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Tinder Hookup: 24 Rules & Photo Secrets to Get Lucky & Laid on Tinder

The times when you used to meet someone at a bar and go home with them are over. Now, it’s all about how to get laid on Tinder and other dating apps.

how to get laid on Tinder

If you were to approach a hundred women in the street, in the hopes of getting laid, it would take many hours, plus a few hard slaps around the face. Fortunately, Tinder revolutionized the dating game. Fast-forward to this moment in time, and learning how to get laid on Tinder is something all singles must know!

Today, you have a collection of hundreds of beautiful women to meet, with the swipe of a finger! Literally.

Now, there are users on it in hopes of finding love. However, let’s be honest. It’s mostly used for getting laid.

So, if you want to know how to get laid on Tinder, but can’t seem to get past the virtual encounter, we’ve got you! Check out our pretty simple and effective guide on how to get laid on Tinder below.

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The difference between men and women on Tinder

The way animals play the mating game is fascinating! They might have to perform an intricate dance or have a bright plume of feathers to attract a mate.

Fortunately, for us to get laid, we just need to open Tinder, pick a few good photos, and choose a killer opening line. Just like in the animal world, it’s mostly the males competing to attract the females’ attention. So you need to make sure you’re ahead of the game. [Read: What is peacocking? The man types and why guys show off around girls]

For most males, Tinder is a continual game of swiping right for a chance to see which females will take a chance on applicable suitors.

For women, Tinder is a minefield! We’re trying to dodge the surplus of jerks, dick photos, and downright cringy chat-up lines. Sorry guys, the ball is in your court. You need to beat the other competitors.

The first step is to first grab the attention of the females, get a match, hit it off, and eventually get lucky! Although, it’s not as easy as that.

But once you nail down the basics, it will become second nature!

How to get laid on Tinder – The important things you MUST know

Loads of people are on Tinder. Over 75 million to be exact. You’ll meet many women on the app, some will be looking for their happy ever after. Others will be looking for a quick confidence boost, before deleting the app and repeating the same process every few weeks.

Without sounding like a porn pop-up, there are plenty of women, who are horny and looking to get laid on Tinder. Believe it or not, they are out there.

However, to find *and attract* like-minded individuals, you’re going to need to change the way you use this app! [Read: Creative Tinder lines to snag you a date on the first try]

How to pick the perfect pictures that grab attention on Tinder

A lot of times, ladies swipe left on photos because the guys’ profile pictures are plain awful.

We don’t mean the men are unattractive. It’s because women won’t talk to a guy whose first photo is of their torso, or who posed next to a sports car. It’s not only a red flag but also super lame.

The most important tips to attract a lady using your photos

Your pictures are the first thing that women encounter, and often, seeing one or two photos is enough for them to decide whether to swipe left or right on you in a matter of seconds. So make them count if you want to know how to get laid on Tinder! [Read: How to take a good selfie – The must-know guy all men should know]

1. Show your face clearly

Make sure they’re of high quality, and use recent-ish photos.

2. Show a smart outfit in one of your photos

Men in suits or uniforms are very sexy!

3. Include a cute pet in one of your photos

A girl is more likely to swipe right on you if you have a cute furry friend next to you. This opens up for conversation too!

4. Include a beautiful background

Use photos with scenic backgrounds like the countryside, or the beach.

5. Try to use all 6 photo slots you get for your profile

Add a bit of variety to the collection.

6. Include a photo of your torso

When you want to sexually attract women, make sure it’s done in a tasteful way. A shirtless photo of you on vacation? Hot. A neck-down mirror selfie in a dark room where all we see is your torso? No thanks. [Read: How to be the sexy guy you’ve always wanted to be]

What not to include in your photos

If you’re swiping away and not getting any luck, it might be the type of photos you’ve uploaded. What you might think looks awesome to you might have the opposite effect on the other sex.

Make sure to avoid these habits that men usually include in their Tinder photos.

