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22 Signs to Tell if a Girl Has a Boyfriend Without Asking Her Directly

You’ve seen a girl and you want to ask her out, but you need to work out how to tell if she has a boyfriend. Figure it out and avoid embarrassment! 

how to tell if a girl has a boyfriend

You like a girl, but is she taken? There’s no point in wasting your Prince Charming routine on someone who’s already been wooed. If you have a crush on a girl and you want to start making your intentions clear, you’ll probably want to start by learning how to tell if she has a boyfriend.

It might seem easy, but there are some factors that can get in the way of your detective work… especially if you don’t want to cut out the middle man and just ask.

When you like someone, you pour your whole heart and soul into adoring their very being. So why waste all of your lovin’ efforts on someone who’s taken?

Luckily for you, there are some sneaky and downright obvious ways to tell if your crush is in a relationship or not. It’s just up to you to put in the extra effort to find out.

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Why it’s hard to tell if a girl has a boyfriend or is in a relationship already

You’d think it’d be crystal clear whether your crush is attached. If a girl has a boyfriend, surely you would have heard about him by now… right? Wrong.

Here are some of the most common reasons why a girl with a boyfriend may still be confusing you or giving you the wrong signals!

1. She flirts with everybody

Just because she’s in a relationship doesn’t mean she’s not a flirty girl. Her lusty eyes and sarcastic quips are leaving you tingling, but does that mean she’s single… or just flirtatious in nature?

2. She doesn’t talk about her boyfriend

Just because a girl is in a relationship doesn’t mean she wants to be ‘that girl’ who actively looks for ways to bring her boyfriend up in conversation.

While her friends may be grateful she’s not bragging about her boy toy, it can leave a confusing mess for you. Oops.

3. You never see her with another guy

This might seem like a great indication that your crush is riding the single train, but there are plenty of reasons why you’ve never bumped into your crush with her man.

What if he lives in another city, goes to a different school, or they’re just homebodies? The mystery continues. [Read: What do I do if I like someone who’s already taken?]

Here’s how to tell if a girl has a boyfriend

Don’t let your butterflies go to waste on a girl who’s already taken. Here are the sure-fire ways on how to tell if a girl has a boyfriend without even asking her.

1. Is she straight?

Forget about a boyfriend, does she have a girlfriend? The reason you never see her getting cozy around town with a guy may not be because she is single, she just may not be playing for your team.

This is a good one to figure out before you even begin the courting process. Check out this feature on Is she straight? The most obvious signs to know for sure to see if your gaydar is failing.

2. She talks about him all the time

One way to tell if a girl has a boyfriend is to listen to her. When you ask about her weekends does she say, “We saw a movie” or “We had a low-key night,” but never really mentions who this vague pronoun could be? It’s probably her boyfriend.

Other girls may be more open about the subject and will talk about their man openly. One way to find out about her current status is to ask about past relationships.

Somewhere along the line, drop in a ‘What was the best relationship you ever had?’ Or ‘What was the worst?’ question, and she’ll probably let it slip whether she’s currently attached. [Read: How to get a girl with a boyfriend to like you]

3. Ask her friends

You may not want to ask her directly if she’s attached, but you could always ask her friends. Ask if your crush is interested in anybody at the moment. Either her bestie will say no or will inform you that your crush has a boyfriend.

Just remember that friends talk, and this route may lead to your crush finding out about your interest in her. This is an effective strategy for figuring out how to tell if a girl has a boyfriend.

4. Social media stalker

So, you want to know how to tell if a girl has a boyfriend? You’ll be happy to know that social media is a great way to solve this little mystery.

Most Facebook users state their relationship status in their profile. Twitter users will @ their sweethearts in various tweets, and Instagram girls will post photos of her and her fella.

If she uses social media, she probably enjoys flaunting the good things that happen in her life. If she’s in a happy relationship, then this should easily include her boyfriend! [Read: How to stalk someone on social media and find exactly what you’re looking for]

5. Her behavior

Your crush’s behavior is going to say a lot about whether she’s on the market or not. If she’s flirting or getting touchy-feely with you, she *might* be coming on to you. Then again, she may just be a flirtatious girl.

But don’t worry, there are other indicators in single behavior. For example, is she glued to her phone, always getting texts, and smiling like a Cheshire cat when she responds? Boyfriend alert.

Is she often dressed to the nines and looking to impress? Research shows that girls on the prowl will dress more scandalously than girls who are in relationships. To put it crassly? Most of us can tell the difference between a girl looking to bone, from one who gets enough at home.

Side note, however. This is a tricky strategy for knowing how to tell if a girl has a boyfriend because behavior can be so easily misinterpreted. So just keep that in mind.

6. Trick questions

Want to ask your crush if she has a boyfriend without actually asking? Here are a couple of trick questions to get the job done.

– Do you have plans this weekend? If yes, she’ll probably mention where she and her man are headed to.

