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26 Cool Ways to Text a Girl Who Stopped Responding & Win Her Interest

Don’t freak out because the girl you like suddenly stopped texting you. Here are all the ways to text a girl who stopped responding.

how to text a girl who stopped responding

If you’re reading this, you probably want to know how to text a girl who stopped responding. Everything was going fine until she went quiet all of a sudden. Now you don’t know what to do!

You can take the easy way out by going silent and never talking to her again. But you may still like her, and the second-guessing is driving you insane. But what if you text her and she thinks you’re being annoying and harassing her?

It’s normal to overthink in a situation like this. So hopefully, this feature will calm your nerves and tell you exactly what to do.

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Why she stopped responding to you in the first place

There are many reasons why a girl stops responding. Here are the most common ones:

1. She’s bored

This is probably the most popular reason. A lot of people ghost when they’re bored with the conversation.

This may surprise you because she wasn’t showing any signs that she was bored. Well, it’s probably because you cannot always tell how someone truly feels over text. Maybe she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings so she doesn’t want to be too obvious.

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2. She’s talking to someone else

If she’s such a catch, there must be many guys also pursuing her. Maybe she’s found someone she likes more than you, so she ignores your text to talk to that other person.

3. She’s busy

Not every girl is a slave to their phone. So maybe texting isn’t her priority. She has other things going on in her life, too. It’s normal that she forgets to reply to you.

4. She’s playing a mind game

Some girls would stop texting to test the guy they like. She wants to see how much you like her and if you miss her enough to text first.

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5. She’s tired of texting first

Don’t be surprised if she was the one who texted more and then stopped responding one day. She’s probably tired of always opening the conversation and asking you how your day was.

6. You annoyed her

Maybe it’s something you said, the way you texted, or something you did when you two met in person. She might not say something when it happened, but it was the reason she decided to stop responding.[Read: 7 unnervingly annoying ways guys come on too strong]

7. You’re too clingy

Maybe you were texting her too much. It’s cute to wake up to a good morning text. But it’s creepy to wake up to 30 notifications from one person overnight. Nobody likes to hear their phone chime every second.

So if she’s not really a texter, it’s very likely that a clingy guy will piss her off. [Read: 37 ways to stop being clingy & holding on so tight you push them away]

8. She’s using you for attention

Some girls enjoy taking advantage of guys who like them. She may know how much you like her but she’s not that interested, so she keeps you around to vent once in a while.

When she wants attention, she’ll come to you. When she’s done with you, she stops responding.

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9. Something happened to her

Maybe it’s not even about you. She could have lost her phone or she’s going through something personal. If this is the case, she’ll probably let you know when it’s over.

10. She’s scared

Do you suspect she has commitment issues? Did she stop responding right after you two had sex? Maybe she discovered that she had feelings for you, so she disappeared before it got serious.

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How to text a girl who stopped responding to you

So you might have figured out the reason why she stopped responding, or not. But you can’t know for sure if you never talk to her again. So let’s find out.

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1. Check in with yourself

Before you even think of texting her again, do a quick self-check. Did you say something previously that may have offended her? Were you too pushy? These things will drive any woman far away from you.

So, before you start pointing the finger at her, it’s time to look at yourself. If you’re noticing girls stop responding to you after a couple of days, then clearly, your approach isn’t working. [Read: How to get to know a girl and win her heart]

2. Don’t rush to text her

You may want to send her a text right now, but let the girl breathe. Don’t act on your impulse and send something that you’ll regret later on.

Maybe you’re just overthinking and assuming the worst. She could have been busy with work or school, was hanging out with friends when you texted, or had other obligations.

It’s easy to forget a text message when you have things going on in your life. So, give her a full day to reply before you send her another text message. [Read: 50 flirty text messages that are sure to make her smile]

3. Don’t mention her not replying to your texts

She’s not obligated to reply to any of your text messages. Hounding her for an answer will only push her further away from you. If she brings it up and apologizes, great. If not, let it go.

Do not pressure her into giving you an explanation. It’ll just make the conversation awkward and ruin every chance you’ll have left with her.

4. Don’t automatically ask her out again

If a girl doesn’t respond to your texts, it’s clear she’s not head over heels for you. So, asking her out right away isn’t a good idea. You have to work out how to get an engaging conversation happening between you two.

