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How to Buy Lingerie for Your Woman & Not Break Into a Sweat at the Store

How to buy the perfect lingerie for your girl? Buying the perfect lingerie for your woman can seem very confusing, what with all those sizes and specs. But with this guide to help you out, you can be a lingerie-pro in no time!

how to buy lingerie for your girl

Teddies and Baby Dolls aren’t just for kids anymore. Here’s how to pick the perfect lingerie for the woman in your life.

Of course, you can always buy lingerie for your woman online, and call it a day. BUT really, think about it, your wife or girlfriend would have difficulty buying her bras and panties online in the right sizes. Do you really think you’re better than her at judging a good fit?

So if you want to do it right, you need to learn to walk into a store and do it like the awesome man you think you are!

I still remember the first time I bought lingerie for my girl. I would rather have walked through fire than into this enclosure of negligees, but I knew how good she would feel when I buy this intimate present for her.

I convinced myself that this treacherous crusade was worth the effort, and I pushed the glass door and stepped into this restricted zone. It took me a few agonizing seconds to watch the door determinedly shut behind me… all by itself.

This was when the full impact of my stupidity hit me. I felt like a cock trying to cross a road as I excused myself past several girls with funny smirks and old women with cold stares. I felt numb, and I wished the ground would just open up and suck me in.

The walk to the counter must have been the longest walk in my life. I plotted on ways to get out of here as quietly as I could, but I could feel the eyes of all the ladies bore into me already. I was petrified and sweating profusely as I approached a salesgirl and muttered something that I couldn’t understand myself. She said something.

All I could hear was a painfully slow rendition of a Britney Spears song in the background. Was I blacking out? I didn’t know. My throat ran dry, I felt like I was going to die! Why did I have to try something so outrageously stupid! I thought talking to a girl for the first time was hard, but buying lingerie? It felt like madness!

It took a while for me to understand what the girl at the counter was asking me. Was she speaking in English? She asked me so many questions and soon, a mannequin with perfect boobs came to my rescue.

After a painfully slow twenty minutes of cold sweat and a desire to kill myself, I left the store with a shopping bag. It felt good though. I felt more manly, and I actually smiled at a few disapproving Karens and winked at a few giggling girls in the store.

And after the harrowing experience, I proudly presented it to my girlfriend. Well, just when I thought everything was perfect, she told me that they were too small! After all the trouble I took to pick the perfect gift for my girl, it didn’t seem to fit! And it was definitely an embarrassing experience!

She was pleased with the effort I had taken though, and she told me that it wasn’t my fault for making such an error.

I realized then that none of my guy friends could have helped me out in this situation. I mean, look at the variety in the stores these days… I couldn’t make up my mind! But I do know that lingerie is a very flattering and fun way to say that you appreciate your woman’s body.

But at the same time, I know that we, as men, are pretty clueless about the whole lingerie thing! If only it were as easy as picking our own undies off the rack!!

Buying lingerie for your wife or girlfriend can be an exciting thought, but one that could get you drenched in sweat as you step into the cute and chilly restricted area we men call a lingerie store.

But I’ve taken some pains to collect some information for all you men to make your lingerie buying experience a fruitful and a less harrowing one.

The different types of lingerie every guy must know

To start off, there’s so much to choose from, and most of them have strange names that would make no sense to someone who knows just a boxer or a brief! Here are some of the different types of lingerie you would bump into at a store.


This is a short, loose fitting top that has a length that goes to the waist. It can be worn like a slip underneath a wool sweater, beneath an open jacket, or just as it is with a pair of matching panties.


These are short nightgowns that are usually made out of a fairly light material, something frilly and fun.

Baby Doll

This is one of the hot lingerie that is actually a really short nightgown that flirts at the top of the hip. It begins with a clasp or a knot at the bust, and the rest of it floats away from the body. Usually, a baby doll is sold with a panty-type bottom.


A teddy is similar to a one-piece bathing suit. It is a combination of underwear and a short top.


These are well-fitting tops that are fastened at the back and accentuate the bust.


This is similar to a bustier but is tighter and stronger. It has a boning that goes over the bodice and is laced or hooked in the back. Corsets usually give the wearer an hourglass figure, but they can also be laced loosely and worn as a regular top.


These are robes that are usually worn over revealing types of lingerie. A kimono is used to make the girl feel more comfortable, when she’s walking around with hardly anything on and would want something to cover herself up.


