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27 Hard Tips, Tricks & Ways to Get and Maintain Harder Erections for Longer

Want a throbbing rock-hard erection? If the thought of erectile dysfunction scares you, learn how to get and maintain an erection faster and stay hard!

how to get harder erections

Yes, your penis is a dear, and probably most loved, part of your body. And you want to know how to get or keep harder erections.

Since you love your penis, as you should, you want the best for it, and knowing how to get harder erections is one of those things. You want it to have amazing pussy. But at the same time, you want it to be able to work at its best.

You might feel like you’re alone if you need to know how to get harder erections. You might even be embarrassed. But don’t be. You are not alone – it happens to most guys.

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How hard should an erection feel? 

If you are worried that your erection isn’t hard enough, you could also be concerned that you have the start of erectile dysfunction. Just the thought of it can make a man more nervous during his sexual encounters.

But erectile dysfunction is not just about getting and maintaining an erection. It’s also about whether or not the erection is a quality one or not.

At the beginning of erectile dysfunction, the erection starts to lose firmness, and it gradually decreases over time. This can cause progressive frustration for the men and their partners, affecting your sexual quality.

A firm penis isn’t just necessary and important for sexual penetration, but if it’s not hard enough, it can take a toll on a man’s self-esteem and sexual confidence. But you might be wondering how firm is firm enough? [Read: Curved penis – how, why, and tips and sex positions to flaunt a bent boner]

Well, there is actually a way to measure it, and it’d called the Erectile Hardness Scale. This is a way for men to check for themselves whether or not they are losing firmness in their penis.

0 – penis doesn’t enlarge at all

1 – penis gets larger than normal, but not hard

2 – penis is semi-hard, but not firm enough for penetration

3 – penis is hard enough for penetration, but not completely hard

4 – penis is fully hard and rigid

A man can also ask himself the following questions regarding the firmness of his erection:

-On a scale of 1-10, what is your confidence level in getting and keeping an erection?

-When you have erections during a sexual experience, how often are your erections hard enough for penetration? 

-Are you able to keep your erection after penetration?

-How satisfying are your sexual experiences with regard to your erections?

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Why is your erection during sex not as strong as it should be?

You might wonder what is happening to your penis if you can’t get a strong erection like you used to. While every man is different, there are a lot of factors that contribute to weak erections. Here are some of them.


-High blood pressure


-Trauma to the penis

-Alcohol and tobacco use

-Sleep disorders




-Hormonal imbalances

You should visit the nearest medical center and talk to your doctor to determine if any of these factors are contributing to your weak erection. And it’s important to remember that strong erections are a good sign of overall health in men. 

How to recognize the problem when you don’t feel hard or stay hard enough

You might still be on the fence as to whether or not your erections are hard enough. So, how do you know if you really have a problem or if it’s all in your head *no pun intended!*. Here are some questions to ask yourself.

1. Do you lose an erection while masturbating?

It’s important for you to pay attention to how firm your penis gets when you are masturbating vs. when you are having sex or engaged in sexual activity.

If you can keep your penis hard when you are by yourself, then your problem might be psychological and not physical.

2. Do you lose your erection in certain positions?

Maybe you can maintain your erection in the missionary position, but you start to lose the firmness when you change to doggy style. Perhaps there are different angles of penetration that make it get weaker erections. [Read: 12 easy sex positions that look expert-level sexy and feel real good]

3. Your erection doesn’t respond to certain people

You might think that you’re attracted to someone, but maybe your penis doesn’t cooperate. It could be with other people, you get hard. But with someone else, you don’t.

4. How often do you lose your erection? 

Do you get a soft or semi-hard erection on a regular basis? Or is it just an occasional happening?

5. Are there times when you can’t get an erection? 

If there are times that you can’t even get an erection at all – even if it’s a weak one – then you should seek medical advice as you might have an underlying medical condition.

What helps a man get hard?

Usually, the reason that man gets hard is because of some sort of sexual stimuli. It could be a direct experience with someone he finds attractive, watching porn, or even fantasizing about something sexual.

So, having one or more of these present usually helps a man get erect. But there are other ways to get hard too, so let’s go over some of them.

How to get harder, longer erections and feel like a testosterone fueled man with small lifestyle changes

You have an erection, but, maybe you want an even harder one. If you have erectile issues, these tips may also help you stay hard. However, consider consulting a doctor as well. [Read: Penis facts! 18 shocking and weird facts you had no idea about]

But if you experience regular erections, just looking to make it a little stiffer, try out some of these tips to help you get that erection faster and stay hard longer. You may have to test out a couple of them, but for a harder erection, it’s worth it. Make sure your tool is in tip-top shape.

1. Stay away from penis shrinkers

You probably wonder what penis shrinkers are. If you smoke or drink heavily, then you use penis shrinkers. It’s well-documented in academic research institutions that smoking is a cause of impotence and affects erection size. 

