19 Annoying Boyfriend Habits You Should Avoid At All Costs

Ever wondered if she thinks you’re an annoying boyfriend? If you take part in these annoying boyfriend habits, you probably are, at least sometimes.

annoying boyfriend habits and signs

If you’ve ever been concerned that you’re an annoying boyfriend there is a chance you are, at least some of the time. No one is free from being annoying.

But, if you are wondering so you can quit these annoying boyfriend habits, you came to the right place.

Even the world’s best boyfriends can be annoying sometimes. I have an amazing boyfriend, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get on my nerves sometimes. It is part of every relationship. The question is when does having annoying boyfriend habits turn into being an annoying boyfriend?

Want to know what makes a boyfriend the best one ever? Check out these 33 sought-after traits of a good boyfriend before you head to these annoying boyfriend habits!

You have annoying boyfriend habits

Before we even get into all the annoying boyfriend habits out there, I need to tell you that you have at least some of these. It is true. And the sooner you accept that, the sooner you can feel better about it, and maybe be less annoying.

I’m just going to take a wild guess here, but do you find your girlfriend annoying, at least some of the time? Yes. You do. Even if you don’t want to admit it to yourself and definitely not to her, it is true. Read these annoying things girls do that guys hate and I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to a few, if not many of them!

You can love someone to the moon and back and still find them annoying. So, just because you have some of these annoying boyfriend habits, it doesn’t mean she stopped loving you.

You love you siblings and parents, but they annoy the hell out fo you, right? This is similar. All couples annoy each other. But, if you can do something to stop being annoying, wouldn’t you want to try?

Sure, sometimes it is fun to push your girl’s buttons. But if she is properly annoyed, it would be best to avoid these annoying boyfriend habits at all costs.

19 annoying boyfriend habits you need to stop

This list may be a little eye-opening for you. It may even be hard to swallow. But, I’m here to tell you these are no secrets. Odds are, she has told you these things are annoying. But, you either ignored her or shrugged it off as nagging. [Read: 10 ways to be a better listener and learn to pay attention]

I’m not attacking you, but letting you know the facts. Sure, you probably don’t do all of these things, at least I hope you don’t. But, these are annoying boyfriend habits that are all too common, yet they are easily avoidable.

So, as I list these annoying boyfriend habits, I will also offer you some advice on how to ease-up on them.

1. Butt stuff

This may be a sensitive place to start, but I wanted to get it out of the way. We’re inviting you through the front door, so why the heck would you try poking your way through the back door?

Remember, an anal bang may seem exciting after watching a lot of porno, but most girls do not enjoy that. And hey, if she does, she will let you know. If you are really that curious, ask once. When her response is no, assume that is the standing answer. [Read: What does anal sex feel like – both physically and mentally for a girl?]

If you try to pressure her or, much worse, try it without consent, you aren’t just creepy, but assaulting her.

It’s knee-buckling, gross, and scary. So stop pestering your girlfriend constantly. If you want to try new things in bed, don’t bring it up right in the middle of doing the deed. Calmly let her know you are interested in trying something new and ask her if she’s comfortable with it. She will appreciate your request for consent and easing into it.

The worst that happens is she says no. And no means no, not ask 20 more times this month.

[Read: Why are guys obsessed with the idea of anal sex?]

2. Getting drunk on a date

Women just don’t like it when their boyfriend gets zonked out on a date. When you are dating a woman, remember your chivalry. She wants a gentleman, not a slob.

Drinking is all fine and well, but never to the point where you can’t drive back home or stand up straight. When you go clubbing and get wasted, it annoys your girlfriend. Even worse, it scares her.

The man she loves and trusts is making a fool of himself, embarrassing her, and is showing his inability to recognize his limits. Getting tipsy at home when your team is losing the big game is one thing, but when you’re out in public with her it unacceptable. [Read: How to be chivalrous with a girl and understand the code of modern chivalry]

3. Being rude

Once the novelty of a new relationship wears off, the politeness tends to as well. But, just because you’re in a committed relationship doesn’t mean it is okay to stop being nice.

If she asked you a question about your favorite team to video game on your second date wouldn’t you show some patience when responding even if you thought it was an idiotic question? Why should that go out the window now?

Women hate this about their boyfriends. The lack of small niceties is shocking once you get comfortable. Sure, you shouldn’t have to be “on” all the time, but being rude is a no-no.

Next time she asks you, “how do I look?” Instead of responding with, “fine,” or an unintelligible grunt without even looking her way, take a few seconds. Look at her, smile, and tell her the truth. Tell her she looks great but you prefer the red dress. Or just tell her she looks amazing.

All she wants is a little assurance from you. Is that too much to ask? Does she ever forget to compliment your new haircut? I don’t think so. [Read: What women want in a man more than anything else]

4. 0 to 60

Every time we try to kiss you passionately or try to touch you all over, it doesn’t always mean we want you to take your clothes off in a flash and dive headfirst into bed. Sure, we love being intimate with you, but sometimes a good old-fashioned makeout session is just as exciting.

