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30 Sexy Moves to Seduce a Woman & Make Her Want to Get In Bed with You

If you’re wondering how to seduce a woman, the good news is that it’s not as complicated as you might think. Patience, respect, and a little dash of sexiness is all you need!

how to seduce a woman

One of the things you’re probably thinking about every now and then is how to seduce a woman and get her in bed with you. Honestly, once you keep what we have to share in mind, you’ll be able to seduce any girl, even before she realizes it!

Are you infatuated by a sexy friend? Or do you find a girl you see occasionally completely, irresistibly sexy?

It doesn’t matter whether you already know her or if she’s a complete stranger. If you want to seduce a woman, all you need to understand are a few things about how attraction works, and learn to use them in your favor. [Read: 25 traits of a great guy that turns girls on sexually and otherwise]

If you want to make a girl sexually desire you, use this guide on how to seduce a girl and make her desire you sexually. But if you want to seduce her and get her in bed, read on!

How to seduce a woman before she even realizes it!

Women aren’t difficult to read. Most guys go wrong while trying to seduce a woman because they try too hard and blow their chances. They say all the wrong things at the wrong time, or they make their intentions clear too early into the flirting stage.

If you want to know how to seduce a woman, the first thing you need to focus on is building the sexual chemistry.

Don’t make it obvious that you’re trying to get her in bed. Make her wonder what’s on your mind. That’s what being mysterious is all about – it’s the simple art of making a girl wonder what you think of her! You don’t need to fake love to sleep with a girl, you just need to be mysterious, and at the same time, honest!

And while she’s still wondering about your intentions, you can sneak past her defenses and make her want you and desire you sexually, even without telling her that you’re interested in her in the first place! [Read: How to be sexier – 15 ways to unleash the sex goddess hiding within]

Step-by-step moves to seduce a woman and get her in bed

Just follow these steps, and you’ll surely be in a great position to seduce her and get her into bed.

As long as you play your cards right, she’d find herself getting attracted to you *over all other men*, even if there are several other guys trying to get her attention at the same time!

Seducing women is a vast topic, and there are so many small but very significant aspects to it. Use these steps and you’ll be surprised just how easy seducing a girl can be! [Read: 20 strong signs of sexual tension to know if you make a girl horny in your presence]

1. Get close to her

If you want to seduce a girl, the first thing you need to do is get to know her better. Don’t come on too strong, or she’ll feel threatened or find you too easy to get.

If it’s a casual friend or an acquaintance, talk to her and get to know her better. Text her every now and then, and be warm and friendly. Don’t hit on her just yet, but don’t behave like a doormat either! [Read: How to avoid the friend zone when you start talking to a girl]

2. Be likeable

This is a pretty important stage when it comes to knowing how to seduce a woman. And this is where you can actually tell if she’s warming up to you or shrinking away from you. As you talk to her now and then, try to get to know more about her and the things she likes.

Text her or talk to her as often as you can, *a few times a day is a great start here*, and try to bond over something both of you find interesting. If the things you say seem to be working, she’ll start to enjoy your chats and your texts, and she’ll make the effort to keep in touch with you.

If you ever notice that she takes a while to get back to you, you really need to talk about something else to keep things interesting. [Read: Smooth ways to keep a conversation going while talking to a girl]

3. Get active at night

The best way to get naughty and intimate with a girl is by texting her late at night, when she’s got time on her hands, and a whole world of opportunities to get naughty.

Of course, you can always flirt with her during the day too. But the odds of flirting up a storm are slim when there are others around her to distract her. Here’s the key thing to remember – stay in touch with her during the day, but save the flirty talk for nights.

If you ignore talking or staying in touch with her during the day, she’d assume you’re only interested in sleeping with her, and nothing more. While she may be okay with a sexual relationship, no girl would be okay with being disrespected.

Share a few memes throughout the day, and start a conversation after dinner. Once you get this going, she may be comfortable enough to text you or speak with you late into the night, even if she was apprehensive at first. [Read: Booty call or flirty hello? How to respond to late night texts]

4. Live two lives

This is where you need to get mysterious, and make her wonder what’s on your mind. Each time you speak with her at night or text her, be flirty and naughty. But when you meet her during the day, don’t talk about the naughty texts at all, unless she talks about it *which means she really likes the flirty texts!*.

Completely avoid flirting or talking about the texts when there are other friends around. But flirt with her when it’s just the both of you.

By doing this, you’ll convince her there’s already a secret something brewing between the two of you. Who doesn’t love a bit of fun, flirty, secret drama in their life? [Read: How to trick a girl into thinking about you sexually]

5. Don’t let her know you like her

Many guys make this mistake. They tell the girl they like her, or that they have feelings for her. Of course, you like her. She knows that already, doesn’t she?

