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20 Steps to Get a Girl to Like You Over Text & Make Her Want to Text More

These days, it’s more important than ever to know how to get a girl to like you over text. Messaging is the starting point of every great relationship!

how to get a girl to like you over text

With online dating taking over the traditional way of finding love, knowing how to get a girl to like you over text is crucial. If you can’t turn on the charm over the phone as easily as you can in real life, you might want a few tips.

If the traditional way of dating just isn’t working for you, then moving it online is probably your best bet.

You’re able to find people you have way more in common with and that you’d never actually meet otherwise. But if they can’t see the allure in you, they won’t want to take it further.

For that reason, you need to up your texting game. [Read: 44 tips and examples to flirt with a girl over text and leave her smiling]

Online dating can be easier and harder at the same time

It’s kind of weird how this works. You think it’ll be so much easier to meet people online, and it is.

However, being able to connect with someone on a deeper level and actually flirt with them over text and messaging is way more difficult. It’s much less personal and there’s a huge possibility of misunderstandings.

Of course, this difficulty is mostly because you really don’t know anything about them. You’re not sure if you have chemistry and you have no idea what their personality is like.

For that reason, you end up getting nervous and can’t seem to make yourself sound good over text. [Read: 35 best conversation starters for the shy and socially awkward]

How to get a girl to like you over text, so you have a shot at love

Being great in person and being able to show someone your good side over text aren’t remotely the same. Knowing how to get a girl to like you over text requires a lot of knowledge and strategy. In some ways, you need to be a larger-than-life version of yourself, to ensure your good side really transmits over to her.

Yes, you’ll still be showing her who you are and you’ll still be acting like yourself, but there are certain guidelines that’ll help you. Here’s how you can go about getting a girl to actually like you when you’ve only been messaging for a short while. [Read: How not to be dry when texting a girl and keep her hooked 24/7]

1. Make her laugh

Girls all want to laugh. If you can make her laugh, she’s definitely going to move you up on the list of guys to like. You’ll score some major bonus points.

That being said, don’t just copy and paste lame jokes from the Internet. You especially want to avoid dirty jokes that are overly sexual. This just makes you look bad and as though all you want is sex. [Read: Funny things to text a girl and make her laugh and love you over text]

2. Use the clues in her bio to make meaningful discussion

Don’t just start asking boring questions. Make them meaningful. If you got introduced to this girl through someone or via a dating app, use that information to your advantage!

Is there something she absolutely adores? What are the things she enjoys doing? Ask about them, and chances are, she’ll be the one texting you more!

3. Don’t interview her

Most people who text and try to get girls to like them sit there and ask question after question without ever actually having a conversation.

It’s like an interview instead of actually getting to know her. And it’s boring! You can ask questions, just make sure they lead to meaningful two-way discussions. [Read: 140 fun and random questions to ask a girl and start something flirty]

4. Use GIFs

These little animated photos are basically a gift from somewhere magical. Not only do they make everything more fun, but they can also convey your personality way easier than a message.

5. Use emojis

Using emojis is a fantastic way to add some fun to your texting. No girl wants to date someone who’s boring.

If you want to get a girl to like you over text, make her laugh with a few nicely placed emojis and she’ll like you more for it. However, don’t overdo it! It’s not fun trying to decipher a message full of emojis.

6. Don’t take forever to reply

Playing hard to get in this sense will not work at all. Girls get really annoyed if it takes a guy forever to text back.

It’s like she’s not a priority to you and she won’t like that. If you’re genuinely busy, that’s fine. If you think you’ll seem desperate, don’t worry about it. [Read: Playing hard to get with a girl – The mistakes guys make and how to do it right]

7. Tease her a little bit

Teasing will no doubt have been a great way to get a girl to like you since you were little. Bring out that inner child and tease her a bit.

Just make sure you’re not poking fun at anything sensitive or it’ll have the opposite effect!

8. Tease yourself

This levels the playing field a little bit. It also shows her that you’re willing to make a fool of yourself for her attention, which can often work in your favor.

This opens the door for her to pick on you and that’ll create some nice chemistry. When she realizes there’s chemistry, she’ll start liking you. [Read: How to tease a girl over text and get her to flirt with you]

9. Don’t text too much

You don’t want to bombard her with messages all the damn time. That’ll be annoying and reek of desperation. Just send a simple text and wait for a reply.

If you don’t hear back from her by the next day, just send another. Any more than two unanswered texts and she probably isn’t interested. If that’s the case, leave it and move on.

10. Be open about what you like about her

Saying something like, “Wow, I really like that about you,” can get you a long way. People tend to like those who like them.

If you make it clear that you like certain qualities about her, she’s more likely to respond positively. Also, don’t just make them about her appearance, add details about her personality and passions too. [Read: 40 questions to ask your crush to open up and subtly flirt with them]

11. Make her feel special

The best thing you can do to get a girl to like you over text is to make her feel special. This is especially true if you met through an online dating app. She might think you’re talking to other girls, which will make her less than thrilled.

