased her and were mean to her.

If that is true, then she probably became a feisty girl in order to defend herself against them.

4. Brain chemicals

We all have a certain brain chemistry. That is why some people are naturally happy or are prone to depression. Some people have bipolar disorder or some other chemically-induced state of mind.

Much like the personality, we are born with, the chemicals in our brain make us act a certain way. [Read: What is dopamine? The dopest pleasure pill inside of you]

5. Her parents

Maybe her parents were very passive and didn’t correct her behavior growing up. Instead of being in charge of her, perhaps she was in charge of them because they let her. 

And if she was an only child, then that definitely would lead her to be a feisty girl. If she was allowed to behave like this for most of her life, then that is why she acts the way she does.

The very strong and obvious signs you are with a feisty girl

One of the defining characteristics of a feisty girl is that she won’t take your shit. But that’s not all. Read on to find out the signs you are with a feisty girl.

1. She has no problem calling someone out

Most women will avoid confrontation at all costs. Having more of a “nurturing” nature, the majority of girls will think something, but dare not let it come out of their mouths.

The feisty girl isn’t afraid to say it like it is no matter who is listening or who doesn’t like it.

2. Unlike other girls, she isn’t into gossip

Feisty girls aren’t into gossip because they don’t care what anyone else is doing – they are doing their own thing. Having a mentality of “I do my thing, and you do yours,” she doesn’t worry about who is doing what with whom. [Read: Male bonding vs female bonding and what are the biggest differences]

3. She will defend you to the death, even if she doesn’t like you at the moment

A feisty girl has your back. All someone has to do is say that they don’t think you aren’t God’s gift to the world, and then they better look out. A feisty girl can tolerate bad things about other people, but if you bad-mouth anyone they love, you better watch out!

4. She’ll only take so much and then the lid blows off

A feisty girl doesn’t lay it all out there. Reserved on the exterior, you won’t see the real her until you have pushed her past her limit – and then it all comes out like an explosion.

She’s not someone who likes to cause trouble, but she isn’t afraid of it.

5. When she is mad, you better stand back

Like projectile vomit, you get in a feisty girl’s way – or God forbid her face – and you better take cover. She has quite the temper and isn’t afraid to show it.

So, you really need to watch how you behave around her. She will call you out on your BS so quickly your head will spin.

6. Regardless of her size, you wouldn’t want to meet her in a dark alley

Being a feisty girl isn’t about her size, it is about the size of her bite, which is always much scarier than her bark. If you think she is too tiny to cause trouble, look out. Looks can be deceiving. [Read: What girls wish guys knew about their mind]

7. She is so damn sexy when pissed

A feisty girl should be embarrassing to a man, but she isn’t. There is something about her assertive nature and “take no crap” attitude that makes her sexier than sexy.

Guys don’t want to be the object of her fury, but they wouldn’t mind if she took a little of that energy into the bedroom.

8. There is no fight that she won’t win, even if she has to die trying

Unlike other girlfriends, the feisty girl isn’t going to give up. She will hold on to grudges, fight about it years later, and will do whatever it takes to be right. Winning at all costs is her motto, and you love her for it, even if it makes you crazy.

9. She doesn’t believe in turning the other cheek

Holding grudges is what she is about. If you cross her, you are crossed off of her list. She’s more into the eye-for-an-eye mentality than the turn-the-other-cheek one. Once you are on her bad side, you stay there.

10. Not only will she stand up for herself, but she will also stand on the side of righteousness

Even if she isn’t particularly set on something, if she sees that there is an underdog, she will always stand on their side and defend the defenseless.

Not wanting ever to see someone taken advantage of, she will join in the fight even if it isn’t hers to be had. [Read: How to know if someone is right for you – 30 signs you’ve found the one]

11. Even if she embarrasses you, she makes you proud

When she goes bat shit crazy and embarrasses you, it only lasts a minute. She only does this because she feels passionate about something in the moment.

And as her man, you should be so proud that she can defend herself and take no shit. Luckily, you can see past the crazy. In fact, you might even like it.

12. There isn’t an argument that she can’t win

She fights to the death. She isn’t afraid to cheat, steal, or lie. She is competitive and loves drama. Even if she knows she’s wrong and you’re right, she’ll still compete with you.

This can be exhausting for other people because this means she doesn’t listen very well. She thinks the goal of fighting is to win instead of to compromise. In her mind, it’s the right thing to do.

13. Guys take notice when she talks

When a feisty girl says something, people take notice. Unlike other soft-spoken women, she says things in a way that makes people – especially men – want to listen. There is nothing quiet about this kind of girl. When she says something, she says it with passion!

14. Like a cat, you can see when her claws are about to come out

A feisty girl isn’t just about the words that come from her mouth. Her intimidating demeanor is all over her face, her body, and in the way she moves.