1. Including a dead animal

We don’t care how heavy that bass you caught was. Holding a slimy corpse of a fish or any animal, in general, is a major turn-off.

2. Group shots

How are the girls meant to know who you are? Do you really want a hot girl messaging you, only to find out they are only interested in your hot mate, not you?

3. Having attractive females next to you

No girl wants to see their potential suiter with another girl, even if it is your sister.

4. Mirror photos

It just makes you look a little vain, especially if you’re shirtless or tensing too much. It looks like you’re about to shit yourself.

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The rules you need to know to successfully get laid on Tinder

We’re here to help you up your game! So below are the most successful ways to get laid on Tinder!

1. Make your profile clear

There’s nothing wrong with looking for sex, it’s a primal urge. Using Tinder is one of the fastest and most easiest ways to do it, for free anyway.

What is wrong, though, is leading someone on without being truthful about your intentions with her.

You don’t need to clearly state, ”I am looking for sex.” That’s weird and will most likely get you no matches and a ban. You can state you’re only looking for sex in a subtle way in your profile bio, though.

Maybe include something like, “adventurous and outdoorsy guy looking for fun.”

There, that’s simple and everyone can understand what the word “fun” means. The same goes if you’re looking for a casual relationship. You really need to make it clear so that you’ll attract women who want the same. [Read: 48 Tinder conversation starters and secrets to get them itching to respond]

2. Swipe people who you actually find attractive

It’s obvious, but wouldn’t you want to sleep with someone you’re actually attracted to? We understand that men want more chances to find matches with girls while they’re on Tinder, so they just relentlessly swipe right.

Next time, actually look at your screen, and swipe on people who you’re actually sexually attracted to, because it’s just easier for both of you at the end of the day. [Read: Online dating woes – 8 most common Tinder horror stories]

3. Message her first

If you matched with someone, go ahead and message her first! She’s not hanging around on Tinder all day, and neither are you.

Plus, the longer you wait to message her, the more obvious it looks that you’re only messaging her because the other girls didn’t work out.

You have to be a little smarter, fellas. No girl wants to feel like she’s your second option. [Read: How to start a Tinder conversation and snag a date every time]

4. Use something from her profile to start the conversation

Don’t start the conversation with “hi.” That’s boring, and nothing’s going to prosper from that.

Instead, look at her profile and use the information you see to come up with some witty lines or conversation starters. Or, if you’re visiting that particular city, ask her a question regarding where to eat or drink. [Read: 15 Tinder openers and conversation starters to leave anyone captivated and interested in you]

5. She may not hook up with you right away

Just because you’re both using Tinder to get laid, doesn’t mean you’re going to have sex with her that night. It doesn’t work like that. You’re not entitled to have sex with her when you want; it’s a two-way street.

So, you’ll have to be patient. There will be some girls who’ll jump on you right away, while others need more time to get comfortable. [Read: The meaning of DTF and all the signs a girl is down for it on an app]

6. No dick pics

Unless she’s hinting that she wants to see your dick, or she’s sending you nude photos of herself, don’t send a dick pic.

Do you know how scarring it is to be having a flowing conversation with someone, getting along well, and then, all of a sudden, a bulbous penis appears on your screen?

Learn when to read the situation. You should absolutely never send it without her consent. [Read: Unsolicited dick pics – Why guys send it and 30 prickly ways to respond]

7. Get her number

You don’t want to spend too much time chatting on Tinder. Your goal is to quickly move the conversation over to text. At the end of the day, you want her number for one reason: to hook up with her. If you’ve just met her in person, it seems fair to ask for her phone number so you can continue speaking.

However, because you’ve matched on Tinder, this gives her the opportunity to un-match you with a single tap, if she decides she doesn’t like you or you creep her out. If she does that, though, leave it, and move on.