Yes, we like foreplay, but just because we are in the mood for cuddling and kissing doesn’t mean we want it all right now. (Read: Learn how to take it slow and not mess things up]

It’s easy to stop doing this annoying boyfriend habit. Don’t assume. Ask her if she wants to take things further? Or better yet, let her lead. If she wants to go all the way in that moment, she will let you know.

5. When you get bored shopping

We understand that you may take five minutes to pick an entire ensemble. But with the pressure put on women, you do understand that your girlfriend takes way longer than that, right? So, why is it always a surprise when you go shopping for more than a couple of hours with your girlfriend?

We don’t invite you to shop with us all the time, but on the rare occasion that we do invite you, do play nice. If you aren’t in the mood to be out for that long, don’t come. Or at least let us know you’d like to be back by a certain time so we can work with you. This is a good compromise. We don’t get all the complaints and you don’t have to wait.

Instead of claiming you want to come and then complaining the whole time, think ahead. You do know that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? Well, why continue to go shopping with us thinking anything will be different? [Read: How to compromise in a relationship and not feel like you lost]

6. Not introducing us

Now I know this is a simple mistake. It isn’t the end of the world. But, when you run into someone while you’re out with us and talk to them for five minutes or longer and we are just standing there, it is awkward.

If you run into an old friend while we’re out, try to remember to take a few seconds and say, “this is my girlfriend …” Also, please do use the word girlfriend. I know this sounds nitpicky and maybe it is, but is it so hard?

7. Pretending to listen

There is a look nearly all men get when they are pretending to listen to their girlfriends. Sure, you may not care when we talk about makeup or drama with the girls, but don’t fake it.

Either pay attention and interact with the conversation to let us know you aren’t interested. I know that seems harsh, but it is better than lying. This way, we will reach out to someone else to vent to about our botchy manicure or last night’s Bachelor episode.

Trust me, this isn’t as scary as it sounds if you both communicate. My boyfriend and I have lots in common, but when he talks to me about video games, my brain just shuts off. Instead of sitting there and pretending to be interested, I tell him I’m glad he is so passionate about this, but I’m not following. He does the same with me when I talk about makeup or skincare.

It may sting a bit at first, but as long as you do it with kindness, she will appreciate the honesty. [Read: Why you should tell the truth even when it hurts]

8. Buying the wrong expensive gifts

I hate how shallow this sounds, but hear me out. We love that you want to shop for us. It is so sweet. But, whether you think you’re putting a lot of thought into it or not, buying us something expensive without knowing we’ll love it is a risk. And it is a risk we would prefer you didn’t take.

It is adorable that you want to surprise us, but we would rather a sentimental surprise over something expensive. We don’t want you to waste your money. We’d rather you put that money into something we can do together like a trip or concert.

For those girls whose love language is receiving gifts this could be off, but for most ladies, stick to sentiment over expense. [Read: Show someone you love them by using their love language]

9. When you’re being a sexist

This is probably the most annoying boyfriend habit of them all. Sure, you are a product of your environment and society, blah blah blah. But, there is really no excuse for sexism nowadays.

If you feel insecure because she is successful or makes more money than you, that is your problem, not hers. Do you assume she should take care of the house or your children because it’s a woman’s job? If so, you need a lesson on how to be a modern man.

If you are trying to be an annoying boyfriend, this is how to do it. But, if you want to stop this annoying habit, it will take practice and time to unlearn these sexist traits.

There are tons of ways to do this. You can watch female-led and run shows and movies and read books that help you stop being sexist. Most importantly, you can also ask your girlfriend to call you out when you slip up. [Read: 9 surefire ways to respect women and stop being sexist]

10. Comparing your girlfriend to someone

We hate it when you compare us out of the blue to your ex or even one of our friends. “Why can’t you dress up like your friend Suzy?”, “My ex used to do that for me all the time…”, “You know, my friend Kat is so much more understanding than you are…”

If you like what they do or how they are so much, maybe you should be dating them. Don’t have this annoying boyfriend habit and definitely don’t take it to the next level by comparing us to your mom.

Don’t tell your girlfriend her casserole isn’t as good as your mom’s or that your mom always folded your socks like this or that. That kind of conversation is never going to end well and it is sort of creepy. [Read: How to stop being insecure in a relationship be happy together instead]

11. When you don’t take care of your girlfriend

When men get sick, they are barely capable of dragging themselves out of bed. They become toddlers all over again. But, when women are sick they keep doing laundry, cooking, and running the household. Even when she isn’t sick, it would be nice if you picked up some of that.

When she is sick, let her rest. Don’t just sit next to her and play video games. Offer to get her soup or juice. Run a load of dishes through the dishwasher and maybe even a load of laundry, with her permission.

She takes care of you when you’re out of commission, so try to do the same for her. Use this guide on how to take care of a sick girlfriend if you don’t know where to start!

Maybe playing this role doesn’t come naturally for you, but you can at least try. If you don’t know what to do, ask her. Or surprise her with your go-getter personality and ask her mom for some tips on how to help her. She’ll be shocked. [Read: 25 sweet romantic gestures you could use everyday]

12. Calling us a nag

One of the strangest things about guys is their ability to sink into a comfy couch and become a part of the furniture within minutes. And once a guy is comfortable on a couch, it’s almost impossible to drag him out, for any reason whatsoever!