Once you are comfortable with each other, then ask her out.

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5. No passive-aggressive messages

If you’ve been texting her over and over again and haven’t received much of a response, then stop. Take some time to let things cool down.

But, the moment you text her again, do not be passive-aggressive. What are you, twelve? If you’re tired of the small talk, then just ask her if she’s interested in you or not. Then, you’ll get an answer. 

6. Switch up the way you text

If you text her “hey, what’s up?” over and over again, well, it’s time to change your way of communication. This isn’t an engaging way to start a conversation. You can learn to be a more interesting texter.

Send her a meme or a funny gif. Mention that you saw someone that looked like her at the mall. Literally say anything else other than “hey, what’s up?” [Read: 25 fun and cute ways to say ‘hi’ in a text message without saying hi]

7. Put something valuable in your text

Let’s be honest with ourselves, we are all selfish. We date people who make us feel good. We eat foods that make us happy.

So, when you text her, offer her something she considers valuable For example, if she’s a musician, ask her if she wants to go to a show. If she’s a Marvel fan, there’s always a Marvel movie in the theater. She’ll probably want to go because it’s something that interests her.

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8. Call her

Okay, maybe not right now. But once you get a conversation going, why not call her? It’s always easier to have a conversation over the phone or in person. With texting, you can’t hear the different emotions of a person’s voice, so a lot that’s being said can get lost in translation.

Plus, it shows a mature side of you. Because let’s face it, not many men call ladies on the phone.

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9. Match her energy

Notice her texting pattern and try to match her energy. If she takes a long time to respond, do that. If she doesn’t send long paragraphs, keep it short and simple.

This is a great way to see if she’s only playing a game or if it’s just who she is. The girl who’s playing a mind game with you will start texting more if you give them less attention. And if it’s just who she is, you’re not overwhelming her by bombarding her phone.

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10. Be more thoughtful

If you noticed that most of your previous conversations were about you and you rarely asked about her, it’s time to change. Learn to be more caring. Start asking about her hobbies, what she did today, how her day was.

It’s great that you’re confident enough to talk about yourself, but if you don’t make an effort to learn about her, why are you even talking to her?

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11. Be less clingy

Are you clingy? Maybe you were coming off too strong and it scared her a little bit.

It’s not the end, though. You can still fix this. Just give her the space and time she needs. You two don’t have to talk all day every day. Just don’t leave her on read for too long.

Show her that you respect her wanting her space and that your happiness doesn’t entirely rely on her.

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12. Be patient

If you have her on social media and you see she’s really busy at work or school, then don’t message or call her. This isn’t the time. She’s already focused on other tasks and you’re just a distraction.

So, try to find a good time to message her. If you don’t have her on social media, then message her after 5 PM or on weekends. [Read: How to text your crush & 44 things to say to get them really interested]

13. Apologize

If you think you said something wrong in your last text or you did something wrong when you last saw her, apologize that you messed up. She’ll see that you’re genuine and forgive you. But if it wasn’t the reason she stopped responding, you can now feel relieved.

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14. Is this a girl you really like?

You need to ask yourself if you actually like this girl or just like the fact you aren’t getting what you want. Because all this sounds like you’re chasing a girl who isn’t interested in you.

Playing games can be fun, but you’re not winning this one. So, think about your self-worth and decide if this is a girl you want to waste your time on.

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15. Take the hint

If you text her and she still doesn’t respond, that’s her answer for you. Leave her alone. There are plenty of other people who will want to talk to you, so you need to have enough self-respect to walk away.

If she misses you, she’ll come back. Don’t be a simp and think that if you stick around long enough, she’ll change her mind. It won’t work that way.

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16. Don’t be petty

Don’t try to get revenge on her or act all bitter. You may want to tell all your friends and her friends *if you know them* that she’s a terrible person. You may even want to post about it on your Instagram story.

Don’t do that. It’ll only make you look bad.

You two aren’t dating, and even if it’s not a nice thing to do, she’s allowed to stop talking to you without giving you an explanation.

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The talking stage isn’t as easy as it seems. Remember these tips the next time a girl stops responding to your text. Don’t be discouraged if she still doesn’t come back. If you’re genuine, you can always find a better connection with someone else.

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