Her phone number, or WhatsApp, is a more permanent and direct route to her. Don’t ask for her number too prematurely. Make sure you’ve had a decent conversation first, and try to avoid adding her on Facebook, that’s a little personal. [Read: Signs a girl likes you on Tinder – 15 things to keep an eye on]

8. Be yourself

This is very important, especially when doing the whole online dating thing. It appears that some men feel the need to act like something they’re not. Just be yourself.

At the end of the day, she’s going to realize that you’re not who you say you are. So, if you don’t usually throw money into the air, don’t show it on Tinder.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself though. After all, you’re using Tinder to get laid, not to find your future wife. But who knows? You might find her accidentally in the process! [Read: The 16 best hookup apps for the hot and horny]

9. Don’t waste your time

If you messaged a girl and she isn’t writing you back, or her messages are one-worded, just move on and focus on someone else. Think of Tinder as speed dating… Just keep moving forward. [Read: 15 Tinder tips you can NOT ignore if you ever want a date]

10. Don’t suggest your place as a first date

Depending on how your conversation went, you may not want to suggest meeting at your place for a first date. Even if she only wants to have sex with you, it would be respectful and just nice to not treat her like a piece of meat.

Go out for a drink, even if it’s at the bar across from your place! Just build a connection and be a decent human being. Now, if she says, “your place or mine?” Well, that’s a whole different story. And we’d suggest you pick a place – and fast! [Read: How to look up with a girl, pick the right girl and 30 must-know secrets]

11. Don’t do it if you’re in a relationship

This sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised at the number of men *and women* who use Tinder for secret rendezvous on the side. Perhaps you’re in an open relationship, or you’re looking for your third. That’s fine, crack on, as long as your partner knows about it.

However, if you’re in a relationship, it’s highly recommended you stay off Tinder. Not only is it real shitty to do to your partner. You’re also bound to get found out!

Chances are someone who knows you, or your partner will see you on the app. If you’re looking elsewhere, there’s something lacking in your current relationship. Either have a discussion about this with her, or end it.

Sorry, you can’t always have your cake and eat it! [Read: In a relationship but sexually attracted to someone else – Why it happens]

12. Be safe!

Women are frequently advised to exercise caution while meeting men they do not know from the internet. When males meet strangers for dates or sex, they don’t conceive of themselves as prospective victims. However, it can happen to anyone.

Even if it’s only a hookup via Tinder, you should always meet in public, such as at a bar or coffee shop. This will allow you to determine whether your date is the person you expected, and whether you feel secure going places alone with them.

Leave valuable jewelry and watches at home in a secure place, and carry only the necessary cash.

13. Wrap it up

On the subject of safety, we’re going to remind you of something you might roll your eyes at, but it’s very important! Safe Sex! This is for the benefit of both of you.

Even if she says, “Don’t worry, I’m on the pill!” Still, use a condom. The pill is not 100% effective against pregnancy and definitely does not protect you against diseases. Spare that bullshit excuse of “Oh it doesn’t feel as good” or “I can’t find one big enough for me.”

Don’t let 30 minutes of pleasure be a result of an 18 year financial commitment, with a stranger. Or a lumpy bumpy, leaking penis! *you definitely won’t get laid on Tinder then!*

Be smart. Use your brain, not your dick. [Read: How long do condoms last? 23 things to know and big mistakes to avoid]

14. Horny Hours

There’s actually an ideal time to message potential hookups. Between 10pm – 3am, and best if it’s on a weekend.

If you message a girl mid-morning/afternoon asking if she’s horny, chances are she’s probably at work or doing daily house chores. So no, probably the last thing on her mind. Unless you happen to be talking to a nymphomaniac, in that case, you’re in luck.

Friday evening, she’s bored, maybe had a few drinks, and is a little lonely? Perfect opportunity to slide in the DM’s!

[Read: How to DM a girl – 30 secrets to slide into her Insta and get a reply]

Well, if you’ve made it this far, you now have enough material to know how to get laid on Tinder. It isn’t as hard as you think it is. So, start swiping!

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