Anyone who has watched a teen singer in her music video knows what a thong is. A thong is similar to a G-String but it has a little more fabric going up the back, unlike a G-String, which has just that, a string.

Boy Shorts

These are tiny shorts that women wear as underwear. They are usually lacy and very cute. If you want to get turned on when your girlfriend wears her lingerie, this would definitely top the list, in a sweet and racy kinda way!

Jot these pointers down before you walk into a lingerie store. Not only will it help you recognize the items, it’ll help you lose all that cold sweat. Of course, there are many other variations and types as well, but if you know these basic types, you’re in a great place to set off on your adventure!

What kind of lingerie would your girlfriend or wife like?

Knowing the different types of lingerie is always a good start.

But it is just as important to know what your partner prefers. The best way to find this out is by snooping into her underwear drawer.

Make a mental note of the type of lingerie that she has purchased recently.

Also, try to find out the type of fabric and the color she prefers.

When you’re done with this, you would have a clearer picture of what she likes, and also what you could look for while shopping for that perfect present.

If your sweetheart doesn’t own any thongs, it probably means she doesn’t like that particular style of underwear.

A pointer while you shop for lingerie, never experiment wildly while buying lingerie, it’s always better to know her dislikes and likes and stick to it, rather than buying something she would not like to wear.

One of the mistakes that most men commonly make is that they buy lingerie that they want to see their partner in, rather than what their girlfriend or wife feels comfortable in. The big question you have to ask yourself is, what type of lingerie would accentuate the personality of your woman.

And what do you think would best reflect her personal style?

It’s also important to know what body parts your wife or girlfriend really likes about herself or is self-conscious about.

You might love her body just the way it is, but she may hate her butt or her tummy.

It helps if you could tell the salesperson which areas you want the outfit to emphasize or de-emphasize, so you could pick the perfect one for your woman.

If you don’t want to make the mistake of picking the wrong size for your significant other, then you should pay a lot of detail to the size, particularly the bra size, panty size or the stocking size. You could get this by studying your sweetheart’s closet.

You might probably see a few numbers that you wouldn’t understand but these numbers are extremely useful when you have to select the perfect lingerie.

How to make sure you buy the best kind of lingerie for your woman

Here are a few tips you could follow to make sure your lingerie purchase is a good one.

Variety Variety

Avoid buying the same old variety. If your wife or girlfriend already has several chemises, it wouldn’t make sense to give her another of the same. Try out something else you know she would be comfortable in.

Beautiful and Daring

You definitely know that a woman looks her best when she feels beautiful from within. Make sure you get her something she would want to be in, rather than something that would make her uncomfortable. Figure out how daring she can be, and pick the perfect one for her.

Textures and Materials

There are several varieties of lingerie and all of them don’t come in just satin or lace.

If your girl likes some other material better, say cotton, try and pick up something in that material, like a pretty cotton camisole and probably a pajama set that will make her look cute and va va voom at the same time.

Go Smaller, Never Bigger

You can flatter your woman with the perfect lingerie as long as it’s sized correctly.

If you aren’t sure about the size then go for a safe purchase like gowns, chemises and baby dolls, these are clothing that are quite generous in fabric and not too tight fitting. Pick one that is one size or customizable to fit a variety of sizes. When in doubt, it’s better to go smaller than larger. She can always return it, and her ego will thank you when it’s the smaller size.

Wired Endowment

If your woman is well endowed, she probably would need an extra support. If her cup size is D or larger, you might need to purchase lingerie that provides a lot of support to the chest. An underwire bra would be a good option. But if you can’t make the right choice, you could always ask the sales person who would gladly help you pick the perfect one with plenty of support.

Choosing the Perfect One

Don’t settle for something you don’t think your sweetheart would like. These days there are several styles and colors of lingerie. Take your time in selecting the right one. Don’t feel awkward or discouraged if one store doesn’t have what you have in mind. Take a look around different shops and choose the perfect one.

The most important thing you have to remember is to have fun while shopping. The attendants in lingerie stores come across several men walking in everyday, and they’re more than happy to help you out. There’s no point in picking up anything they give you and walking out of the store as quickly as possible.

At the end of the day, you’ve come to the store to pick something that your partner would appreciate, so don’t hesitate to ask for help or linger around till you pick the perfect lingerie.

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