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How to Turn a Girl On & Leave Her Wet and Tingly When You’re Around

If you’re keen to know how to turn a girl on, the good news is that it’s easier than you think! Simply use these tips and you’ll get her hot in no time! 

how to turn a girl on

As a guy, you’re probably accustomed to linking arousal with physical attraction and sexual variation. For a girl, that definitely works too, but to arouse her? There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. Learn how to turn a girl on and you’ll never look back!

You see, a girl’s arousal starts from within.

As long as you know just how to excite her mind, you’ll definitely be able to get her tingly and wet in no time. But, what you need to remember is that every girl is different. What works for one girl might not have the slightest effect on another.

But by having a few tricks up your sleeve, you’re sure to be able to work your magic. [Read: 25 things about a guy that turns a girl on sexually or otherwise]

Why is it important to learn how to turn a girl on?

You might think that’s a ridiculous question, but you’d be amazed how many guys just don’t understand. If you want a girl to enjoy the time she spends with you sexually, you have to get her warmed up first.

Far too many guys skip over this part and assume that she’s ready to go straight away. Girls aren’t like guys – they need time to feel those tingly feelings. Without it, the whole experience is not going to be much fun for her. That’s not what you want, right?

So, by learning how to turn a girl on, you’re showing that you want the special lady in your life to enjoy herself. That’s a great start. It means that you’re keen to learn.

Know that just because you’re up and hard in no time doesn’t mean the girl you’re with has to be ready for you too. [Read: How to foreplay – The key for the best sex of your life]

Don’t be selfish. Spend a few more minutes on foreplay – you know that women need more time than you to get turned on. But when they do get turned on, they stay turned on for much longer and enjoy a much better orgasm.

Another benefit of foreplay is that the longer you spend on foreplay, the lesser your chances of premature ejaculation or going limp halfway through the act. 

So when there are so many good things you can achieve out of spending a few more minutes on extended foreplay, why would you want to go straight for the destination and miss all the fun of better orgasms? [Read: 20 easy moves to last way longer while having sex without any difficulty]

How to turn a girl on and arouse her mind and body

By using these tips on turning a girl on, you can add variety into your foreplay and make sex all the more exciting and fun.

Just remember to mix them up and use your own variations. And every time you start to get bored of sex, bring something new into the game. [Read: 18 sex tips for men that’ll make any girl crave for you all the time]

1. Kiss her neck

A girl’s neck *especially at the back and the sides* and her ears are extremely sensitive. If you want to turn a girl on, spend a while nibbling her ear lobes or softly biting her neck – but remember to be gentle!

If she ever feels ticklish, calm the foreplay down by kissing lower on her neck and shoulders or by avoiding breathing heavily around her neck.

2. Move closer to her

If you’re just sitting in a public place with the girl you like and want to turn her on, just sit really close to her for a few minutes, and use these easy steps on how to get a girl horny and wet just by sitting next to her.

The closer you are, the more she will be able to feel your body heat. Then, when you’re somewhere private and you’re both ready to take things further, you can move on with the tips below.

3. Foot massages

If your girl likes a good massage, then this can be orgasmic bliss for her. The next time you have some time, pour a good measure of moisturizer on your hands and lather up her feet when she’s lying in bed.

Play with her toes as you massage her, and occasionally kiss her feet and tongue her toes – if she likes it. Not everyone does, but for those that do enjoy their feet being touched, it can often have orgasmic results!

Want to take it up a notch? Slather a lot of moisturizer on her bum and run your hands all over instead! [Read: How to give a good sensual massage and work your magic]

4. Whisper in her ear

It doesn’t matter if you’re speaking to your woman over the phone, texting, or if both of you are lying in bed together.

Start speaking softly and whisper in her ear while cozying up with her. Compliment her or just tell her about all the things you want to do to her before you actually do anything.

Just visualizing your naughty moves before you do it will turn her on. [Read: 20 beginner dirty talk examples to get your girl hot and horny]

5. Build up the sexual tenson with some flirty, sexy texts

Can you imagine making a girl wet even when you’re not around her? Feels rather powerful and sexual, doesn’t it?

Sexy text messages are one of the best turn-ons for a girl. As long as you get naughty and text the right lines and questions, she’ll be wet and horny in no time. Use these 20 step-by-step dirty questions to text a girl and make her wet and you’ll be shocked how well it works!

6. Use soft touches

Touch a girl and let your hand linger on her body, either *accidentally* or intentionally. Even if you’re on a first date, if you learn to place your hands in all the right non-sexual places, like on her arms or her lower back, you’ll be able to turn any girl on and make her want more before you’re done with the meal.