– What does your boyfriend think of *behavior or silly habit she has?* You must drive him crazy! This is an innocent way of flirting while inquiring whether she’s taken or not.

– I think I saw you and your boyfriend at *location* yesterday. Obviously, you didn’t. Still, it’s a great way to get her to reveal whether she was with a guy recently. [Read: How to make a girl want you, desire you and think of you sexually]

7. Ask her out

Want to know the easiest way to know if she’s single or taken? It’s some men’s theory to simply treat her likes she’s single until she lets you know otherwise.

This means you’re free to flirt, tease, text, and ask her out. Tell her you’re going to take her out for an unforgettable first date, and unless she tells you she already has a guy to take her out, assume she’s free and interested. [Read: The manual of girlfriend stealing – How to steal another man’s girl effortlessly]

8. She’s always busy

If you have already tried to ask her out and she’s given you the brush off, or you find that she’s has a seemingly endless social calendar, odds are she already has a boyfriend. Or she’s just not into you. Either way, the message is clear. [Read: 27 clear signs she’s not interested in you anymore and is getting bored]

9. You feel it

It’s this intuition you have, you just feel when something isn’t right. You may not be able to tell the signs a girl has a boyfriend in one conversation, but if you feel like there’s something off with her, follow that intuition because you’re not wrong. So, if you feel it, it’s probably true.

10. She keeps some distance

It may be that she’s flirtatious with you, but she’s not all over you. She doesn’t touch you and when you dance too close, she pulls back a bit. She’s keeping a certain amount of space between you because she’s already taken.

11. Look at her fingers

This is easy. Is she wearing a ring? If so, then don’t bother wasting your time, she’s beyond just having a boyfriend. She’s preparing to walk down the aisle pretty soon.

So, check those fingers thoroughly for anything shiny.

12. She isn’t paying attention to guys in general

Women in happy relationships usually don’t spend their time watching other men. Sure, they may glance, but they don’t have that hungry look in their eyes. They don’t need a man because they already have one. [Read: 27 signs a woman is checking you out and what you should do next]

13. She doesn’t show commitment

You asked her to see a movie with you and her reply was less than exciting. If she’s not solidifying any date with you, that’s a pretty good sign something is up.

It could be she’s just not interested in you or it could be a sign to tell that this girl has a boyfriend and she may be nervous to meet you outside of the conversation you’re having.

14. She doesn’t reply to your texts

If she’s not replying to your messages, well, she’s not interested. Sure, you may have hit it off but she can’t see you.

We mean, she can, but she doesn’t want to because she has a boyfriend. It’s probably better this way, you don’t want him phoning you. [Read: What to do when she’s taken and yet you can’t stop thinking about her]

15. She doesn’t go out with friends much

Now, this depends on where you met her. But if her friends are a regular at your bar and this is your first time seeing her, there’s probably a reason why.

Maybe she works weird shifts or maybe she’s always with her boyfriend. Girls in relationships tend to be poor at seeing their friends in person.

16. She’s always on her phone

She’s always texting. She’s at the club with her girlfriends and she’s busy on her phone. Why? Well, because the person she is interested in isn’t there.

If all your friends are with you then why would you be texting on your phone? Exactly. [Read: 13 clues that will tell you if she’s single or taken]

17. Consider where you met her

Now girls in relationships still go to the club, just the odds of her being taken are less. If you’re wondering how to tell if a girl has a boyfriend, you need to see where you met her. That may help you figure out her relationship status. If you met her at an adult resort in Mexico, well, you may not be so lucky.

18. She tells you

Now, she may tell you she has a boyfriend, but she may not be so willing to give you this information because she likes you. But, honestly, the odds of her leaving her boyfriend for you are slim.

So, the best thing to do is just ask her if she has a boyfriend. She may lie, but you’ll be able to tell by how she answers.

She may start to stutter or become nervous or even say something like, “Well, it’s kinda complicated.” It’s not, she’s just taken. [Read: Why do girls who are taken flirt with other guys? 35 signs, reasons and how to deal with it]

19. She doesn’t hint to see you

If she really liked you and wanted to see you, she would say something like, “Yeah, we should go see that movie sometime.” But if she says to you at the end of the conversation, “See you later, bye!” well, that’s a good sign she’s not interested.

Now, this doesn’t mean she’s taken, but it definitely means she’s not interested. If she was, she’d suggest doing things together throughout the conversation. [Read: Is she playing hard to get? 20 signs you should stop pursuing her right now]

Now you know how to tell if a girl has a boyfriend, you can avoid wasting your time on girls that aren’t available.

But if you’re still not sure, and you want to ask her directly, and yet, subtly, just use these 23 sneaky ways to ask a girl if she has a boyfriend without being pushy.

Liking a girl who’s attached is about as useful and as helpful as a hand cramp. Learn how to tell if a girl has a boyfriend before you get your heart attached, and you’ll save yourself a world of frustration.

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