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How to Unhook a Bra: The Guy’s Guide to Avoid Fumbling Fingers

Master the art of learning how to take off a bra and impress the lady in your life in an instant. Follow this guide for no more fumbling fingers!

How to Unhook a Bra

There’s a joke that goes, “If you want to trap a guy in a room, lock it with a bra instead of a padlock.” That tells a lot about the love-hate relationship men have with bras. Yet, it’s important for a guy to understand how to unhook a bra if they want to get down and dirty a little quicker, and with less fumbling involved!

While bras do a good job cradling those precious puppies like bubble wrap on your console, they make life difficult in those situations when clothes aren’t needed. I know what you’re thinking – “why not let her do it?”. I say, “don’t be lazy!” If you want to impress the woman in your life, cut out the fumbling and awkward moments and learn how to unhook a bra like a pro! [Read: How to tell if your girl’s boobs aren’t real]

Why do guys find bras so difficult?

I want you to know that you’re not alone. I don’t want to break your confidence here, because you’ll struggle to find a guy who hasn’t had a difficult moment with a bra at some point in his life.

Firstly, girls become pros at bras because they wear one every day. Guys do not, which explains why they struggle with this new concept. Also, not all bras are the same. Yes, you think you’ve mastered the art of how to unhook a bra and then life throws another complicated design at you! It’s a cruel twist of sexy fate and one that could leave you struggling to free the one thing you’re desperately trying to get closer to. [Read: How to pick the perfect lingerie]

So, before we get into the specifics of bra unhooking, I really want you to know that this isn’t a reflection on your bedroom skills. Hell, even I struggle with my own bra sometimes!

How to take off a bra like a pro

I’ve just mentioned that women have a natural advantage. Asking an average guy is equal to asking a toddler to defuse a bomb with a toothpick. It can also lead to an interruption in the moment that kicks the sexiness right out of it. Learning how to take off a bra quickly and smoothly will ensure that none of this happens.

Remember, all bras are different but if you want to master the basics, let’s look at a few points you need to know about. [Read: Men’s guide to buying lingerie – Picking the perfect one]

1. Know how the clasp works

The clasp is your mortal enemy. This is the part of the entire garment that makes life so difficult for you. However, you can overcome it and conquer it once and for all!

Also known as the thing that keeps the bra closed, the clasp is where you need to focus your attention. The simplest of design calls for a simple pair of wire hooks and eyelet loops to keep the back strap in place. Other bras have as many as five pairs of hooks and loops to allow the wearer to adjust the tightness of the bra. Sounds complicated? Don’t panic.

To undo the clasp, all you need to do is release the tension that holds the hooks and eyelets together. The eyelets slip into the plastic hooks, so by squeezing the fabric on either side of the clasp *gently, you don’t want to suffocate her*, you’ll release the tension and you just unclasp with ease. Practice makes perfect, but don’t panic, we’ll delve into the ‘how to’ more in a second. [Read: 8 different types of nipples you’ll encounter 

2. Know where the clasps are located

If you think it doesn’t get more complicated with the number of clasps on her bra strap, you should know there are bras with clasps in the front and the back. Back clasp bras are the most common and employ the hook and eyelet loop as a lock.

With front clasp bras, on the other hand, the clasp is located between the cups and employ a tougher type of lock that snaps both cups in place. [Read: 11 fun and fascinating facts about boobs]

When removing a front clasp bra, the whole thing becomes a little awkward but the trick is to make it part of your sexy game. I mentioned that to undo a clasp, you need to squeeze the fabric together to release the tension. Well, when you do that on a front clasp bra, it’s going to literally squeeze her boobs together. You can either ignore it and pretend it’s not happening, or you can compliment her on the wonder you’ve just seen. Why not?

3. Removing back clasp bras

Okay, let’s get into specifics. You know that you need to release the tension, but to avoid blunders, it’s best to use both hands, especially with a back clasp. To accomplish this, use one hand to pinch the top portion of the strap where the hooks are attached and use the other hand to keep the bottom part in place.

Remember bra straps are typically elastic so you need to pull the top strap *the one that rests on top of the caps* towards the other one until you feel the hook snap free from the eyelet loop. Once you lax the straps, her boobs will be free. Borrow a bra from someone and practice. You can easily hook it around the back of a chair for tension and then do some practice on your own! [Read: The lingerie guide for men: Types of lingerie]

4. A little more complicated – The one handed method

Girls are experts in this style, but it’s going to be more challenging for you. They say “don’t run before you can walk” and I defintely agree here. Stick to the two handed method until you feel confident and then give the one handed ‘show off’ method a try.

To do this, pinch the area where the hook and eyelet loop meet with your thumb and another finger or two. Using the same principle that keeps them in place, release the tension by pinching the fabric upward and away from her body to let the hook be free from the eyelet loop. Let go of the pinch. Her bra is undone.