However, make sure you read the room here – if she pulls away or seems tense, she doesn’t want to be touched and you need to back off. [Read: How to touch a girl on a date and make her desire you]

7. Rub lotion all over her body

When your girlfriend comes out of her bath in the evening, have her stand next to the bed and rub a lotion that’s smooth and slippery, but not too sticky, all over her body.

Start with her arms and move downwards while kissing her in all the strategic places that come along the way. If you take your time massaging her, she’ll be wet before your hands reach her waist.

8. Grind into her

Grinding at home may not be a huge turn-on. In fact, it might even be funny and cute, but definitely not sexy.

But when you do that in a club, it’s definitely an arousing move. If you’re at a party, grind her from behind and make sure she feels what you have in your pants. Just the thought of feeling your package in public will drive her crazy. [Read: How to grind sexily and discreetly and go wild in public]

9. Play truth or dare

If you want to try something different to turn each other on, play a sexy game instead of focusing just on each other’s bodies.

Sexual truth or dare is a lot of fun when you play with another couple, but if you don’t have another couple around, both of you can still ask each other dirty questions and dare each other.

If you choose the right questions and dares, your girl will definitely be super turned on! [Read: 30 dirty truth or dare questions for a sexy night]

10. Public displays of affection

Girls love the rush of sexual arousal intermingled with the worry of being caught. It’s sexy and a sure turn-on. If you slip your hands into her pants or down her shirt at a traffic signal or discreetly get touchy-feely in a crowded place, she’ll feel more aroused than normal.

Just make sure you don’t overdo it, it’s discreet and hidden, and most importantly, you’re not making your girl or anyone else around feel awkward about the whole thing. [Read: Public display of affection rules you need to follow]

11. Talk to her about her fantasies

If you know your girl well, you’ll know the fantasies that she enjoys. Before you start having sex with her, turn the lights down, run your hands all over her body and talk about a sexual fantasy of hers.

If you’re not sure about the kind of fantasies she likes, just start talking about a thought that arouses you and involves her.

As long as you get into all the dirty intricate details, her mind will definitely turn her body on. [Read: Top 10 female sexual fantasies she’ll definitely enjoy talking about]

12. Change up the routine

Keep trying something new in bed all the time.

Foreplay and sex can definitely get boring and dry if you stick with the same routine all the time. Dominate her at times, let her dominate you at other times, or learn to role play in bed.

Do something different now and then, because change always brings excitement into your bedtime affairs.

13. Go down on her

Many guys like the idea of going down on the girl, but don’t really indulge in it often. If you really want to turn a girl on, get her to drop her pants for you.

Take your time before you go straight to the main destination and spend a while touching her body with your hands and kissing her inner thighs softly. And when you’ve lingered enough, go down on her. She’ll definitely appreciate it. [Read: How to eat a girl out – 16 secrets that’ll make her scream and squirt!]

14. Make out in different places

Bring variation into your sex lives by making out in different places or in different situations. Making out in a new place always feels exciting and fun.

And it’ll help both of you create sexual memories that’ll make for great conversations the next time both of you want to talk dirty in bed. [Read: Best places to have sex – 41 wild and naughty ideas beyond the bed]

15. Arouse her when she’s least expecting it

Turn your girl on now and then when she’s least expecting it. One of the best ways to test the waters here is by seducing her when she’s asleep.

If you’re getting into bed and your girl is already asleep, play with her or start making out with her. She may be really sleepy, but the sudden arousal will turn her on a lot more than at other times. And the sex will definitely be awesome too! [Read: Middle of the night sex – How to give it a try and arouse her]

Another option? Just ask her what she wants

All too often, we forget that communication is so important in relationships. When it comes to sex, the same rules apply.

Just ask her what she wants you to do. Tell her that you want to get her hot, but you want her to tell you what she wants.

The power she will feel, knowing that you’re ready to do whatever it takes to turn her on, will be pretty amazing. That goes a long way to turn her on before you’ve even touched her! [Read: How to have great sex with your lover]

But, aside from that, she can tell you what she wants at that moment. Don’t assume that she wants the same thing all the time. Moods come and go.

Maybe she wants to be a little rough one time, but she wants to go slow and gentle the next. Ask her and you’ll find out exactly how to turn her on in the way she needs, right at that moment.

[Read: Find out how your size down there affects the kind of sex you have]

Do you want to make sex more sexy and exciting? Just use these ways on how to turn a girl on and you’ll definitely be able to arouse her and give her some of the best orgasms she’s ever had!

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