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How to Introduce Yourself to a Girl and Leave Her Yearning!

If you’ve ever wanted to make a first impression that leaves her coming back for more, this is how to introduce yourself to a girl to wow her.

how to introduce yourself to a girl

First impressions are pretty important to everything. Sure, you can come back from a horrible first impression and make yourself seem better, but it’s so much easier if you nail that introduction like a pro. You’ll seem confident, cool, and like someone any girl would be lucky to know. This is how to introduce yourself to a girl and leave her wanting more.

That’s really the goal when introducing yourself to a girl. You want her to leave and then think about you when she’s lying in bed at night. If you master that, you’ll be able to have any girl wanting more of you.

Why are first impressions so important?

Can you remember a time someone walked up to you and didn’t impress you at all? Probably not, because they didn’t make a very good first impression so they’re not memorable. People can tell within the first 10 seconds of meeting you if they want to spend more time with you.

That means you have 10 seconds to give it all you’ve got and maybe a moment more of backing up their initial impression of you. That’s why they’re so important! If you can’t get someone’s attention right away, you’re pretty much done for, and you won’t be leaving them wanting more. [Read: 7 seconds to impress – How to impress a girl in no time]

How to introduce yourself to a girl

Girls are particularly tricky because we’re so picky. We know very quickly if we’re interested. If you come off in a weird way when you introduce yourself, then it’s pretty much game over for you. And we won’t be trying to contact you anytime soon.

If you want to learn how to introduce yourself to a girl in such a way that she’s texting you or walking up to you again after you’ve left, these tips help make it happen.

#1 Confidence. If you walk up to a girl and introduce yourself with confidence, you’ve pretty much won the game. Confidence is something every girl wants and if you have it, she’ll be interested.

Don’t walk up to her all nervous and stuttering, because it comes off as weird and uninteresting. If you walk around with this twinkle in your eye like nothing can stop you, she’ll see that and want some of it. An introduction with confidence is everything. [Read: Chick magnet alert! What makes a guy the total package?]

#2 Make us think. Girls want someone that makes them think! If you walk up and introduce yourself in a way that makes us question ourselves or question what we were previously thinking, you’re on the right role.

This can be done if you overhear a certain topic that you’re familiar with and have a different input or angle as she does. Just go ahead and put in your two cents. Give your opinion and walk away with her thinking about it, and you’re in.

#3 Find a common interest to bring up. This is by far one of the best ways to introduce yourself to a girl. It basically starts off your first impression by showing her you already have something in common. It’ll make her wonder what else you two have in common.

To do this just use clues around her or a conversation she’s having with someone else. If she’s reading a book just walk up and tell her you’ve read it, then ask her what she thinks of it so far. Of course, you should always be honest. [Read: How to start a conversation with a crush and woo them]

#4 Play it cool. Just stay calm. Playing it cool and like it’s not that big of a deal is a great way to make her want more. Girls like to think they’re special and if you act like they’re not, they’ll feel a need to prove they are.

So if you really want to leave her wanting more with your introduction, just act like it’s not a big deal to meet her. She’ll be walking after you in no time.

#5 Walk away without giving your name. I know this kind of defeats the whole “introducing yourself” portion of this whole thing, but it works! If you approach a girl and make very small conversation or even just a comment and walk away without giving her your name, she’s going to want it. [Read: 20 fail-proof ways to manipulate any woman into falling for you]

#6 Challenge her opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but sometimes people have a hard time backing up their thoughts. If you want to make a great first impression when you introduce yourself, challenge her.

Ask her why she thinks a certain way if you overhear her talking about a controversial subject. Chances are she’ll feel the need to be defensive and prove her worth—which works great in your favor.

#7 NEVER use a pick-up line. It won’t work. If you want to introduce yourself to a girl with a pick up line, chances are she’ll laugh and turn away from you. Pick-up lines really aren’t a good way to make a first impression. They’re boring, not unique at all, and don’t have anything to do with what you think about her. Avoid using them whenever possible. [Read: The introvert guy’s smooth guide to pick up girls at bars]

#8 Don’t talk about her physical appearance. Girls really don’t like when a guy is only talking to her because of her looks. Yes, we love to hear that we look good and are flattered by it, but that’s after we already have a connection with you.

Your job is to create a connection by first introducing yourself with a subject that has nothing to do with her looks. Ask her about her t-shirt if it’s a band you know or even comment on her jacket, just nothing about her body or beauty. [Read: Fractionation seduction – How men seduce women with emotions]

#9 Be honest. If all else fails, just be completely honest with her. Walk up to her and say something like, “I know this might be weird, but I heard you talking from over there and thought it was really interesting… My name is _______.”

This is a good technique because it lets her see that you’re an honest person and you happen to find her interesting or whatever she was talking about sounded interesting to you. It may be the riskier of the options, but it may have the biggest payout. [Read: Cute ways to ask a girl out that are sure to get a yes]

#10 Have patience. Sometimes it takes a girl a little while before she realizes that she does want to talk with you more. If you introduce yourself in one of the ways above and find she seems uninterested, just walk away and be patient.

You might be surprised to find a text or Facebook message from her even a couple of days after you introduce yourself–which means she’s been thinking about you that whole time. Have patience. The right girl will give you the attention you want after you’ve introduced yourself.

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Introducing yourself can be the best and worst thing you do in front of someone. And learning how to introduce yourself and make a great first impression is key in getting a girl to want more of you in her life.

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