20 Super Memorable & Cute Things to Do for Your Girlfriend

Want a simple and sweet way to show your girlfriend you think she’s amazing? We have you covered. Here are 20 cute things to do for your girlfriend.

cute things to do for your girlfriend

Big romantic gestures are certainly appreciated in a girl’s romantic fantasy, but mostly it’s the little things you do that really make her love you.

Whether you’re married or just dating, finding cute things to do for your girlfriend without being asked is going to earn you some major brownie points. Not to mention when someone shows kindness, the other person is often inclined to return the favor – and who doesn’t want a never-ending ring of kindness in their romantic relationships?

20 cute things to do for your girlfriend

If you’re looking for a way to make your girlfriend feel special and cared about, or just spoiled for the day, have we got a list for you!

These cute things to do for your girlfriend show off your sweet side, and they don’t have to break the bank. Here are 20 easy ways to show your special someone that you care.

#1 Charge her phone. This is a cute and thoughtful gesture with the new Millennials.  She does everything on her phone – working, emailing, Twittering, and shopping. Not to mention texting your sexy ass. So the next time you notice she’s low on battery, do your girl a favor and plug that baby in.

#2 Make her a “mix tape.” Mix tapes are so 2000, but that doesn’t mean they’re long forgotten. Nor have they lost their romance factor. Create a playlist for your girlfriend of all the songs that make you think of her.

You can even have fun and make themed playlists, such as songs you want to do the naughty to, or sappy love songs from the 1950s. Pop the playlist on her iPod/Phone for the cutest *and cheapest* gift ever. [Read: Really romantic ideas to make your lover melt]

#3 Make her dinner. Alright, so you can’t even cook mac and cheese, but trust us, she’s not going to care. Whether you make a simple bowl of spaghetti so she doesn’t have to cook after work, or you’ve set up the piece de resistance with candles, five-star cooking, mood music, and chocolate tiramisu, this is definitely one of the best cute things to do for your girlfriend.

#4 Listen to her music. Another one of the cute things to do for your girlfriend is to listen to her music. Even if it’s really bad. The next time you guys are in the car together, listen to her favorite station, or sync her iPod and tell her to go nuts.

Make it fun by challenging her with a song with suggestions like “Play a song that makes you think of us!” and “Play a song you listen to when you want to laugh.” This little game is totally adorable and will make her feel like her tastes matter to you. [Read: 36 sweetest things to do with your girlfriend]

#5 Take care of her when she’s sick. Some girls are total tanks when it comes to being sick and still getting stuff done. Others, well, they’re babies. So baby her! The next time she’s sick, set her up with a plush blanket, warm soup, and a night of Netflix she’ll never forget. Hey, you can even give her a little bell to ring if that’ll make her laugh. [Read: How to take care of a sick girlfriend without losing it]

#6 Take care of her when she’s *really* sick. Or drunk. You know what we mean. We’ve all had a little too much to drink before, and the worst part of navigating through your drunken stupor is trying to take care of yourself.
For your girlfriend, that’s where you come in! Once you take care of a drunk girlfriend, you’re guaranteed to have a loverboy seal of approval with her and her friends.

Taking care of a drunk girlfriend means holding her hair when she’s puking, lifting her into bed, keeping her hydrated, and lots and lots of ibuprofen in the morning. [Read: How to take care of a drunk girlfriend on a night out]

#7 Surprise wine and pizza night. Wine and pizza night is a lot cuter than you thought, especially if you’re surprising your girlfriend with it after she’s had a bad week. Without telling her, pick up your girl’s favorite wine, favorite movie, and her favorite pizza. Then settle in for a night of chillaxing.

#8 Invite her friends over. Even if you’d rather just hang out alone, inviting her friends over is a great way to show her that you’re taking an interest in her life and the people she deems her besties.

Plus, if she’s awesome, then her friends are probably awesome too. Who doesn’t want a night of awesome with a bunch of girls? Nobody, that’s who. [Read: 50 really cute things to say to your girlfriend]

#9 Try to notice her fashion choices. This can be difficult for some guys, but try and keep an open mind and an eagle eye! Try to notice when your girlfriend does something different with her hair or makeup. Then roll out the compliments.

