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10 Tips to Take Perfect, Enviable Photos of Your Girlfriend

Is your girlfriend disappointed each time she gives you her phone and asks you to click her photo? Use this guide and impress her with every click!

how to take good photos of your girlfriend

Next to a mirror, a phone camera is a girl’s best friend. We always marvel at their ability to take a lifetime supply of Facebook profile photos in the span of time it takes to go the bathroom, or those moments where you’re fine with a dorky pose, while she takes the time to fix herself for a photo op. The thing is, whether they admit it or not, girls like looking beautiful. And they love to be reminded of it with a good photo.

How to take a smashing photo of your girlfriend

While your girlfriend may love taking selfies for her own consumption, nothing beats a good photograph taken by her special someone. Whether you’re something of a photographer, or just carry the burden of being her personal photographer, be assured that a perfect shot of her will be highly appreciated.

Now, you don’t need to be a pro photographer, or spend copious amounts of money on expensive gear and accessories to take good photos of your girl. You can take an awesome photo with just your phone camera, a slight brush of basic photography, and these simple tips. [Read: 21 things you do that’ll make your girl adore you more]

#1 Take photos of her candid moments. While our default reaction to a camera pointed at us is to pose and smile, there is a different kind of beauty that can be captured through candid snap shots. Candid photos show people in their natural environment, doing their usual activities. Therefore, the subject is more relaxed, less awkward, and not pressured to think of a good pose.

Instead of calling out to her, take a sneaky shot of her doing her usual mundane activities, like drinking coffee, reading a book, watching television, or walking down the street.

#2 Take her photo when she’s not looking at the camera. A subject looking away from the camera lens evokes a pensive and melancholic mood. It also gives a feeling of spontaneity, and a distinct candid quality. This can be helpful if she’s camera-shy, and not comfortable directing her gaze at the camera.

#3 Take her photo when she’s dressed to kill. Notice how girls take a lot of selfies when sporting new clothes? Girls love photos of themselves wearing the clothes they spent hours choosing from the boutique. So, as a compliment for her effort in dressing up and looking gorgeous, take lots of photos of her dressed to the nines! [Check out: The ultimate guide to shopping with your girl]

#4 Mind the light. Photography, after all, is all about light. Lighting is an important factor that could make or break a photo, so one must always pay attention to lighting when taking a photo. Photographers avoid shooting against the light, as it blinds the camera and you’ll end up taking a silhouette. Look for good light sources, and place your subject facing a light source for a good exposure.

*Always choose natural lighting over flash or artificial light. Camera flashes and fluorescent lighting always produce inferior skin quality in the resulting image when compared to available sunlight. Flash will make skin look pale and sickly.

*Incandescent or “yellow light” over fluorescent or flash. If natural light is unavailable, or if you’re shooting at night, remember that yellow light from an incandescent bulb or candle light produces a more beautiful portrait from other forms of artificial lighting. Use a camera flash as a last resort.

#5 Exploit the “golden hour.” The “golden hour” is a term used by photographers to refer to a small window of time during sunrise or sunset, when the sunlight is perfect for taking photos. This is a time when sunlight takes a soft, golden glow. With these perfect lighting conditions, photos look more stunning and dramatic. So always be on the lookout for the golden hour when you’re out with her. [Looking for ideas to set the mood? Try: 50 really cute things to say to your girlfriend]

#6 To capture her best smile, make her laugh prior to taking her photo. The best smile comes from moments of laughter and genuine delight. So why not give your girlfriend a fit of giggles prior to taking her photo? To do this, ask your girl to pose as normal in an ordinary photo. Then, after framing your shot, capture her attention and do something to make her laugh. You could either make a face or tell a joke. This tip could be useful if your subject has an awkward smile during photo ops.

#7 Know her best angles. As her boyfriend, and from the time you spent getting to know her, you must have an idea which camera angles or poses she prefers. Girls always choose the angles that flatter their best features, and you should do the same when taking photos. Never choose an angle she dislikes. You can experiment using different camera angles, though. Who knows? You might discover a new way of taking a flattering photo of her.

#8 Use props and the environment creatively. Props enhance the look of the image by adding dimension and personality to the photo. Environment, on the other hand, can serve as a good background, as a framing device, or something that sets the mood of the photo. This concept is important—especially if you’re taking travel photos.

For example: props like flowers, balloons, and umbrellas enhance the color elements of the photograph. Having your subject hold a firework flare, a lantern, or a candle serves as a convenient light source, and adds a dramatic tone to the photo. On the other hand, weather conditions such as wind, rain, or snow will set a certain mood for the resulting image. [Got an eye for detail? Check out: 14 small ways to make your girl feel special and loved]

#9 Know when to use monochrome or color. To avoid being torn between using monochrome or color images, apply this simple rule: use monochrome to emphasize mood, texture, form, and emotion, while color is for… well… color! If your background is a flower festival or a fireworks display, or if she’s wearing a really colorful dress, choose a color image. If your environment is a bit overcast and looks drab, you may try to take a black and white image, instead. Or better yet, take one of each and choose which one looks better.

#10 Learn the basics of photography. In the end, it all boils down to knowing a little bit of photography. With this knowledge, alone, you can take stunning photos of your girlfriend with any camera you may have on hand. Here are some of the concepts essential to taking a good photo:

a. Composition: this is how you position the subject relative to the background within your frame.
b. Symmetry: if all the elements are balanced, if you divide the photo into two, it is symmetrical.
c. Exposure: the camera usually does this for you, but knowing exposure tricks allows you to harness dramatic lighting for your photographs.

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There is no better way to bring out the photographer in you than if your model is the girl of your dreams. You don’t need to delve in the nitty-gritty technical aspects of photography. Just look at her, imagine how you want her to look in your photo, and press the shutter. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to take incredible photos of your girlfriend.

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