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The Ways of a Fanciable Man with a Woman

How should you behave with a woman? What does a charming, fanciable guy do that makes women fall in love with him? Find out here.

The Ways of a Fanciable Man with a Woman

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A woman wants the man to take over when they are together. Even if you are talking around the corner or have just bumped in to each other, give her your undivided attention. If you like this woman, even if you’re busy, you could talk to her for a while before you take a look at your watch and say “Gosh, look at the time! Time sure does fly past when I’m around you!” You could even tell her that you’d love to catch up with her later in the day, maybe a coffee after work?

Be Sincere

You might want to restrict all those one liners and erotic strip down stares to the clubs and the pickup joints. When you meet a girl or see her across the street, try being a little more discreet. A smile as you walk across her might be reciprocated, eventually, even if not on the first time. If you’ve already been introduced, then greet her and stop for a minute to ask her about her day. Be courteous and pleasant. Let her feel happy to have stopped by to converse with you even if it was just for a minute.

Be Chivalrous

This has been stressed upon men again and again. But still I find men who walk miles ahead of their woman as they walk out of a restaurant, or as they walk into a dark movie hall.

Maybe they were one of the sissies who hooked on to some girl by some chance of fate and luck, or maybe they just hooked up with the first girl who reciprocated their moves.

If you’re looking for that perfect girl, envied by other girls and obsessed by other men, then you need more than just a fat wallet and luck. You need to make her want you, because there are another hundred guys out there who have the same intention of wooing her. So learn to be chivalrous, open doors for her, clasp her hand or place your hand on her back while crossing streets. Offer to help if she’s carrying anything, other than her hand bag, that is.

Enjoy her Company

As much as you want to please her and woo her, she too wants you to enjoy her company. If you are going to think of nothing but pleasing her and trying to be chivalrous all the time, you will only end up making her feel uneasy and wired. Try pleasing her whenever you can, but otherwise just enjoy her company. Relax and have a good conversation. When you’re too preoccupied with the art of wooing, you may just end up having a nervous breakdown or end up boring her with your never-ending flirting.

The Last Word… for Now

There is a lot you should understand about a woman before you try wooing her. Every woman is unique but thankfully, all of them are hardwired to look for the perfect guy who can please them and make them feel like a woman. So be your best and learn to appreciate them for the beautiful and graceful angels that they are, and you’ll see how easy it can be to please them, and how enjoyable it can be to be immersed in their company. But before you lose yourself in this reverie, remember the things that a woman wants from you – Care, Concern and Chivalry.

And try working yourself around them to become a better man, the one that all women fancy and all men want to be.

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