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20 Player Moves to Manipulate Women Into Liking & Wanting To Date You

Women have no idea what attracts them to a man. They don’t know that men often employ these tricks to make women fall.  Here’s how to manipulate women.

how to manipulate women

Men wonder why some women are more attracted to other guys, and not to them. Is there something wrong with them? What do they lack that these other guys have? Well, in this rollercoaster game of attraction and romance, it’s not the guys with the biggest bank accounts or the fanciest cars that win the girls—it’s the guys who know how to manipulate women.

How to manipulate women into liking you

These 20 tips describe how to manipulate the woman of your dreams into liking you.

#1 Turn the tables. For centuries, it has been a widespread custom for women to be the one being wooed by men. This gives women all the freedom to choose the men they want and reject those they don’t.

However, you can turn things around by approaching a woman and making her know that you don’t seek to impress her or earn her approval. Be withdrawn and easily unimpressed, so it is now her turn to try to impress you. [Read: How to make a girl want you and think of you sexually]

#2 Be disagreeable. In their quest for female approval and appreciation, most men would be willing to do just about anything. If you want to manipulate a woman, you shouldn’t fall for this tactic. Don’t pull up a chair for her, don’t buy her a drink, ignore her requests, or even blatantly say “no” to her.

#3 Be aloof. So you look dapper and you know it. You walk into a bar and this pretty woman looks you over under her well-made up eyebrows. You sit next to her on the bar and look at her. As if by instinct, she expects you to talk to her and buy her a drink.

Instead, you ignore her and with a blank face order yourself some scotch, completely ignoring her. This move leaves her puzzled and the more she’ll want you to notice her.

#4 Make her jealous. Another way to manipulate a woman is using her emotions against her. If you know she likes you, for example, show off that you’re hitting on other girls. If she’s your friend, tell her you have this huge crush on a girl that is obviously not her. By making her jealous, you play on her emotions. She’ll do anything to make you like her instead. [Read: 12 obvious signs she wants you to ask her out]

#5 Give her mixed signals. One moment you are all eyes and ears on her. While talking to each other, you lean closer, ever so seductively, and then you completely lean back and just shrug things off. Or, tell her she’s pretty then eye another girl that walks into the room. These mixed signals confuse her. This makes her feel like she has to do more to get your attention.

#6 Be unpredictable. Be different from the guys she’s known. Do something she won’t see coming. Most women these days get bored with guys who use the same lame pick-up lines on them. Keep her on her toes by telling her you’ll call her at this time of day but wait a few more hours before you really do it. You’ll have her waiting for any word from you. In the process, she’ll be thinking about you more too.

#7 Act like a jerk. Another way to manipulate women into liking you is to act like a complete and total jerk. Act like you’re better than her. Have the best clothes and don’t be afraid to show off what you have. Whether at work or in social settings, if a woman talks about her accomplishments, downplay it. If she says she likes a certain band or movie, tell everyone how her choices or taste sucks.

#8 Make her feel left out. Be nice and charming to everybody but her. This makes her doubt herself and think that there’s something wrong with her—or at least you think so. She won’t like this. Therefore, she tries to compensate for her perceived flaws and be eager to welcome your attention. [Read: How to impress a girl: The atypical advice you really need]

#9 Point out her flaws. Many women get very sensitive when it comes to things they’re insecure about, such as their weight, complexion, and style, to name just a few. In order to keep a woman interested in you, make her a little insecure.

Wipe some imaginary dirt off her cheek, tell her she looks frazzled or pudgy, or tell her outright that you think she gained some weight, even if she really didn’t.

#10 Flatter her. Another way to manipulate women is by flattering her. While you can do the exact opposite, showering her with compliments also brings the same results. Tell her she smells nice or has nice hair, and you’ll send her heart racing. [Read: 19 sweet compliments for girls that’ll make them go “aww”]

#11 Make her doubt herself. Tell her she’s too girly or dramatic or demanding. Tell her whatever just to make her uneasy. This makes her always aware of you and what you have to say, as if instinctively trying to get your approval.
For example, if you ask her what she thought of PokemonGo, and she says she has already collected 49 Pokemon, tell her, “Yes, I figured you’re into those immature apps. Now, here’s another app I find interesting and worthwhile…”

#12 Cut her off. Start a conversation with her. Ask her about things that you know she’s passionate about. And just as she’s about to really get into her story, immediately cut her off and say, “Oh, I forgot I have to meet someone today. Bye!”

And without further ado, just leave her by herself. This leaves her frustrated, or at least confused, that she wasn’t finished with her story. Now you have the upper hand and ask for a date or meetup for her to continue her story.

#13 Make her think she’s being too forward. While sexual roles today are changing, and men and women are more or less on equal footing when it comes to what they want in dating and relationships, women are still sexually coy by default. So next time a woman approaches you, ask her, “Are you hitting on me? Because if you are, I’m not interested.”

#14 Establish dominance. Be firm about what you want in your date or in your relationship. This establishes you are dominant, and that you will not be pushed around according to her whim. Let her know early on how you’d rather be a single guy *in fact, you’re happy as a single guy* than be with someone who stifles or controls you. This lets her know where she stands and what she should not be doing. [Read: Relationship power plays: What men need to know]

#15 Learn the dark art of seduction. Many employ fractionation as a way to seduce women. Fractionation is a technique used in covert psychology and hypnotism. You make a woman emotionally dependent on you by first building emotional rapport with her and then making her go through a roller coaster ride of emotions with your stories.

You connect with her on a deep level one moment, and the next totally ignore her. [Read: Fractionation seduction and how you can use it to seduce any woman]

#16 Tell a sob story. Women innately love drama. They go nuts for sad stories and happily-ever-after’s. So before you approach a woman, think about the saddest thing that ever happened to you. Brandish it with some exaggeration to make it more appealing to the opposite sex—or totally make up a story altogether. The important thing to do is to bring on the drama and the pity, and she looks at you like this little cute puppy she just had to save.

#17 Be secretive. Women may be naturally curious or nosy, but one thing is for sure—they can’t stand mysteries. So if there’s one woman you’ve just met, don’t give out all information about yourself that easily.

If she asks you about your job and if you’re a carpenter, for example, just tell her how you fix “stuff” here and there, and leave it at that. The mystery keeps her thinking, and so she will be thinking a lot more about you too.

#18 Use that secret weapon. That “L” word. There’s nothing like the words “I love you” that can make a woman’s knees weak. If you’ve been dating for a while, or if you’re just crushing on her, admit to her that you’re in love and do this in the most romantic way possible. With the right timing and execution, you’ll definitely lure her to you.

#19 Touch her. There’s one way to manipulate her without saying anything. Just touch her. If she’s your friend or just someone you barely know, brush your arm on her arm, as if accidentally, and you’ll definitely get her attention.
Or, if you’re going out already, just brush your fingers on the small of her back or behind her elbow. This sends signals through her body, and she’ll be tingling with excitement, if not sexual tension—just what you like. [Read: How to touch a girl on a date and make her desire you]

#20 Be confident. It helps to think you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket, which means it’s okay if she brushes you off as there will be other women who you can woo. Thinking that there’s really more fish in the sea allows you to take more risks and be more confident, which definitely attracts women.

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Sometimes, all guys need to get the girl of their dreams is to have the girl to be nudged their way. So these tricks are not really deception or lying. These are just simple things that you can apply in order to be more noticed by the opposite sex, or to make women want to be noticed by you.

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