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12 Sweet Little Ways to Tell a Girl She’s Gorgeous

Telling a woman she’s beautiful is one of the nicest compliments you can ever give her. Find out how to tell her this with more than just words!

how to tell a girl she's gorgeous

There is no need to shout from the rooftops how gorgeous you think your sweetheart is. Simplicity, sincerity and timing are the keys when it comes to genuinely complimenting a woman.

Women love it when they receive compliments for their guy. But sometimes, men can’t seem to pull it off because they think their woman requires grand gestures and bold statements. The problem with this is that you may end up looking like you’re trying too hard.

So in order to master the art of giving your lady a sincere compliment, check out some of our tips. [Read: Learn how to make a girl blush with a simple compliment]

12 simple but effective ways to tell your girl she’s beautiful

To all the guys out there, why don’t you prove to us women that romance is alive and thriving? If you are stuck, here are 12 simple ways to tell a woman that she is beautiful.

#1 Just say it. The first step is the simplest one of all. Just start by telling her she looks good. Whether you’re on your first date or have been together for 15 years, telling a woman how beautiful she looks will get her heart fluttering like the delicate wings of a rare butterfly.

Not only will your words elevate her mood, but you will also bring up her confidence. Remember that when a woman feels confident she will feel sexy, and when she feels sexy, everyone wins, especially you.

#2 Say it often. Don’t save your charm and sweet words for special occasions. Tell a woman how beautiful she looks as often as you can, but not to the point that she stops taking you seriously.

For example, my best friend brags about how her husband tells her how beautiful she looks every morning. As jealous as she makes us ladies feel during our bi-monthly brunch sessions, no one can deny how sweet his small and simple gesture is. Women love being told that they look beautiful no matter the time of day.

#3 Put it on paper. In an age of fast paced texting and email, take the time to pen your sweet words on paper. Whether it is selecting a phrase from a classic poem detailing how beautiful she is, penning down song lyrics, or making something up as you go along, do it old school style and surprise her with a letter or note in her purse. A quick Google search will give you a myriad of thematic poetry options so you have no excuse if you can’t find the right words. [Read: The ultimate guide to writing a love letter]

#4 Say it with a playlist. Thank goodness for applications that let you quickly compile romantic playlists! You’re sure to find tons of songs about beauty in your girl’s genre of choice. Include some of her favorite love songs and throw in an introductory audio note from you telling her how much she dazzles you.

#5 Make it specific. When telling your lady love she looks good, go the extra mile and be specific with your compliment. Instead of saying, “You look beautiful”, say something like “Your beautiful smile lights up my day.” Whether it is her glorious legs or pretty hazel eyes, focus on a specific part of her for that extra oomph.

#6 Notice the little things. Another way to prove to a woman that you think she is beautiful is to pay attention to the subtle changes that she projects. Women love primping themselves. So the next time she gets home from the hair salon, tell her that her new cut looks gorgeous. You get bonus points for noticing extra details like her manicure or freshly waxed eyebrows.

#7 Don’t focus on just physical beauty. Remember that this is the new age and women are all about feminine power and independence. To some women, receiving a compliment on the way she looks does not carry as much weight as a compliment detailing her brains.

What is on the inside counts just as much as what is on the outside so the next time you shower your sweetheart with compliments, recognize her soul and not just her boobs. [Read: Why is inner beauty more important than outer beauty?]

#8 Use your body. Sometimes, words are the last thing you need when you have mastered the art of non-verbal communication. Use your body language to tell her she looks good. Whether it is fixing her with a sensual and smoldering gaze, caressing her back or just looking deep into her eyes, she will know that you find her beautiful if you do it right.

#9 Be sincere about it. Women can smell bullshit from a mile away so when you tell her she looks good, ensure that you are completely sincere. There is just something about a woman’s senses that helps her assess just how genuine you are being.

Many even joke that this is both a blessing and a curse. In Chinese custom, you have to repeat it three times before she will believe you so if you have to resort to this exotic way of expressing sincerity, then do it.

#10 Be confident when you say it. When you confidently tell your sweetheart that she is beautiful, she will take it as a fact and this is exactly what you want. She will appreciate you putting yourself out there and making the effort to be completely honest and confident with your compliment.

#11 Use actions. Words may be very effective but do not underestimate the importance of small gifts and gestures. As you already know, women love being pampered and placed on a pedestal.

No matter how accomplished or financially secure she is, she will appreciate receiving something from you that lets her know she is beautiful and that you cannot stop thinking about her. Flowers, the first edition of her favorite book, and a backrub at the end of a tough day are all great ideas. [Read: 21 things you can do for your girl to make her adore you]

#12 Get creative. In today’s day and age where we are easily jaded with everyday life, use your creativity to break through the conventions. Instead of sticking to the generic, “You are beautiful” phrase, why not amp up the creativity by saying, “You look exquisite tonight and I am sure that I am going to be the envy of every man at the restaurant”, or something like, “My goodness, you are a truly magnificent woman both inside and out.”

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You don’t need to shower your woman with constant compliments to uplift her mood and make her feel great. Whether you use words, actions, music or even a smoldering gaze, all you truly need is the sincerity to make her believe that to you, she’s the most beautiful woman in the world.

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