And when a girl gives her boyfriend any chore or requests him to do anything, he assures her that he’ll do it in a bit, and that never really happens. From there, the worst part is the annoying boyfriend habit of telling us we are nagging.

Guess what? We wouldn’t have to nag if you just did what we asked. Think about it. If we ask you to take out the trash or remind you to do something that takes less than five minutes, why not do it? If you did, it would be done and you wouldn’t hear about it again. Instead, you get annoyed at us for “nagging” and we get annoyed at you for saying we’re nagging. It becomes a whole thing that could have been avoided if you just did the thing we asked.

Simple, right? [Read: 21 things you should NEVER say to your girlfriend]

13. The blame game

Girls hate annoying boyfriends who blame their shortcomings on her. It’s pathetic and really irritating. Ever lost your way and blamed your girlfriend because she didn’t give you the right directions? Suffered a stomach ache and blamed your girlfriend because she chose the restaurant? Or my personal favorite, lost your erection and got limp in bed in the middle of a sexual romp and blamed your girlfriend because she wasn’t *into it*?

If you’re blaming your girlfriend because you’re an angry idiot, seriously, man up and take responsibility instead of blaming your girlfriend for her food choice, her built-in GPS system or her sexual vibes, will you?

[Read: 50 really cute things to say to your girlfriend to make her melt]

14. Checking in too much

Your girlfriend loves that you care, but don’t overdo it. You can check in and see how her day is going but don’t go overboard. You don’t need to know where she is or who she’s with all hours of the day. If she says she’s running errands, you don’t need to know which stores she went to and in which order she went to them.

Ease up. She is an independent woman. And there is nothing more annoying to an independent woman than and needy and annoying boyfriend who needs constant reassurance. [Read: How to love someone without smothering them]

15. Hating PDA

We’re not asking you to bone us in the middle of the subway, but is holding hands too much to ask? I get that PDA or public displays of affection can be a little intense and gross, but there she want to know you are proud to be with her. Maybe you are just a private type of fellow, which is totally cool.

But if you won’t put your arm around her or hold her hand when you’re shopping or going for a walk, she will think there is a bigger reason for it. Is holding her hand or kissing her on the cheek so hard? She just wants a little physical touch. Compromise and find something that shows her affection that you feel comfortable with. [Read: PDA – What it is, why it’s feared, and what’s acceptable?]

16. Not respecting her time

This is your girlfriend and you are her boyfriend. You are not a cable repair guy and she is not someone waiting around all day. If you say you’ll call her later, do it. When you make loose plans, don’t just say they weren’t set in stone, at least follow-up.

Leaving her waiting is a major annoying boyfriend habit. She has things to do and just letting her wait around to hear from you is not cool, dude. Be better than that.

17. Thinking her period is taboo

Periods are normal. Get used to it. Not wanting to hear about her cramps is unacceptable. It is not the 1950s’. You share a bed and a bathroom. If she needs you to get tampons, just do it. No one is judging you. In fact, they are probably thinking you’re an awesome and not annoying boyfriend for doing that.

Don’t make her hide tampon wrappers in the trash or walk on eggshells because she’s menstruating. Also, NEVER accuse her of being on her period if she’s emotional. Haven’t you learned by now? She has a right to her emotions, period or not. Let her feel how she feels. Don’t disregard it because she is on her period.

If you want to do more than stop this annoying boyfriend habit, completely switch it up. Read up about her period. Find out what happens and just how hard it is for her. Ask her what she wants and get it for her. She will appreciate it. [Read: How to comfort her and the thoughtful ways to do it right]

18. Assuming she will carry your stuff

Yes, she has a bag, no, you can’t use it. The reason she carries a purse is that girls’ pockets are notoriously useless. She can’t hold more than one individual tic-tac in her pocket so she has a purse for the essentials.

You have an abundance of pockets for your wallet, chapstick, and keys. Don’t just assume her purse is a never-ending Mary Poppins bag that doesn’t get heavy. If you are bringing something you can’t fit in your pocket, like a water bottle, ask her before leaving the house if she’ll hold it in her bag.

19. Omitting

A lie of omission is a lie. We get that you don’t want to have these hard conversations, but she would always rather hear it from you than somewhere else. If you smoked with the guys, just tell her. Sure, she’ll be mad and you don’t want to deal with that. But, that is nothing compared to the level of mad she’ll be if she finds out on her own.

It easy to avoid confrontation, especially when you know it’ll be tough to admit something, but you are saving yourself a lot of trouble later. Don’t be an annoying boyfriend, just come clean. [Read: Why do people in relationships lie?]

So how many of these things do you indulge in? A few or almost all? Hopefully, you got a glimpse into the mind of your girlfriend and can take these tips and stop with those annoying boyfriend behaviors.

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All boyfriends find themselves in one spot or the other in this list of things that annoy girlfriends at some point. But how much of an annoying boyfriend are you? And are you willing to cut out those annoying boyfriend habits?

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