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How to Romance a Woman: 37 Ways to Woo the Girl of Your Dreams

You finally found the woman of your dreams, but you want to keep her too, right? If you don’t know what to do, here’s how to romance a woman.

how to romance a woman

Being romantic doesn’t come naturally to all guys. But the fact that you are here, reading this to learn how to romance a woman shows that you are on the right track and willing to make the effort!

Let’s face it, ladies love to be romanced. Whether you’ve gone out with her for years and want to show your appreciation, or you’re looking for some great ideas to try and bag the girl of your dreams, you have come to the right place.

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Why it is important to learn how to romance a woman

Being romantic might not seem important to men, but as you already know, it is to your lady. However, you might not even know why? Why do women care so much about being romanced?

Well, once you read this list, you will at least understand why you need to step up your game and be more romantic.

1. It makes them feel loved

Everyone wants to feel loved, right? Especially women!

Maybe you, as a man, don’t need to have flowers, candy, and wine to feel special to your woman. But she does. And if she feels loved, she will make you feel more loved. [Read: How to treat your girlfriend right and make her feel like a queen]

2. It makes them feel special

Let’s face it – a lot of women have low self-esteem. And because of that, they don’t think they are anything special. But when you learn how to romance a woman, they will definitely feel like they are special to you, which is all they really want anyway.

3. They love to tell their friends

Girls gossip. It’s just a fact. And gossip doesn’t mean it’s necessarily bad. It can mean that they talk to their friends about you and your relationship.

You might not like it, but if you are doing all the right things, then she will be bragging – not complaining – about you! [Read: How to understand women – 12 truths about how they think and behave]

4. They feel more emotionally close to you

If you are the kind of guy who plays a lot of video games, hangs out with your boys, or rarely looks up from your phone, then your woman will feel very emotionally disconnected from you.

That’s why, if you really want to know how to romance a woman, you will have to do the things that will help her stay connected to you.

5. It can put them in the mood for more sex

Men like sex for sex. In other words, they don’t necessarily need to be emotionally connected to a woman to have sex with her.

A woman, on the other hand, needs to feel that emotional connection with her partner to get her in the mood for sex. If you are a jerk to her all day, it’s hard for her to want to be physically intimate because you have not been romantic. [Read: 48 cute and romantic things to do with your girlfriend that she’ll love]

6. They are emotional

Men are much more logical than women. They lead with their rational brain and think things like “I don’t get the value of giving her flowers – what’s the point? They’ll just die in a couple of days!” But that’s logical.

Girls see receiving flowers from their guy as an act of love – regardless of how long the flowers live.

7. They feel like a lucky girl

Do you really want your woman to go around thinking, “Why am I stuck with this guy?” Of course not! You want her to feel lucky to have you. So, learning how to romance a woman will make her feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

You see, putting effort into making your woman feel loved will ultimately benefit YOU too – not just her.

And let’s face it – humans can be selfish. So, learning how to romance her will not make your life more difficult, it will actually make you happier! [Read: How to treat a woman right – 21 ways to make her want to stay with you]

How to romance a woman: 30 steps that make all the difference

Romance doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive. In fact, some of the most romantic gestures don’t cost anything at all.

Similarly, it doesn’t all have to be about the big gesture. Small cute things that take you no time really make her day, put a smile on her face, and win you some serious brownie points as well!

It’s lovely to be romantic and is sure to give you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. But for lots of guys with absolutely no idea where to start, getting romance wrong is all too easy. Going overboard or being too cheesy can be seriously off-putting, especially if you don’t know the girl that well!

1. Go old-fashioned

Wear a suit, open doors for her, buy her flowers and chocolates, serenade her, pull the chair out for her, wine and dine her.

Old romance still works! By being an old-fashioned romantic, she’ll think you are a serious gentleman and is sure to love it. [Read: How to seduce her like a gentleman]

2. Write her a letter

With texts, snaps, DMs, emails, and all the other technology, people forget the simple joy of receiving and reading a letter. Write her a cute love letter and mail it to her. You’ll earn some brownie points for sure. [Read: Must-have tips for how to write the best love letter]

3. Sneak a note into her bag

Sneak a cute note into her bag telling her she looks pretty or you miss her. She’ll get a lovely surprise when she finds it – and women always love romantic surprises!

4. Send her a cute text

Something as simple as a caring text asking her about her day is all it takes for a woman to feel romanced and appreciated. [Read: The best (200+) flirty texts and sweet messages to make her smile]

5. Compliment her

If you want to know how to romance a woman, start by telling her how truly beautiful you think she is—especially when it is clear she made an effort to look great.

6. Buy her favorite perfume

Giving her a lovely gift such as her favorite perfume, especially as a complete surprise, is a very romantic thing to do.