Again, use a chair and a spare bra to practice if you really want to master this rather impressive bra undoing move! [Read: Why do guys like feeling breasts? The reasons why guys love boobs]

5. Removing front clasp bras

The good news is that front fastening bra options aren’t that common these days. However, if your girl wears an extreme push up bra, you may find that it fastens at the front, simply because it gives that extra volume. Learning how to take off a bra that fastens in this way is tricker, but totally doable. However, you’ll need both hands here.

To undo a front clasp bra, use both hands to pinch the small amount of fabric at the lower edge of the cups where those two meet. If you feel wire there, don’t panic, it’s just part of the bra support system! Then, pull the right part of the clasp towards you and keep the left part pinned towards her chest. This gives some resistance compared to hook-and-eyelet clasps but with a little force, it will open like a snap button. [Read: How to make booby sex feel like a blast for your girl]

The key with the front fastening bra is to be prepared to use a little humour if necessary. Even if it doesn’t work, you’re basically squishing her boobs together and you can make that part of the game until you manage to undo the pesky mechanism that’s standing between you and plentiful fun!

6. How to take off a bra with your teeth

Believe it or not, some people do still attempt to try and take off a bra with their teeth. Now, this is definitely not for the inexperienced so you’re going to need to practice this plentiful times before you go for it in real life! However, if you want to add a sexy note to removing her bra or you just want to a little cheeky, use your teeth to impress her. [Read: Nipple play: How to pleasure a girl by focusing on her breasts]

Remember, it’s not an easy task but with a little practice and some eagerness, you may just master this most ancient of arts! Just as you unclasp a bra with one hand, use your teeth to bite the strap with the hooks attached. Then, tug it towards the direction opposite the eyelets, and with a little force, her bra’s off. No hands allowed however, this is all about a good bite on the hook side, and a strong pull in the right direction to undo the bra. The problem? Sometimes you may overestimate the tug and end up pulling her sideways. Not sexy, not sexy at all.

Educate yourself on the other types of bra

Your world is just about to get a little more difficult. Just like any other female commodity, there are many types of bras with varying designs and different removal difficulty levels.

If you want to know how to unhook a bra, it is important to recognize each type so that when she takes her top off, you know where to fiddle with the locks. [Read: The common fears we all experience when naked with our lover the first time]

The easiest ones – Stick on bras

As the name implies, a girl just sticks it on and it doesn’t require a strap to stay in place. These types of bras are worn when a girl wants to wear backless or sheer back tops. These babies work by means of adhesives that stick on the wearer’s skin. Just peel it off like a foil wrapper, but do it carefully to avoid giving her an instant waxing. Slowly is the way to go.

Very easy – Bandeau bras

Upon first glance, bandeau bras look like a confusing cross between a strapless bra and a tube top. But, there is a secret here – true bandeau bras don’t have a clasp lock. That means that you just need to pull it up or down to reveal her precious puppies. [Read: 11 fun and fascinating facts about breasts]

Relatively easy – Strapless bras

Strapless bras are regular bras sans the shoulder straps. It still has the clasp on the back/front but without the shoulder straps. Her boobs are just one pull away from freedom.

The good news here is that you don’t have to mess with the clasp if you don’t want to. Just as a bandeau bra can be pulled up or down, you can be lazy and do the same with a strapless bra if you want to save on time and effort.

Difficult, almost forget about it – Sports bras

Sports bras, on the other hand, are designed to keep the breasts from flailing around when the wearer is doing strenuous physical activities. That in itself should tell you that these are among the most difficult bras to remove but don’t worry, it’s not impossible! Sports bras are meant to fit tightly, a hugging fit if you will. That’s why it is a challenge to undo compared to your average, daily-wear bra. [Read: Staring at a girl’s cleavage like a gentleman]

How to do it? There are two things you can do here and neither is particularly sexy. This is the one time you can forgo the whole ‘trying to be sexy’ business. Either ask her to do it or try and be as gentle as possible as you wiggle it over her head. There’s really nothing sexy about a sports bra; wearing it or removing it!

Very difficult – Cage bras

The bra gods were not looking after you when they designed the cage bra. They’re supposed to be sexy, but they’re almost impossible to take off without a struggle.

As the name implies, these sinister babies are designed to keep her boobs confined or give the idea they are confined. From the outside, it does look kinky with all the straps that dangle from it, but more straps mean more clasps and loops for you to undo.

Unfastening cage bras is said to be like escaping from Houdini’s straight jacket. Personally, I say don’t attempt it and just ask her to do a sexy strip for you – much easier!

[Read: 15 atypical secrets to impressing a girl]

Undoing a bra may be a simple, mundane task. But for men, it could turn out to be a drama in special situations. For that reason, knowing how to unhook a bra in a span of seconds is an important skill for guys to have.

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