This is because it damages penile tissue. Making it less elastic, thus, reducing its ability to stretch and increasing the risk of ED. [Read: Alcohol’s effect on sex and libido]

2. Lose the tummy fat

Sure, dad bods are sexy, but if you pack too much fat around your stomach you have a higher chance of diabetes which is a leading cause of impotence.

Now, you don’t need a six-pack, but you do need to control your weight. If you’re overweight now, losing body fat results in harder erections. Try to incorporate physical activities into your daily routine and maintain a healthy weight for improved erectile function. [Read: 17 foods to avoid before having sex]

3. Get some proper sleep

You probably didn’t think your erections connect to the quality of sleep you get each night, but it’s true. While you sleep, you have between three to five hour-long erections. It’s crazy, right?

Morning wood is a prime example. These erections send oxygenated blood to your penis. So, get your nightly dose of sleep and make sure to get some medical advice if you are experiencing sleep disorders that can affect your sex drive.

4. Eat berries

Dark fruits such as blueberries, elderberries, and blackberries contain high levels of anthocyanins which is a powerful antioxidant that aids in making it easier for blood to flow throughout your body, including your penis. 

If you’re wondering how to get harder erections, remember that antioxidants aid in keeping the free radicals at low levels in your body. Free radicals dilate your blood vessels, restricting blood flow.

5. Reduce stress levels

Stress is an erectile killer. If you live or work in a high-stress environment, you put yourself at high risk for erectile dysfunction. The long-term effects of stress are the hardening of the arteries, which leads to weak erections. 

For harder erections, do stress-relieving activities such as walking, yoga, swimming, reading, or meditation as these will help prevent erection problems. [Read: How to calm your mind and make peace a state of mind]

6. Eat more dark chocolate

No, not milk or white chocolate—dark chocolate only. Dark chocolate contains flavonoids and epicatechins, which aid in increasing blood flow. Eating 1.6 ounces of dark chocolate a day brings harder erections back in your pants.

7. Workout your pelvic floor

If you want a harder erection without medication, it’s time for you to work out your pelvic floor. These exercises are essentially Kegels. If you practice these exercises every day for six months, you’ll notice a huge difference in your erections.

To do Kegels, you contract the same muscles you use to stop peeing midstream. Hold them for 10 seconds and release. Do 18-20 of these a day. [Read: Why both men and women should do Kegel exercises]

8. Go easy on the porn

If you’re an avid porn fan, it could destroy your ability to get harder erections and keep them. Excessive usage of porn actually prevents you from being aroused with your partner.

Cut out porn altogether for a couple of weeks and monitor your erections as they should be getting harder. [Read: Why ditching your porn habit could make your life better]

9. Are you on medication? 

This is an extremely common reason why men suffer from weakened erections. If you are on prescription medication, many of them are associated with sexual dysfunction.

Make a list of the ones you’re taking and research the side effects.

10. Withholding ejaculating

Of course, you want to ejaculate but don’t. If you have a quickie, then it doesn’t matter, but if you’re not, there’s no need to rush. Withholding ejaculations actually helps to strengthen your penis.

In other words, if you make it past five minutes without ejaculating, you already do wonders to make your penis stronger. [Read: How to edge yourself and create better pleasure]

11. Masturbate without porn

If you watch a lot of porn, you disconnect yourself from sex. Yes, you watch it, but you’re not able to properly connect with your partner.

So, when you masturbate, don’t do it with porn. Instead, start to use your imagination. You did it before you used porn, you can do it after.

12. Try something new with your partner

If you have been with your partner for a while, sometimes people fall into a routine that gets boring. So, try to spice up your sex life and do something new. Try different positions or have sex somewhere that is not in your bedroom. You could role-play or do anything that would help turn you on more.

13. Push your sexual boundaries and bring your fantasies to life

If you really want to get adventurous, then try to push your sexual boundaries. You can do this with a partner or by yourself.

If you have been wanting to get kinky, then try some BDSM tricks to see if they stimulate your member more than usual. [Read: Male sexual fantasies – 16 top dirty desire every guy has in mind]

14. Eat more fruits and grains and vegetables

As we said, the health of your penis and the ability to get hard erections is a sign of overall health. So, if you eat more foods that are for you, then it should help your penis as well. You might wanna consider checking out or switching to a Mediterranean diet that incorporates lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in the diet. In connection, avoid eating processed food no matter how much you’d like to, as that will not help you get erect harder for longer.

15. Reduce alcohol and tobacco consumption

Sure, it’s fun to drink, party, and smoke. But as we all know, it’s not good for your health. In fact, too much alcohol consumption has a definite negative effect on the quality of your erections.

16. Exercise and cardio

If you’re seeing a pattern here as it relates to health, then you are right. Heart health is directly related to whether or not your penis gets fully hard as well.

So, you should incorporate plenty of exercises – especially cardio – into your life. If you’re not doing it yet, then you might want to consider some lifestyle changes that can help your erectile function. [Read: The benefits of exercise on your mind, body, and libido]

17. Check your testosterone levels

There is a reason that teenage boys and young adult males have random erections all the time. It’s because that’s the age range when testosterone is at its highest.

