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How to Get a Girl Pregnant: 12 Little Details that Play a Big Part

Understanding how to get a girl pregnant is not as easy as sneezing. It actually takes the perfect set of circumstances in order for everything to work.

how to get a girl pregnant

You may think that getting a bun in your girl’s oven is easy, but truth be told, understanding how to get a girl pregnant actually takes a lot of planning and work. If your wife or girlfriend wants to conceive a child, you probably think, “How hard can it be?” Well, if you’re reading this, conceiving a child isn’t as easy as you thought.

But don’t worry about it. I’m going to show you the step-by-step of what you need to learn when it comes to knowing how to get a girl pregnant. Now, before you try to get your wife or girlfriend pregnant, make sure you both have talked about it and agreed to try. [Read: 10 naughty sex games for couples to feel really horny in no time]

How to get a girl pregnant

Let me tell ya, there have been some close calls where I thought I was pregnant. In reality, I just ate too much or was suffering from bad PMS. Nevertheless, I thought there was a bun in the oven. But to this day, I have not been pregnant.

Now, I have some girlfriends that look at a man and all of a sudden have a bun in the oven, but for most women, it’s not like that. Actually, all women, please don’t think you can become pregnant through eye contact.

Follow these steps to learn how to get a girl pregnant and see how it goes.

#1 Be on the same page as your partner. You and your partner need to both have the same goal in mind. If she’s not sure about having a child but you are, don’t do it. You both have to want to have a child because it takes both sides to make it work. She’ll have to do her part, and you’ll have to do yours. [Read: How to know if you’re both ready to have a baby]

#2 Timing is everything. You can’t become pregnant any time of the month, it doesn’t work like that. In reality, you actually have a very small window of opportunity every month to conceive. Ovulation usually occurs 14 days after the first full day of her period. But, this varies for every woman. [Read: 15 commonly accepted sex facts that are wrong]

#3 Both take active responsibility. So many people think that becoming pregnant doesn’t take any planning but it does. In fact, you two will probably be annoyed by planning when to have sex, etc. But you both need to take responsibility for your roles, that is if you both really want this.

#4 She has to know her cycle. She needs to know when she’s ovulating. This isn’t something that you have to figure out. If she’s unsure, she should go to a doctor, and they’ll be able to help her figure out her ovulation days. Every woman is different, so, 14 days after the first full day of bleeding in a period is just a general rule.

#5 She has to be off birth control. If your partner’s on birth control, she’s going to have to stop taking it. Ideally, she should stop taking birth control one or two months prior to conception since it’ll take some time for her hormones to adjust. 

#6 There isn’t a special sex position. If you’re thinking there’s some special position to get a girl pregnant, you’re wrong. The only position I wouldn’t recommend is while you’re both standing up since the sperm can leak out. But any other position is fine whether it’s missionary, cowgirl, or doggy.

#7 Increase your sperm count. For a higher chance of contraception, you need to increase your sperm count, if it’s not already high. If you love drinking beer, well fellas, it’s time you cut back. Don’t consume more than one or two drinks a day because it does affect your sperm count. Your sperm count replenishes completely once every 24 – 36 hours after you ejaculate, so if you’re having too much fun masturbating, cut down on that to increase your sperm count for each new session of sex. Oh, and if you smoke–quit. [Read: Smoking and sex – Horrible ways in which smoking can screw up your sex life]

#8 Watch how you work out. Who would have thought that you’d have to be careful working out, but it’s true. You don’t want to do any physical activity which puts pressure on your groin. This means no bike riding. Instead, do activities which allow your testicles to hang down naturally. Biking overheats your sperm, thus, killing them. 

#9 Don’t use a condom. If you want to conceive a child, you’re going to have to stop wearing condoms. In addition, avoid using lubricants and spermicide, since these dramatically decrease the chances of conception. There are a few lubricants that can actually enhance the motility of your sperm, but if you’re not sure, just avoid lubrication as most of them hinder the movement of sperm.

 #10 Get a check-up. If you’re wondering what’s going on down there, stop guessing and just go see a doctor. They’ll be able to test your sperm levels, so, if they’re low, you’ll be able to take the steps to increase your sperm count.

#11 Keep your groin cool. I know you want to hit up the jacuzzi but now is definitely not the time. You need to focus on keeping your groin area cool. If it’s overheated then it reduces sperm count which makes it harder to conceive. So, avoid steam rooms, saunas, and placing anything hot on your groin area. [Read: The best kept secrets for increasing your semen volume]

#12 Just relax. Don’t stress yourself out. If you two want to have a baby, it’ll happen. If you’re stressing yourself and your partner out, this will affect the process. It’s much harder to conceive a child when you’re stressed out. Try to go to yoga, meditate, or take an up activity which calms you.

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Having a baby isn’t the same as taking care of your chihuahua, they’re a lot of work. But, if you sat down with your partner, talked about it, and believe it’s time to have a child, well, then follow these steps for how to get a girl pregnant.

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