But even though she has a hint that you like her, she needs to hear it from you to confirm her suspicions. Play it cool and don’t confess your feelings for her yet. Her excitement and curiosity will make her addicted to you.

If you’re trying to seduce a woman, revealing your affection for her too early will kill the suspense, which won’t help you in any way. [Read: 31 secrets to get a girl to like you and desire you without asking her out]

6. Get into her comfort zone

As often as you can, try to spend some time alone with her. It doesn’t matter if you two are hanging out as friends, or meeting on a date. When you get some alone time with her, sit closer to her and pretend you didn’t notice how close you were sitting.

You’ve been flirting with her, now you need to get into her personal space to make her feel the sexual chemistry.

Graze her arms with your arms very discreetly, or play with her fingers while talking casually. Place your hands around her waist while sidestepping across her or walking past her. Hug her for just a second longer while saying goodbye.

If you want to seduce a woman, you want her to feel your attraction towards her, but never in words *at least not just yet!*. [Read: What is flirting? The science behind this common act]

7. Build the sexual tension

By now, she’ll have felt the sexual tingle each time you touch her, accidentally or otherwise. This is where you need to make her crave your touch.

Let your hand linger on her back, or on her arms as you touch her. Go really close and whisper something in her ear. Speak softly and play with her fingers when no one’s around. Build the sexual attraction right, and she’ll turn into putty in your hands! [Read: How to flirt by touch without making it obvious at all]

8. Play games

If you’ve been flirting with her, and touching her while sitting next to each other, you’ve seduced her mind already and you’re in a great place to even take her to bed. She’s obviously attracted to you already, and wants more too!

But if you want to play it safe and take it slow, continue to stay flirty over texts while trying to seduce a woman. Play a few naughty texting games this time around, and initiate them casually. Before you know it, you’d be seducing her while having fun and playing text games with her at the same time. [Read: The best sexy, dirty and naughty texting games to get naughty with one single text!]

9. The dirty conversation

You’ve been texting her, flirting with her and seducing her every single night. And if she’s been playing along all this while, this is where you talk dirty and make the big move.

Initiate a dirty conversation over the phone. Start simple, and ask her a question that seems innocent, but will definitely lead to something dirty. And before you know it, both of you will be having phone sex with each other.

10. Ask her out

The next step is to make out with each other in person. Ask her out, or tell her you really want to meet her sometime.

Make plans to meet up at your place or hers, and avoid going out on a date unless you’re trying to woo her or make her fall in love with you. This is where you need to choose whether you’re looking for a friends-with-benefits relationship or a romance. [Read: 25 friends with benefits rules you should never forget]

If both of you like each other, and are interested in dating each other, that’s great news! But so far, if you’ve followed all these steps on how to seduce a woman to the tee, you’ve done nothing but focused on sexual attraction. You’ve made it clear that you’re interested in her sexually. And she knows this!

So this is where you both need to decide if you’re looking for something more, or just a casual fling to keep each other company. [Read: Casual relationship – what it is, why people like it and 20 firm rules]

11. Make out with her!

And when you finally do meet her *and she knows why you want to meet her*, don’t jump on her right away. Keep the sexual tension on a high, and let it stay that way for a bit.

You may just end up killing the mood, or she may tell you that she’s not feeling the sexual spark, which will take you nowhere. Play it slow, warm up to the act, and make sure she’s in the mood before you try to kiss her for the first time. [Read: How to make out – 22 secrets to leave anyone moaning in your arms]

General tips to make your efforts a success!

Now that you know the step-by-step routine you need to follow in order to seduce a woman, we need to give you extra tips to make sure that your efforts are a success.

Blend these general tips into your routine, and you can’t fail!

1. Take it slow

Remember that seducing a woman takes time. If all you are interested in is getting her into the bedroom as fast as possible, then being a great seducer just isn’t for you. Women want to feel beautiful, cherished, and special.

If you can’t do that for her, then you can’t think she is all that in the first place. Be prepared to take your time and let things deliciously build-up. The wait will be worth it! [Read: The modern day gentleman’s guide to wooing a lady]

2. Dress to impress

First impressions are everything. If you can’t even be bothered to change out of your sweatpants and smelly old trainers, she isn’t going to be particularly impressed by you.

You don’t have to turn up to your date in a full-on three-piece suit, but putting on a nice shirt and some smart shoes shows her you care enough to make the effort.

3. Personal grooming

If you are going to dress smartly, you might as well go all out and do some serious male grooming too. Take a shower, shave, slap on some nice cologne, and comb your hair.

Remember, she probably spent hours getting ready for you, so she’ll appreciate it if you have made an effort to do the same. [Read: 15 things women look for in a man before falling for him]

4. Give yourself a pep talk

If you are a bit of a shy guy, give the impression that you are confident and together if you want your seduction to come off brilliantly.