7. Give her a massage

A relaxing massage soothes and calms her and is sure to be appreciated! [Read: How to give the perfect sensual massage]

8. Ask her how her day was

Sometimes all it takes is a little care and attention. Asking her how her day was and really listening to her answer shows her your interest in what’s going on with her and that you truly care.

9. Cook her dinner

Bonus points if you remember what her absolute favorite meal is too! [Read: How to make a girl happy – Caring ways to make her feel loved]

10. Get dressed up and go out

A fancy night out on the town can be just what you both need to rekindle the romance. Why not reserve a table at a great restaurant and get glamorous and take her for a fun and romantic night out?

11. Make time for her

It’s easy, particularly in a long-term relationship, to become like ships passing in the night. Remember making time for one another is so important in a healthy relationship. So, if you know you are guilty of neglecting her, then make time for her. She’ll appreciate the effort. [Read: The 7 things that ruin romance in a relationship]

12. Make her laugh

Laughter absolutely is the best medicine and can be very romantic too. Having fun and laughing together makes you feel closer.

13. Make her a mix tape

Go old school and make a ‘mix tape’ of her favorite songs. It can be a Spotify playlist or even a USB, but include some great tunes that bring back happy memories of the two of you together.

14. Tell her you love her

The simple act of taking the time to tell a person that you love them, and doing it as often as possible, is very romantic indeed.

15. Be spontaneous

Often the most romantic gestures are because they are totally unexpected. Being spontaneous injects adventure, excitement, and romance into your relationship.

So make sure to step away from your routine sometimes and have a little spontaneous fun. [Read: 10 spontaneous and romantic moves to try]

16. Send flowers to her workplace

If you want to know how to romance a woman and woo her, flowers are definitely the way to go! Brighten up her working day by sending a bunch of her favorite flowers there. It may make her blush, but she is sure to appreciate it.

17. Go for a moonlit walk 

Taking a stroll together under the stars costs you nothing. It is a romantic start or end to a great evening.

18. Watch the sunrise or the sunset

Similarly, getting up early to watch the sun rise together, or sitting somewhere peaceful and beautiful to watch it go down can be truly magical experiences that bring you closer together as a couple.

19. Remember the little things

Remember, love and affection is really all in the details, especially when it comes to understanding how to romance a woman. Paying attention to the things she likes and remembering the things she tells you helps you create romantic surprises she is sure to love.

20. Tell and show her you appreciate her

If you suspect your woman feels unappreciated, now is the time to change that. Show her that you appreciate her. She’ll feel valued and loved so make sure you take the time to tell her how much you appreciate everything she does. [Read: 16 ways to show you appreciate someone you love]

21. Make her breakfast in bed

A simple breakfast in bed so she relaxes and has a lie-in is a great way to start anyone’s day!

22. Give her the day off

Tell her that she has the day off. Then, make sure you take care of everything so she doesn’t have to lift a finger!

23. Write her a poem

Get soppy or silly and write her a romantic love poem to tell her how you feel. [Read: Relationship advice for men – 22 tips to make you a better partner]

24. Ask what you can do for her

The simple act of asking her what you can do to help her also demonstrates your love and support.

25. Whisk her away

Be her knight in shining armor and whisk her away on the trip of a lifetime *or just a romantic weekend at your local B&B will do!*. [Read: 10 types of vacations that create romance]

26. Respect her

Every woman wants to feel respected, so one of the most important and romantic things you do is always make her feel that way!

27. Buy her gifts

Everyone likes receiving presents – especially women. So, make a mental note of what she likes and what she needs. Then, go buy it for her. You don’t need a special occasion, just do it for no reason at all!

28. Make her a homemade “coupon book”

This will require you to get a little creative. Make her a little book full of personal coupons that she can use whenever she wants.

You can include things like “I will give you a 30-minute massage whenever you want” or “I will cook you the dinner of your choice.” She will love it. [Read: Turn-offs for women – 25 things that guys do that girls absolutely hate]

29. Make a photo collage of the two of you

Look through all the photos that you have taken since you’ve been together, and then make them into a collage. It can be a physical one, such as one she will hang on her wall. Or, you can make a digital one, so she can carry it with her wherever she goes.

30. Fix her a bucket full of her favorite things

Buy a big popcorn can, empty it, and then fill it back up with all of her favorites. It could be her favorite candy, wine, fuzzy socks, pictures, books, or anything else you know she loves. It will show you pay attention to her and love everything about her.

Remember, every woman’s idea of romance is different. While some love the conventional types of romance like being wined and dined and taken care of, others balk at the idea and much prefer romance to come in the forms of adventures and fun.

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Only you will know how to romance a woman—your particular woman. And by keeping the romance alive you show her how much you value her. That is something she will truly appreciate.

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