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How to Learn to Trust Women Again After Being Hurt

Lost your trust in women because one of them broke your heart? Here’s how you can overcome the bitterness to open your heart and love again.

learn to trust women again

Being hurt by a woman in a relationship can be one of the hardest experiences to recover from. Whether you’ve been cheated on, lied to, or just left high and dry without any closure, it can still take some time to be able to regain your trust in the female sex.

Moving on after a heartbreak that left you shattered takes time, and as with all painful losses in life, it’s essential to grieve and be patient with yourself. The first step is to heal from the scars that your ex left you with, and then, learn to let go and slowly find ways to trust women again. [Read: 8 sneakily accurate ways to tell if a woman is lying]

You are not the first guy to be hurt by a woman, and you most definitely won’t be the last, but you can leave the past hurts and resentments behind you, and take control of your future. A lot of men have been able to rise up from the pain of being betrayed, and with a bit of effort, you can too!

How to trust women after being betrayed

The following tips will help you break free from hurt, learn to embrace change, and pave the way for a healthier relationship. Trusting women again is possible if you take these necessary steps to heal and grow.

#1 Know that it isn’t your fault. You need to remember that what happened to you in your past relationship wasn’t your fault. You simply made a mistake in the woman you chose to give your trust to. She had you, and she chose not to treat you with respect, so let the next guy have her.

Painful as it may be to choose to leave the person who shattered your trust, the bright side is that you’re free from the clutches of someone who betrayed you, and you’re free to find a woman who can learn to treasure your trust.

#2 Take the time to heal. Take enough time to heal properly after going through a painful breakup. Don’t jump into a new relationship too soon because if you do, you’ll end up carrying the baggage from the past relationship into the next one. This could cause a new set of problems, and might even make you more of a jealous or possessive person, as a result of having trust issues.

It’s not fair to make a new partner pay for the mistakes your ex made, so make sure you have had enough time to process the last breakup before getting back into the dating scene.

#3 Imagine being alone. If you’ve gone the other route and vowed that you never want to be in a relationship again, or would prefer to be promiscuous to avoid being hurt, you are putting up a wall that doesn’t need to be there. Imagine being alone forever, and never having a companion to support you through life.

When you try to avoid pain by pushing people out, you are also blocking love from coming into your life. Would you prefer to never learn to trust women again, or be without a meaningful relationship ever again in the future? It’s your choice. [Read: 7 reasons playing the victim makes your life worse]

#4 Believe that the right one is out there. Belief is a strong word, and it’s an important aspect in finding the right girl for you. You have to believe that she is out there. If you think women are sneaky and scandalous, then that’s what you’ll tend to attract.

Instead of thinking that every girl is the same based on what one woman did to you, choose to believe that the right one will be different. She will be worthy of your trust, and you’ll know right away that she is genuine. When you meet her, you will completely forget about your ex and the way she broke your trust.

#5 Work on self-improvement. Take the time to improve yourself while you are handling your heartbreak, so that you know you are deserving of a great girl who treats you right. Some guys don’t believe that they are special in any way, so they settle for a woman who makes them feel that way too.

This time around, work on your confidence, and build yourself up to attract the type of woman you want. Your insecurity can actually attract women who will walk all over you, so don’t let that happen for a second time. [Read: 11 tips to build a better you]

#6 Look to the other trustworthy women in your life. A great way to regain your trust in women is to find examples of trustworthy women that are already in your life. It could be your mother, your sister, long-time friends or acquaintances, and any other female you know that is faithful and honest to their partner. These people will help you have faith that women can be trusted, since you have so many good examples around you.

#7 Know what you want. When you feel like you are able to open up to the possibility of trusting women again, it is helpful to know exactly the type of girl you want. This will help weed out anyone that doesn’t feel genuine or completely honest with you. That includes knowing the red flags of women who can’t be trusted, such as those who like telling white lies or those who insist on keeping too many secrets.

Don’t go into the dating scene without a specific radar for the type of woman you want to attract. Also, keep in mind that physical appearances can often be deceiving, and a beautiful exterior isn’t always an indicator of what’s inside. [Read: 15 lessons you can learn from your own breakups]

#8 Ask the right questions. When you start casually dating, it’s crucial to ask the important questions before making any kind of commitment. You want to make sure that the woman possesses the same values, beliefs, and ideals within a relationship. More importantly, you want to know how much the woman values honesty and loyalty in a relationship, along with what she’s willing to bring to the table.

#9 Put your trust in yourself. Embody the type of qualities that you would like to find in a woman, and you will have a much greater chance at attracting what you are seeking in a relationship. After all, when you finally find a woman who seems trustworthy, you would like her to be able to put her trust in you in order to make her stay, right?

#10 Pay attention to the successful relationships of others. Keep an eye out for other happy couples, and know that you can also have a great relationship built on trust and security. Seeing other couples who have been together for 5, 10, 20, or 30 years can help give you hope that you can find the same thing one day. These couples will be a shining example that there are people in the world that are loyal to their partners and won’t let each other down the way your ex did to you.

When you have more belief that a great relationship is in store for you, you will slowly move past the old hurts and resentments still lingering from the past. Moving on is a gradual process, and it won’t happen overnight. If you follow these necessary steps to let go of the past, reinvent yourself and your beliefs, and start fresh with renewed hope for the future, you will succeed.

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It is possible to trust again after a woman broke your heart. Be patient, and trust the process, and in time, you’ll finally be able to open your heart to a woman again.

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