Give yourself a good old pep talk in the mirror, play your favorite music to pump you up, and get the adrenaline running. Make sure that when you leave the house, you feel great and ready to take on the world!

5. Set the mood

When it comes to seduction, the ambience should be just right. Make sure you set the mood for romance by choosing a date venue that oozes style and sophistication. Sweep her off her feet, or do something totally unique and special.

However you do it, make sure she knows tonight is a special night just for her. [Read: 33 awesome date ideas every couple should try]

6. Pay attention to what she is saying

Women hate it when they don’t feel as though they are listened to. Make her feel like she is the only woman in the room and keep all your attention focused on her.

Don’t just nod and smile, really take in what she says and ask lots of questions to show her that you want to know all about her. [Read: 20 questions to ask on a first date for the best conversation]

7. Keep the conversation flowing

There is nothing that kills the mood more than lots of awkward silences. Make sure you go prepared with lots of questions and conversation starters to keep your conversation flowing.

8. Pay attention to her body language

How do you seduce women? Well, become versed in the art of body language. If she looks nervous, try to relax her. If she seems distracted, ask her why. The more attentive you are to her needs, the more charmed she will be by you. [Read: 15 body language cues a girl gives away if she likes you]

9. Be a charming gentleman

Being gentlemanly is seriously seductive. Make sure you do everything right. Pick her up for your date, pull out her chair, open doors for her. A few old-fashioned good manners work wonders. [Read: 17 secrets to sweep a girl off her feet]

10. Make eye contact

Eye contact is so important when it comes to seducing women. When you talk, make sure you make plenty of it. If you avoid looking at her directly, you’ll seem shy and nervous, which is off-putting.

Hold her gaze while she talks and smile at her a lot.

11. Speak with confidence

Being a confident conversationalist will impress her. Talk about what you know with confidence, and she’ll latch onto your every word.

Remember, that doesn’t mean being boastful or arrogant. There is a fine line between that end of the spectrum and confidence. [Read: How to build self-confidence – 16 ways to realize you’re worth it]

12. Flattery will get you everywhere

Being charming and seductive is all about making her feel special and beautiful. Make sure you give her lots of compliments to let her know how much you like her. [Read: 19 sweet compliments that’ll make any girl go awww]

13. Make her laugh

Women adore men who make them laugh. While it may seem counterintuitive to your suave persona to have her in fits of giggles, she finds this charming and super attractive.

If you are a witty guy, make sure you use this to your advantage. [Read: 20 funny questions to ask a girl and leave her ROFL]

14. Buy her gifts

Everyone woman loves being spoiled, so buy her a thoughtful and charming gift from time to time. She’ll be sure to thank you!

That doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune – even a small, handmade gift is more than enough.

15. It’s all in the details

Be it remembering her favorite wine or asking about her sick aunt, picking up on the little things and mentioning them scores you massive brownie points. So be sure to pay attention to her likes and dislikes and the little things she says and store them for later.

She’ll love that you bothered to take such an interest, and this helps your seduction routine all the more! [Read: 19 ways on how to be a better listener in a relationship]

16. Get cozy

When it comes to knowing how to seduce women, getting close and cozy helps. Make sure you take every opportunity to snuggle up and get close. Suggesting a stroll after your date is the perfect way to cuddle up and continue to charm her even more.

17. Be romantic

Remember to think like a romantic with every move you make. Always be thoughtful, kind, complimentary, and gentle. Try to be unique and surprise her too.

If you do great things she doesn’t expect, she’ll feel like the most amazing woman in the world! [Read: 15 romantic gestures that will make any girl melt]

18. Get physical

Don’t be afraid to make the first move. If you wait too long, you risk ending up in the friendzone, and no one wants that! If you want to seduce her when it comes to the physical, it’s important to be super-romantic.

Start with a gentle brush of her hand or on her thigh, kiss her softly, and let things become more intense and passionate as you go.

19. Leave her wanting more

To continue your seduction, always leave her wanting that little bit more. Then, she’ll count down the days until she gets to see you again! [Read: How to be mysterious and leave everyone smitten and craving for more]

Seduction isn’t as hard as it looks!

Now you can see how to seduce a woman, do you really think it’s that hard? If she likes you to begin with, it’s really about nothing more than allowing the sexual tension to build.

Take your time, be respectful every step of the way, and show her your very best side. At the end of the day, if you be yourself and follow these tips, you have a great chance at seducing the girl you like.

[Read: 5 different types of flirting and how to pick one that works for you]

If you use these steps on how to seduce a woman and get her in bed, you’ll definitely be able to work your magic and seduce her. But remember, this works only if you get her interested in you first!

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