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19 Signs to Tell If Your Girlfriend Has Had Bigger & More Things that Count

You might be paranoid about the size of your package. So naturally, you want to learn how to tell if your girlfriend has had bigger. Here’s how.

how to tell if your girlfriend has had a bigger dick

Are you wondering how to tell if your girlfriend has had bigger? Firstly, ask yourself why it matters!

For as long as men have been roaming the planet, penis size has been a sensitive and confusing issue.

As there’s still no definite conclusion on the question of whether penis size matters and given that it’s always left to the “personal preference” of their partner, some men just can’t stop themselves from becoming preoccupied with it.

Let’s be honest, if she has had bigger in her past, it obviously wasn’t that great because she didn’t stay with them. She’s with you now and as long as she seems satisfied and happy with your relationship, both inside and outside of the bedroom, that’s really all you should be concerning yourself with.

However, we know that guys have a tendency to worry about these things, so if you’re feeling a little sadistic, be prepared to find out the truth about your girlfriend’s sexual past. [Read: Why are men so obsessed with their penis size?]

Why are you asking yourself this question?

We’ll get to the signs your girlfriend has had bigger below. But first, we really need to dwell on this for a minute. 

As a man, your worth, both generally and sexually, doesn’t hinge on the size of your member. For some women, a big penis isn’t all that. It can hurt during sex and it’s more about knowing how to use what you have, rather than the actual size of it. [Read: 15 big dick problems guys with a smaller penis have no ideas about!]

If you ask a sample of women whether size matters, you’ll get a huge range of answers.

But, women worry about the same sorts of things when it comes to their bodies too! They worry about breast size and whether their partner thinks their breasts are too big, too small, too saggy, etc. 

You probably don’t even notice, right? You’re more concerned about the fact you’re getting to see them in the first place. That’s exactly what a woman thinks when she sees your penis – she doesn’t mentally get a tape measure out and start comparing you to her ex, no matter what you might think. [Read: Does size matter to a woman or is there more to it?]

So, before we get onto the crux of learning how to tell if your girlfriend has had bigger, ask yourself why you’re really all that bothered to begin with.

Is knowing the answer to this question going to make you feel any better? Do you think that she’s actually going to tell you the truth if you ask her? 

Nothing good comes from delving too much into your partner’s previous sex life, but if you’re truly curious and it matters to you, we will take a look at a few ways you can learn how to tell if your girlfriend has had bigger, or if she thinks your penis is small. 

Is a bigger penis really better?

Most guys think that having a big penis is more attractive to all girls. But what about a small one? Is there any agreement about what size women tend to prefer?

Is it true that guys with the big dicks get all the girls? Of course not. So, what really matters to a woman? [Read: Curved penis – How, why, and tips and sex positions to flaunt a bent boner]

Well, it’s important to first define what “size” and “big” really means. Is it length? Girth? Although dimensions do matter to some degree, there is no clear ideal for a penis ratio. However, girth might be more important than length – even more than most guys realize.

Regardless of whatever your penis looks like, remember that women are usually more forgiving than you are. You are probably way too judgmental of your own, which is leading to insecurity.

Some studies have found that it’s not just the size of the penis that matters to women. Other things such as manicured pubic hair and cleanliness may be very important factors too! [Read: The perfect cock and how your penis measures up according to a woman]

So while you’re wondering how to tell if your girlfriend has had bigger, you should also remember these as well.

Another thing that studies have found is that most women are more interested in how proportionate the penis is.

In other words, how does it compare to the rest of your body? For example, if you are 6’5” and have a small penis, that might not be as desirable. On the other hand, if you’re 5’6” and have a very large penis, that might be equally as much of a problem. Not that any guy can help that.

Here are some more specifics that make a penis attractive to a woman.

1. Ratio of girth to length

If the girth is about 2/3 of the size of the length, that seems to be ideal. [Read: The average penis and all the average answers you need to become a cock know-it-all]

2. Circumcised

Although circumcision differs from culture to culture, most women in the western world do prefer a circumcised penis. [Read: Circumcised vs. uncircumcised penis – Who makes the sexy cut?]

3. Groomed pubic hair

Just as a lot of men don’t like a huge bush on their women, they don’t like it on their men either. It just looks unkempt and unclean. 

Other factors that matter

Want to know a few more things that matter to your girlfriend than a bigger penis? Here’s what counts, even if she thinks you have a small penis in the first place!

1. The quality of the relationship matters

For hookups, the preference is for a big penis. However, for long-term committed relationships, women are more forgiving when it comes to size.

2. Trust is the most important factor

As you know, women are emotional creatures. So while you are worrying about the size of your package, she’s more concerned about your love and trust and less concerned about what’s between your legs. [Read: How to build trust in a relationship and learn to be loyal and loving]

3. Some women don’t like large penises

Believe it or not, some women don’t like a big dick. So, bigger isn’t always better. If it’s too big, it stops feeling good and becomes uncomfortable for the woman.

4. She probably isn’t talking about your penis

A lot of guys are paranoid about the size of their dick, so they probably imagine that the girl is going around to all her friends and laughing at you. But more likely than not, this is not happening.

5. How you use it matters more than the size

A guy can have a small dick, but if he knows how to use it right, he can still give women good orgasms.

On the other hand, if a guy has a big one but doesn’t know how to use it, it can be quite unsatisfying for the women.

So, bottom line – learn how to use your dick well. [Read: Penis facts! 18 shocking and weird dick facts you have no idea about]

6. Women look at your overall “package” more than your package

In other words, every person is a package deal of their personality, looks, intelligence, and so forth. So, women are more concerned about who you are as a person in general, and the size of your dick is only one small part of that *no pun intended*.