When she wants to make a point or is angry, you know it is about to come – you can literally see her blood boiling. [Read: How to make a girls smile, laugh, and like you instantly]

15. She may be the girl next door, but she has that freak-in-the-bed way about her

A feisty girl is sweet on the outside but can be spicy too. That is what you love about her. Even if you haven’t seen her in bed yet, you can imagine that she is something really amazing. That energy is boundless.

16. As much as you hate fighting with her, you gotta love her spirit

Living with a feisty girl can lead to a tumultuous relationship, but the good news is that it won’t ever be boring. Horrible to fight with *and you probably fight a lot,* without her, life wouldn’t be near as exciting and full of fun.

17. She won’t take no for an answer

A feisty girl will lead you to water and make you drink it too. She sees a “no” as a “try again later.” She finds it challenging to change the no into a yes. And who says she can’t?

We know that can be hard for the guys sometimes, but a feisty girl doesn’t care. She wants what she wants when she wants it.

18. She can be a nurturer or instantly your protector – she wears many hats

A feisty girl is still a female at heart. So, don’t mistake her ability to be protective and powerful as an indication that she doesn’t want to make you happy and provide you with a wonderful and happy home.

That’s what makes a feisty girl so interesting. You never know what to expect because she has so many different sides. [Read: 20 signs of a slutty girlfriend and the hot and bad sides of her]

19. You know the look that says “beware,” even if others don’t

When you live with a feisty girl, you learn fast what her triggers are, and you can also see that point when her head is about to explode off her body.

All she has to do is glance your way, and you instantly know whether you should maintain a steady course or veer to the left.

20. Sometimes she can be a Tasmanian devil, destroying everything around her

She’s not really good with learning from previous encounters, so she is slow to learn her lesson and will tear shit up again and again. She often has to say she is sorry, and her first instinct is not to sit, rationalize, and reason her way through something. She only has one motion, and that is forward.

21. She is quick-witted and can hold her own

Sometimes, she can act like one of the guys, and so men instantly fall in love with her because she doesn’t take herself seriously and can joke with the best of them.

The best part about a feisty girl is that you have to try really hard to hurt her feelings, so you aren’t always tiptoeing around her or being politically correct. [Read: How to be witty – 25 ways to win over everyone with your charm]

22. She can likely drink your fraternity brothers under the table, even if she weighs under 100 pounds

A feisty girl has been around the bar a time or two. Not turning down a dare, she cannot only keep up with your frat boy friends, she likely can out-drink them and still walk home.

This makes her incredibly fun to be around because you’re always going to find a party near her.

23. She doesn’t need you and will tell you so at every turn

Extremely independent, she will tell you time and time again that she doesn’t need you. It isn’t in the things that she says, it is in the way that she does her own thing, doesn’t wait for you to catch up, or expect you to jump in.

You are on your own. If you want to be with her, that is up to you. [Read: Dating an independent girl – 28 expectations and other must-knows]

24. She is independent, but every once in a while you will get a glimpse that she needs you 

Although independent, there is still a soft and cuddly side to the feisty girl. Just when you are about to let her go, she can melt your heart and make you see the little girl inside.

So, she keeps you on your toes. You have to keep reading her at any moment because you don’t know if she’s going to be independent or not. [Read: How to make your girl feel special – 35 gestures that show her love]

25. She doesn’t care who you are, if you cross her, you better watch out

Likely switching occupations several times, she is not into authority. Bunking it anytime she can, she does what she wants and gets upset when anyone tells her she can’t – no matter who it is.

She has a temper, too. Don’t you dare do something that she doesn’t like because she will call you out on it.

26. She isn’t impressed with names or titles

Don’t bother throwing your credit card around, or your work title – she doesn’t care. If you are cool and can hang out, you could have any kind of job or none at all.

She is her own person, so she doesn’t really care about what other people do or think. [Read: How to impress any girl – 21 atypical ways you need to know]

27. Whatever she wears, she wears it well

Not into trends, the feisty girl refuses to conform to what everyone else wants. That is okay because whatever it is that she wants to wear, she does it with such confidence that she can pull it off.

She could wear a little black dress and heels or jeans and a flannel shirt. Either way, she’ll always look good. 

28. When she walks into a room, everyone takes notice

A style all her own, she exudes confidence and self-esteem. She is the type of girl who enters the room and the record scratches to a halt.

It’s like she’s a tornado that whips in and no one can ignore. She commands the room and everyone takes notice.

29. She is both your biggest dream and your worst nightmare

If she is on your side and loves you, you are the luckiest person in the world. If she is pissed off or you have crossed her, you better pray. So, that is one of the reasons that you have to be careful with a feisty girl. You always want to be on her good side – not her bad one! 

30. When you find your way into her heart, she melts

Feisty girls are like an egg. They have a hard outer shell. But if you can crack it, look out – she just might get a little mushy with you.

So, it’s important to remember this if you are with a feisty girl. She’s not all rough and tough, so you still need to treat her like a lady.

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A feisty girl may be difficult to deal with because they are quick-tempered, always have to be right, and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. But those are all the reasons that you find her so amazing.

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