So, if you’re getting older, that means your testosterone is declining. But you can supplement with it, and that will help with the quality of your erections too. Get your testosterone levels checked before considering taking sexual medicines.

18. Cock ring

A cock ring is a circular band that wraps around the base of your penis. Not only can it make your erection bigger and harder, but it can also help you last longer during sex.

It also feels good to have extra pressure and stimulation on your penis. [Read: How to use a cock ring – your rock-hard guide to orgasmic bliss]

19. Drink caffeine

Some studies have found that men who drink caffeine every day are less likely to have problems getting firm erections.

It’s not 100% confirmed, but drinking a few cups of coffee per day might be an attractive solution, even if it is not a cure-all.

20. Have an active sexual imagination

Sometimes life gets busy, and you don’t have time to think about sex as much as you want to. So, take some time to visualize your sexual fantasies. Or, you can read some erotic fiction to get your sexual imagination going.

Herbal supplements that may help keep an erection and improve sexual health *these are not ED medication, just supplements*

There are also some herbal supplements that you can try to get a harder erection. Here are some you can try. [Read: How to make a guy hard – 25 casual and subtle moves no man can resist]

1. Ginseng

This herb is part of Chinese medicine because it contains a compound called ginsenoside. It has similar effects on the body as Viagra without the side effects.

Even though it doesn’t have immediate effects like Viagra, it has been known to improve sexual performance over time.

2. Horny goat weed

Another herb that is only found in China, horny goat weed has about 50 species and extracts. Some of them have aphrodisiac properties.

One of its components of it is a flavonoid that is supposed to boost sexual performance. It works by inhibiting an enzyme called PDE5 in the penis.

3. Saw palmetto

This is an herb that is used for treating many ailments. It can be used for prostate enlargement and urinary tract infections too.

Some people argue that it doesn’t affect erections while other people disagree. [Read: Limp dick – 31 causes, cures, and ways to go from flaccid to firm ASAP!]

3. Yohimbe

Yohimbe is derived from the bark of pausilinia yohime and it has been proven to be helpful in treating erectile dysfunction.

It works as a sexual stimulant by blocking alpha-2 andrenergic receptors, which improves the blood flow to the penis. It also helps produce the chemical norepinephrine, which also helps a man get an erection. 

4. Ginko Biloba

This is another Chinese herb that is also an aphrodisiac. It improves blood circulation in your body. Since most causes of a weak erection are due to a lack of blood supply to the penis, increasing blood circulation in the body could be something that helps. It also eases anxiety just in case the erectile dysfunction is related to being nervous.

Should you try Erectile Dysfunction medications for better sexual performance?

If you are still wondering how to get a harder erection, then maybe you should see a medical professional. You should be screened for any health problems you might have. For many men, a physical exam and answering your doctor’s questions are all that is needed for a doctor to recommend an erectile dysfunction treatment.

If your doctor thinks you have an underlying health condition, you might need further tests or to see a specialist. Some tests they might do on you include blood or urine, ultrasound, and even some psychological tests. [Read: Weird penis – The freaky behaviors that are totally normal]

Once the doctor can find the cause of the reason you’re not getting harder erections, he or she can suggest a treatment. Depending on the severity of your condition, you might have various treatment options. 

Many men who suffer from the symptoms of erectile dysfunction decide to try oral ED medication, and they can be successful for many.

You can try Viagra, Cialis, Staxyn, or Stendra.

All four of these medications enhance the effects of nitric oxide, which is a natural chemical in your body that relaxes muscles in the penis. This also increases the blood flow and allows you to get an erection in response to sexual stimulation.

However, they are not magic wands. They won’t automatically produce an erection for everyone. Sexual stimulation is needed to cause the release of nitric oxide from your penile nerves.

The medications help that signal which allows normal function in some people, which in turn helps improve your sexual function and overall sexual health. [Read: 13 Ways to overcome sexual anxiety and perform!]

How to keep a penis healthy and strong 

Besides eating healthy and exercising, there are a few other things you can do to keep your penis healthy and strong to improve your sex life. 

1. Use it

You’ve probably heard the term “use it or lose it,” right? Well, that also applies to your penis. Having sex on a regular basis cuts your chances of suffering from erectile dysfunction.

This means you should have sex at least once a week. If you don’t have a partner, masturbating can also help.

2. Get adequate amounts of sleep

Not getting enough sleep is related to a lot of different health issues that cause sexual problems as people get older. Some others include sleep apnea, obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. So, if you want to keep your penis healthy, you cannot be sleep deprived.

3. Drink a lot of water

Water is necessary for good health and also for harder erections. It keeps things moving around our body, including fluids like red blood cells and plasma that make your penis hard during sexual activity.

A sudden decrease in the amount of plasma in red blood cells circulating in the body can lead to going soft. The more hydrated you are, the more efficient circulation becomes.

[Read: Limp dick – 31 causes, cures, and ways to go from flaccid to firm ASAP]

Learning how to get a harder erection is simply knowing the tools *no pun intended* it takes to get there. Try these easy ways, and you’ll see the difference in no time.

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