How to tell if your girlfriend has had a bigger dick

Call it fragile masculinity or insecurity, but men place importance on whether their tool “measures up” to the task of pleasing their partner.

Sometimes, a direct question doesn’t give you the information you’re after, so it comes down to looking at subtle signs instead. [Read: How to have good sex with a small penis]

The physical approach

Common sense would have anyone base their inquiry on the physical “feel” of her vagina during sex. Some guys believe that a loose vagina is a clear sign that their girlfriend has experienced bigger penises before them.

Seriously, stop right there! There is no way to physically tell if your relationship predecessor has a bigger package than you. Here’s why:

1. Penises come in different shapes and sizes

First and foremost, penis size and shape are not identical for all men. And that makes your own penis a poor instrument in determining whether she has had a bigger penis before you or not. [Read: The 13 types of penises women love… and laugh at!]

2. Vaginas also come in different sizes

No two girls have an identical vagina, the same as penis shapes and sizes differ among men.

The same girl having sex with two different guys with two different penis sizes may produce different sensations and may be perceived as loose or tight by either man. [Read: What does a vagina actually feel like? 35 pussy facts and descriptions from men]

3. Vaginas are sturdier and more flexible than you can imagine

Truly, vaginas are well-designed by nature to withstand any form of repeated sexual activity, as well as childbirth. 

It stretches many times its normal size during childbirth or during sex. And it is still capable of returning to its original shape moments after. This feature alone falsifies the belief that taking a large penis will stretch a vagina giving it a loose feel during sex.

Clearly, an anatomical check to see if she has had a bigger penis will yield inconclusive results. Vaginas are quite hardy and differ across females, making it possible for a virgin’s vagina to feel loose while a middle-aged woman who had given birth four times may feel tight! [Read: The 5 types of vaginas that make up all the vaginas in the world]

The direct approach to ask a girl if she’s had bigger – The more difficult option 

Another way to tell if your girlfriend has had a bigger penis in her is to use the direct approach. If you’re man enough to hear the truth from your girlfriend’s mouth, and you prefer the quickest and easiest solution to your size inquiry, ask your girl directly.

Sure, she’ll probably give you a weird look, ask you why you want to know, and probably laugh at you once you tell her your reason, but it’s done and over with. Question is, what are the ways to pop the question?

1. Just ask her straight out

If you just want to know and get it over with, then pop the straightforward question. Just be warned that some girls may not be comfortable talking about their previous sexual encounters with ex-partners.

If the relationship is more recent, expect white lies or some resistance in getting your desired information. [Read: How to talk about sex without sounding like a pervert]

2. Start a random conversation about penises

The idea is to lead her to your desired line of questioning through a random conversation about penises.

Start by using the story a “friend of a friend” tactic, or tell her about the totally hung dude from a porn video you watched ages ago. Slowly, bring the topic of her own experiences with penises.

3. She lets you know that you’re the biggest so far

In very rare moments of victory in a man’s life, he will possess the biggest penis that his girlfriend has had. And she will make it known to your great delight!

If she tells you that you’re the biggest so far, relish that ego boost. There’s no need to know if your predecessor had a bigger one than yours. [Read: Men with big balls – The pros, cons and what women think of huge testicles]

Subtle techniques to ask a girl about your penis size – For when you can’t handle the truth but you’re still curious

Fine, we get it. Sometimes you’re wondering how to tell if your girlfriend has had bigger, and you really need to know. And if pride cannot make you ask directly, you resort to sneaky and partially ineffective ways to get your answer.

For your peace of mind, here are some of the less obvious ways to know if she’s had a bigger penis.

1. Check out her ex-partners online 

A sneaky way to tell if your girlfriend has had bigger, is to check out her ex-partners online. Disgraceful, yes, but getting a look at a photo of her ex will give you an idea of what they are packing inside their pants.

As a guy, you are familiar with how a guy’s height, girth, and beefiness can affect the size of his penis. So stalk away and go figure. [Read: How to know if a guy has a big dick – 18 signs he’s big and well-endowed]

2. Watch her face at the moment of penetration

If you really want to know if your girlfriend thinks you’re small, then watch her face when you have sex.

Big guys usually get a huge gasp of surprise or pain during the first insertion which the ladies never get used to no matter how many times it happens.

So if your first slip gets a lukewarm reception from her, she’s probably had a bigger dick stuffed in her.

3. Observe what she says and does during sex

As a hint, she says things as they are during sex. For example, if she feels your member is pleasingly big then she will definitely say so.

If she hasn’t commented on the size of your penis, then expect that she has had bigger before you. [Read: The best sex positions for men with smaller penises]

4. She seems to fantasize about big penises

If your girlfriend fantasizes about taking a bigger penis, and you notice that she owns dildos or other penetrative sex toys visibly larger than your tool, then she probably has experienced a bigger penis than you, or prefers a bigger one. She’s looking to experience it once again. So much for your self-esteem.

Before you start to worry about the size of your penis…

Remember this – it’s not about the size, it’s what you do with it! No matter whether you’re packing a trouser snake or a miniature version, it’s more about how you please her with what you have, and not about what the tape measure says. 

It’s also important to remember that a big penis can sometimes be a huge problem. Too big and you might hurt her accidentally during deep penetration, and some women are actually quite put off by a monster penis staring back at them.

Own what you have and learn to love it – the chances of her loving what you do with it are pretty high anyway!

[Read: The guide for the first time and curious of the penis pump]

Since doing an anatomical test on your girlfriend will not get a definitive answer, learning how to tell if your girlfriend has had bigger comes down to subtly observing her during sex or asking her directly.

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