She’ll adore you for noticing something like a *not too simple to do* French braid she made in her hair. The truth is, most guys would never notice, so stand out from the crowd and let her know her hard work isn’t going unnoticed.

#10 Light candles when you have sex. Sex is awesome, and every girl secretly loves being your little slut who you smack on the bum during sex. But she’s definitely down for the romantic stuff, too. Surprise her with romantic sex for a change.

Light candles, put on your favorite slow and sweet sex playlist, and romance the crap out of her. Lots of caressing, foreplay, and taking your time. She is going to love this, and you will too! [Read: 20 things you can do to get your woman in the mood]

#11 Bring her lunch at work. As long as it’s appropriate, why not show up at her work and surprise her with her favorite lunch – or something you made at home? It’s super cute that you thought about her and her aching belly. Plus, she’ll love showing her sweet and thoughtful boyfriend off to her co-workers.

#12 Flattery will get you everywhere. You know the phrase, “flattery will get you everywhere?” It’s pretty much true when it comes to your girlfriend. Make her feel hot and gorgeous by telling her how sexy, pretty, or cute you find her today. Compliments from the man of her dreams are sure to do wonders for her self-esteem. [Read: 19 sweet compliments for girls that’ll make them go awww]

#13 Oral night, just for her. Alright, so this may not exactly be *cute*, but it’s definitely something you can do to spoil her.

Not that we even need to suggest the ultimate sweet thing to do for your girlfriend, but most girl’s lists will probably start with oral. Do it for as long as it takes, and make it as fabulous as you can. She’ll appreciate your eager-to-please attitude.

Alternatively, fantastic sex that focuses on her clit works just the same with purring-kitten results. Have fun, lovebird!

#14 Watch bad TV with her. Not a Kardashian fan? Tonight you are! One of the cute things to do for your girlfriend that you might actually enjoy is watching all of her crap TV with her. Settle in for the night with some snacks and a schedule full of Unreal, Married at First Sight, and the Real Housewives. She’ll return the favor next time, don’t worry. [Read: Interesting things to talk about with your girlfriend]

#15 Period woes and you. Girls can get extra crazy… whoops, we meant *crabby* during that time of the month. Earn some major brownie points by catering to her period woes. Massage her swollen breasts, stock her house with ibuprofen, use the vibrator over her undies, watch sappy movies, and plug in the heating pad.

Do we even have to tell you to make sure the house is full of chocolate?

#16 Read to her. Reading together as a couple is a great way to bond. Cuddle her into your lap and read straight from the book, showing off your acting chops along the way of course. [Read: 20 perfect bedtime stories for your girlfriend that are sure to please]

#17 Run her a bubble bath. This cute gesture is a way for your girlfriend to relax and get squeaky clean all at the same time. Run her a bubble bath! Pour some bubble bath into the tub, light some candles, and put on her favorite music. Or have her laptop handy on a nearby chair with her favorite show ready to play.

#18 Leave a note in her lunch. Lunch notes are super cute because they’re a more personal way of letting your girlfriend know you’re thinking about her. Cheesy poems, funny inside jokes, or sweet saying of love are all perfectly acceptable notes to toss into her lunch *or purse* and send her off to a fantastic day of work. [Read: 25 sweetest romantic gestures for everyday life]

#19 Tickle her arms. Women love fingertips to lightly tickle their arms, back, legs… you name it, she probably loves it. You can also go the massage route for this one, but tickling her arms is plenty enjoyable for her and a lot easier on you. [Read: 20 ways to make your girlfriend incredibly happy]

#20 Play with her hair. Want to know the ultimate sweet thing to do for your girlfriend? Play with her hair. Research shows that touch can actually elicit positive emotions such as gratitude, love, sympathy, and joy.

So the next time you want to dazzle your sweetheart, stroke or play with her hair and watch the sleepy time begin.
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Doing cute things for your girlfriend is a great way for her to see you’ll go the extra mile to make sure she feels special and taken care of. There are hundreds of cute things to do for your girlfriend, so get started now!

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