Making her feel special and showing her that you’ve only got eyes for her will make her like you more. She’ll be more comfortable opening up to you and that kind of bond always brings about feelings.

12. Separate yourself from the other guys

Don’t act like other guys. By that, we mean stop dropping pickup lines and asking the same questions everyone else is asking.

If you’re unoriginal, it’ll be boring. Make her remember you and you’re definitely a step closer to knowing how to get a girl to like you over text.

13. Get out while you’re ahead

This might sound like a bad idea, but it’s something you need to remember. When you give a girl a taste of something she likes and then take it away from her, it makes her want it more.

That means if you’re really charming, can make her laugh, and then tell her you need to go for now, she’ll be waiting on the edge of her seat for a text later. [Read: 18 casual things to text a girl and leave her addicted to you]

14. Show her you have something in common

Girls need to be able to see a possibility of a future with someone. She needs that in order to like you. If you show her you have things in common, the picture of the two of you together will start to form and she’ll start liking you.

15. Just face the fact that some girls aren’t going to like you

Not everyone will like you. That’s just the way the world works. No matter what you do and how hard you try, sometimes it just doesn’t work.

You can’t force someone to like you. Just move on and find someone else who does! [Read: 22 reasons why she suddenly lost interest and what you can learn now]

16. Understand the huge potential for misunderstandings

The problem with texting is that there’s a huge potential for misunderstanding one another. For instance, sarcasm doesn’t always translate wonderfully on text. The way you say something in your mind when texting isn’t necessarily the way she’ll read it.

How many times have you read a message someone has sent you and wondered if they’re annoyed because they seem sharp? The probability is they were perfectly fine and it was just the way you were reading it. [Read: 300+ most romantic text messages for her that’ll make her melt]

When sending texts to a girl, just be clear. Don’t leave any space for ambiguity and you’ll reduce the chances of common text misunderstandings! If you’re worried something you said may come off rude or wrong, just add a fun emoji and she’ll know you’re joking!

17. Remember the importance of a “good morning” text

If you want to know how to get a girl to like you over text, much of it comes down to attention to detail. A “good morning” text is so crucial. It shows that she was the first thing that popped into your mind as you were waking up.

Of course, if you have to get up at the crack of dawn and she doesn’t, it might be worth waiting a couple of hours if you don’t want a grumpy girl on your hands! [Read: 50 cute good morning texts to make her smile that work like magic]

18. Be careful with late-night texting

Whilst it may be totally unrelated in your mind, late-night texting can sometimes translate as booty call territory.

If you haven’t texted her all day and you suddenly send a text late at night, she might get the wrong idea about your intentions. To avoid a misunderstanding of that magnitude, just be mindful of when you press ‘send.’ [Read: How to get to know a girl over text and build a real connection with her]

19. No unsolicited pics – dick or otherwise

Some girls just aren’t comfortable with pictures being sent to them. And most girls would speak from experience when they say that almost no one is impressed with dick pics either.

Unless she has specifically asked for a picture of any part of your body, face or otherwise, don’t send it. There is rarely a time or place for dick pics anyway.

20. Don’t be afraid to be a little silly

Who wants to be serious all the time anyway? A cute, silly message can really brighten up a girl’s day and when it comes from someone she might be starting to like, it will make her smile all the more.

These sorts of messages show your personality and at the end of the day, that’s what you’re trying to show her. [Read: 134 smart and very funny would you rather questions to leave her ROFL]

Avoid text anxiety at all costs!

We know that texting a girl you like can be nerve-wracking. Yet, you should thank your lucky stars that you have texting at your disposal.

Can you imagine if the only option was to actually approach her and have a face-to-face conversation? Shock horror! The days before the Internet must have been bleak for daters!

One thing you need to avoid is texting anxiety. You will literally tie yourself up in knots. Then, when she texts you, you’ll be so overcome with anxiety that you won’t be able to be your true self. [Read: Texting anxiety – How to send & receive texts without freaking out]

Once you have sent a text, try and distract your mind and do something else. If she’s going to text you back, she will. Then, if she doesn’t, wait until the next day, send one more follow-up text *casual, always* and then wait.

If no reply still, shrug your shoulders and move on to the next. There are plenty more fish in the sea, friend! [Read: Double texting – What it is, how to avoid it and 15 must-follow rules]

Becoming overly anxious about replies and what to say will just create a mess in your mind. Dating is supposed to be fun.

And anyway, you’re wonderful the way you are; if she doesn’t see it, that’s her loss, not yours. Having this idea in your mind will make texting much easier. It will also help you to learn how to get a girl to like you over text more easily, because you’re simply relaxed and being yourself.

[Read: 28 really obvious signs that a girl really likes you over text]

With technology advances and less and less people going out in public to find love, you’re just going to have to learn how to get a girl to like you over text if you ever hope to find love. These tips will help immensely in that endeavor.

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