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How to Break Up with a Girl Nicely and Not Look like a Dick

No one said breaking up is easy to do. In fact, most of us avoid it at all costs. But learning how to break up with a girl nicely does help!

how to break up with a girl nicely

You need to know how to break up with a girl nicely. Whether the girl is a complete asshole or the nicest person on the planet, leave the relationship showing your respect for them and what you shared.

Okay, in some cases, you can be a dick. For example, if she cheated on you, then you don’t have to breakup with her nicely. But generally, when breaking up with someone it’s because you don’t see them as someone serious in your life or you were annoyed by the way they chewed. And these reasons don’t validate you acting disrespectfully. You don’t want to traumatize her, you just want to end the relationship. [Read: How to break up with someone who loves you]

How to break up with a girl nicely

I hate breaking up with people. Back in the day, I would make it so that they would break up with me. I’d pick fights, act like a complete bitch, all because I was too much of a coward to say how I truly felt to their face. I mean, it did work, they’d dump me. This isn’t how you should end a relationship, forcing someone to break up with you.

Instead, you have to be honest *somewhat* and tell them how you feel and why you feel that way. Of course, there’s also a right and wrong way to tell someone you don’t want to be with them. There’s no need to act like a dick.

#1 Is this what you want to do? Is this really what you want? You don’t have to rush when it comes to breaking up with someone. Take some time to think about your decision and look at the problems in your relationship. Are they unsolvable problems? Do you feel like you’re doing the right thing by breaking up with them? Do what feels right in your heart. [Read: The practical things to consider before giving up on love]

#2 No break up texts. Please don’t be that guy. If you want to know how to break up with a girl nicely, then please remember that sending her a break up text will definitely not win you nice guy points. Breaking up via text is extremely disrespectful and just an asshole move. Seeing them face to face gives both of you closure and the opportunity to talk about the relationship. [Read: Things you shouldn’t say during a break up]

#3 Don’t play the blame game. First of all, blaming them isn’t doing anyone justice. If you want to end the relationship drama-free then don’t blame them. Your relationship consisted of two people, so they’re not the only one who made mistakes along the way. Of course, unless they cheated on you, the blame is never one-sided.

#4 Don’t tell her you want to be friends. No one actually wants to be friends with someone they just broke up with. Sure, friendship happens, but a lot of time passes before that can happen. Don’t lead them on by telling them that you want to stay friends and hang out. This isn’t a nice way to end a relationship, just be honest with them. [Read: All the reasons why staying friends with an ex never works]

#5 Be honest… somewhat. Okay, yes, you need to be honest about why you’re breaking up with them, but don’t be too honest, if you know what I mean. They’re already getting dumped, they don’t need to hear you list their bad qualities that you can’t stand. So, yes, be honest but with your honesty, use gentle words.

#6 Don’t go social media crazy. Sometimes after a break up, it feels like we’ve been unchained. Which, I totally get, but don’t go parading it all over social media. First of all, it’s a dick move, and second of all, it’s petty as hell. So, before you make a Facebook status that says, “holy shit, I’m finally single. Ladies, call this number,” think twice. [Read: Do you need a social media detox?]

#7 There’s no right time. But there are better times to break up with someone. If they just had someone pass away in their family, breaking up with them at this moment is a bad idea. Don’t dump them right before an exam, vacation, or big celebration. It’s a dick move. And yes, there’s no right time, but there are moments where she won’t have anything going on.

#8 Be ready to handle a range of emotions. Listen, she just got dumped by you, so she’s going to be experiencing a whole range of emotions. She’ll feel anger and sadness, so be ready to handle whatever comes your way. But, handle it in a thoughtful and empathetic way. Don’t yell or become angry with her, understand that she’s grieving. [Read: How to break up with someone you love – A breakup conversation example]

#9 Don’t communicate with her. Don’t text her. Don’t call her to see how she is. I know you may think it’s a nice move from you, but it’s not. It’s actually a horrible thing to do as it makes it look like she’s the weak one in a vulnerable situation. Leave her alone and let her come to you when she’s ready.

#10 Offer to talk to her when she’s ready. After you break up with her, tell her that when she’s ready, if she has any questions she can come talk to you. She may need some time to calm down and understand what happened, so don’t be so quick to close this chapter as she may need her own form of closure.

#11 Allow them to speak. Listen, she wants to give you her side of the story during the break up, and you should respect her thoughts and feelings. You need to let her express how she feels to voice anything she wanted to say about the relationship. This comes in handy for your future relationships as well, since you observe where you went wrong. [Read: 15 lessons you can learn from your own breakups]

#12 Use “I” statements. Remember, you’re breaking up with her. So, make sure you use “I” statements when speaking to her. For example, “I feel that we don’t have the chemistry we once had.” This shows you don’t blame her, but rather express directly how you feel.

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Okay, so, now that you know how to break up with a girl nicely, it’s time that you got the courage and just did it already. Rip it off like a Band-Aid!

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