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How to Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating: 20 No-Fail Tips

There are times when your girlfriend plays tricks for attention and others when she screws you over. This is how to tell if your girlfriend is cheating.

how to tell if your girlfriend is cheating

Women can be very cunning creatures. There are times when we feel men pull away and want to scare them just a little. We create doubt in their minds about our loyalty. But there is the possibility that your woman may actually be cheating on you. Wondering how to tell the difference? Well, this is how to tell if your girlfriend is cheating on you.
The last thing we want you to do is get too comfortable with us and start taking us for granted. If your girlfriend starts to pull away, behave differently, or keep secrets, it may be the case she is either cheating on you or just trying to get your attention.
She may be looking for attention
Below are the instructions to tell if she is trying to make you jealous or jump ship.
#1 Is secretive about her text messages and phone calls. If you aren’t giving your girlfriend enough attention, she wants to make herself more desirable by making you think you aren’t the only one out there who is interested. Pretending to have something going on, she wants you to suspect someone is blowing up her phone. [Read: 29 things women do that will make you think she is crazy]
#2 Talks about a specific guy at work all the time. Let’s be real, if she were really cheating with “Chad” from work, would she keep telling you about him? The fact that she keeps putting a name to it means the likelihood that he’s a threat is pretty slim, if he even exists at all.
#3 Omits who she is going out with at night. When she tells you that she is going to go out, but doesn’t offer up the information readily, that is a sign she wants you to wonder why she didn’t tell you who she was going out with. She wants to let doubt creep in.
#4 Plants a guy’s phone number on a piece of paper. A desperate move, sure, but think about it, if she was really cheating wouldn’t she just put it in her phone right then and there?
#5 Blows off your plans. She is tired of you treating her like she is insignificant. Your girlfriend wants you to know she has other options. You can’t just assume she is going to be there when you want her to be. [Read: 10 reasons why your girlfriend flirts with other guys]
#6 Is unavailable all of a sudden. When someone feels like they are being used, they don’t want to make themselves available. If she is suddenly not around to take your call, it is probably not that there is someone else, it is because you pissed her off.
#7 Puts more effort into her looks, like not wearing sweat pants as a uniform.” She is trying to turn you on, idiot. If she were looking for another guy, you wouldn’t even know that she was wearing something different, because she would be hanging with him.
#8 Starts “working” late. Working late is code for going out drinking with my friends. Working late is the one excuse that is different from girls to guys. If your girlfriend says she is working late, she knows you won’t sit up waiting with dinner, but she also knows you will miss having her at your beck and call.
#9 Is extremely elusive, but doesn’t get angry that you check up on her. If she were really cheating on you, she would get upset when you try to catch her. If she doesn’t seem anything but mildly irritated, she is playing you. She wants you to question her whereabouts. [Read: 12 things men do that make women insecure insecure in relationships]
#10 Doesn’t look at you the same way she used to.  If she isn’t looking at you with stars in her eyes, what you are seeing isn’t cheating, likely it is hurt. Your girlfriend may be hurt you can’t ever seem to care about her.
Women need attention. If she can’t get it from you, she will get it. Her first try, however, is going to try to get you to look at her the way that you used to. If you suspect that she is cheating, you should start to think about the way that you have been treating her. If you have been taking her for granted, she is looking for adoration and hopefully just from you this time. [Read: Rekindle your relationship: 17 ways to sparkle in love]
Signs she really may be cheating
These are signs she may be cheating. I know men find women confusing, but the thing is, once you have us figured out, we are an open book.
#1 She doesn’t come home at night. If she doesn’t come home, it is not a good sign. A girl trying to tease or make a guy question his place with her, knows there is a point that pushes it too far. Not coming home is pushing it too far and she isn’t coming back because there is someone she is staying with. [Read: Is she cheating? 20 sneaky signs your girl is looking out]
#2 She leaves in the middle of the night. If she waits until you are asleep and sneaks out, obviously, she isn’t trying to get your attention, you are sleeping. She is probably cheating on you.
#3 She shows up with expensive jewelry or gifts that are unexplained. You know she couldn’t afford it herself, and she didn’t borrow it just to get your attention. If a gift shows up on her person, then the likelihood is she really does have someone else.
#4 Is suddenly hitting the gym and cleaning herself up. Wearing different clothes is one thing, losing weight, working out and putting her all into it, means she is ready to move on. Even if she doesn’t have someone right now, I bet she is in the process of trying to find them.
#5 She smells like a guy *and not sweat-wise*. If she smells like cologne, it wasn’t floating around in the air. As much as you don’t want to think about it, if she smells like a guy, she rubbed up against him. [Read: 10 questions to ask before dumping a cheating partner]
#6 She is nervous all the time. It is not in a girl’s nature to feel good about cheating nor as socially acceptable. She knows if her friends and family find out what she is doing she is going to catch hell. That leaves her a nervous wreck lying to everyone she knows.
#7 She accuses you of cheating. It is a psychological theory called projection. It means when you are doing something wrong, you project it onto someone else to diffuse responsibility. Long story short, if she accuses you of cheating without cause, you may want to watch what she’s been up to.
#8 Her friends have begun to avoid you. When a girl cheats on her boyfriend, her friends know it’s wrong and don’t want to be questioned or accessories to her crimes. If you have noticed her friends avoiding you, there is a reason. They feel bad for you because she is probably cheating.
#9 She stops hanging out with her friends. In the same respect, if she is cheating on you and her friends like you, then they are probably pissed she is making poor choices and don’t want to be a party to it. If you notice her friends aren’t hanging around lately, then she just may be disappointing them by cheating on you. [Read: Should I break up with my girlfriend? 10 reasons to end it]
#10 She puts secret passcodes on her technology devices. If she hasn’t ever had passcodes on her stuff before, and suddenly it is like all her technology is on lock down, she doesn’t want you to see what she has been up to.
Making sure you can’t see her indiscretions, putting lock and key on her contacts is more than just pretending to hide her text messages and phone calls.
If she is showing subtle signs that she is into someone else, or someone is into her, she is likely just trying to make you jealous. But, if it has gotten to the point of obvious, you may have missed your chance, and she is getting the attention she craves from someone else.
[Read: BEWARE: Obvious warning signs of a cheating girlfriend]
Either way, if you think she is cheating, then she is definitely trying to get you to notice her, so if you want to keep her, work to win her back.

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