29 Things Women Do that Will Make You Think She’s Crazy

Are you being paranoid or is the woman you’re dating genuinely, undeniably and irrevocably displaying signs that she’s got a few loose screws?

things women do that seem crazy

There’s always that label that men put on certain women after they break up that denotes that she is completely insane. The crazy chick label can be a cover up for a guy’s own failures in a past relationship, or it could have really been warranted. Every guy has usually either dated a crazy chick, or one of his buddies has, and some women repeatedly fall into this unwanted category.

Take note that there’s a difference between clinically labelled as a sociopath or a psychopath and just doing crazy things as a means to an end. In this article, I’ll be talking about the latter. If you suspect that your girlfriend’s issue might be a clinical case, we’d suggest seeking a second opinion from a mental health professional.

Insane things women do in relationships

Want to know if you’re dating a crazy chick? Or do you happen to be a woman, and want to know what you’re doing wrong in relationships? Check out these 29 things that a woman can do to make you think she’s completely cray-cray:

#1 Have sex to trap you. A crazy woman, backed by popular opinion, tends to be amazing in bed! They’ll be the wildest, kinkiest, and quite possibly, the best you’ve ever had. Something about it will seem a bit manipulative though, because a crazy bitch just wants commitment, and they aren’t above using sex to get it.

#2 Pre-meditate a pregnancy. In other words, they will get pregnant to trap you. This is especially true if it happens early on, when you’re not even officially dating. If she has her own condom she “just happened to find lying around,” or she clamps her legs around you at the last minute when you’re hitting it unprotected, she’s the crazy type.

#3 Love/hate behavior. The love/hate behavior is indicative of crazy chicks. One minute, she loves you and tells you how amazing you are, and the next minute, you’re her enemy who can’t be trusted. Her feelings are unstable, and it’s very clear in the way she treats you. [Read: Can a love hate relationship really work out?]

#4 Wild emotions. If her emotions swing from happy to sad, angry to giddy and all the way to horny, all in one day, she’s definitely prone to instability. Not something you want to date, unless you find rollercoaster emotions exciting.

#5 You’ve been hacked. You notice your Facebook friends list has suddenly shortened, your followers on Instagram are suddenly all male, and e-mails from female co-workers have been deleted. These are sure signs that you’re dating a crazy lady, and she’s pretty shameless about it. [Read: 12 signs of a stalker girlfriend]

#6 She likes constant costume changes. A woman who likes different styles of clothing is normal, but if a girl can change from hard-core emo to over the top diva, to demure country girl within a few days *without having to do it for her job*, something’s not right.

#7 She always lies about herself. She lies about her past, people she’s met, and things she’s done, all in an attempt to win you over. You find out when you realize her so-called friend Melanie is really her childhood cat’s name and that framed diploma from Harvard is a very well-done forgery. [Read: 8 sneakily accurate ways to know if she’s lying]

#8 She doesn’t have real friends. Not all women with small social circles are crazy, but if you find out that she couldn’t keep a friend because she scared them all off, you have a crazy one on your hands.

#9 She bashes attractive women. She’s insecure and could be crazy if she refers to every attractive woman as a “slut” or “bitch” for no other logically good reason.

#10 She thinks everyone is out to get her. If she refers to everyone from her past as having hurt her in some way, it could be all in her head. If Mely was jealous, Jeanette wanted her ex-boyfriend, and her teacher gave her bad marks because she’s too pretty, then she’s got a bad case of the victim mentality.

#11 She has a history of stalking. She’s fessed up to stalking an ex-boyfriend, but assures you it was warranted, and that he was definitely cheating on her.

#12 She’s obsessively clean. Being clean is a good thing, but if she asks you to wear gloves and sock covers when you come to her place, she’s like obsessive-compulsive clean.

#13 She pops up uninvited. If she shows up randomly at your soccer game, your chemistry class, or the bar when you always hang out with the guys, she’s got the crazy thing down.

#14 Her exes are “obsessed.” She refers to all of her exes as obsessed suckers who can’t seem to get over her. But the thing is, none of her friends can confirm that her exes even care about her anymore.

#15 She fights like it’s WWIII. When the two of you get in an argument, she’s not afraid to pull out the big guns by insulting your man parts, your dog, and your sister, and she will say just about anything to hurt you. She’ll attack with threats like committing suicide or burning your clothes, and she might even get physically violent. [Read: 16 signs of an abusive relationship to watch out for]

#16 She calls too often or she expects you to. If she calls every half an hour to see what you’re up to, and gets upset when she doesn’t hear from you within a two-hour timeframe, she definitely fits in the category.

#17 She tries to cause problems with your family and friends. If she tries to drive a wedge between you and your friends or family by poisoning your mind about them, she’s doing so in order to get you all to herself. She has a “you can’t trust anyone but me” attitude.

#18 She thrives on conflict. She’ll rock the boat for no reason, pick fights out of the blue, and it will seem like nothing you do makes her happy.

#19 She always has your social media profile open. She comments on all your pics with lovey-dovey comments, tags you everywhere, creeps on your Instagram, and knows exactly what you did on it 5 seconds after you did it. You’ll know because she’ll confront you about it in real time.

#20 She has questionable spiritual practices. If you know she’s part of a weird cult, or you see some ritualistic items in her room, this could play out badly. But if you find a doll that looks like you, don’t walk… RUN!

#21 Jealousy is an understatement. “Did you just flirt with her in front of me?” she asks, after you were being polite with the 70-year-old cashier at the grocery store. She sent a threatening message to one of your female cousins, telling her to back off after she noticed you wished her a happy birthday on Facebook. She’ll definitely get the crazy label. [Read: 15 types of girlfriends who will make your life hell]

#22 She acts a fool in public. She makes scenes in public, and will make herself look like the victim by crying hysterically about how bad you treat her while all the passersby stop and stare.

#23 She can cry on command. At first you feel bad, but when her crying routine becomes more predictable than your washroom habits, she’s a master manipulator.

#24 She’s judgmental of everyone. If she snorts at a nice waiter and points out how he’s balding or something equally rude, she’s insecure. She’ll try compensating for it by pointing out everyone else’s flaws in an attempt to make herself look and feel superior.

#25 She’s obsessed with your exes. She probably stalks them via fake Facebook profiles. She asks you questions about your past and tests you based on your answers. Oh, and no detail should be spared, or you’ll never hear the end of it.

#26 “You’ll never find anyone else like me!” This is what she’ll tell you when she gets the feeling you’re catching on to her antics. Truth is, you probably won’t find anyone else with her specific type of crazy, and that’s a good thing!

#27 She’ll get a little too close to everyone in your life. She’ll try to get in with your crew and become inseparable from your family members in an effort to manipulate you. Keep a keen eye on her intentions.

#28 She gives you no privacy. You’ll notice that receipts from your pockets end up on your dresser, things in your car have been moved around, and your phone is regularly locked from too many failed password attempts. She’s prying into your life, and has clear trust issues.

#29 She makes you question your own sanity. This is a hallmark signature of crazy chicks. They will make you wonder if you’ve lost your mind because of how confused they will make you. Get out while you still can, and salvage what’s left of your sanity!

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Crazy women may give you excitement, passion and a wild ride between the sheets, but in the long run, you’ll learn that dealing with her craziness is just way too much work for great sex and fun times.

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