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How to be a Badass: 25 Ways to Be Intimidating & Desirable All at Once

When you learn how to be a badass, you kiss goodbye to caring what others think. You don’t care about following the norm. You’re who you are and you own it! 

how to be a badass

Everyone wants to know how to be a badass. There’s just something so cool and intimidating about that person, that you just don’t want to mess with them. If anything, you want to be them!

But before we go any further, you need to remember that a badass isn’t the guy or girl who picks fights for no reason or the one who wants to be the center of attention. They just exist.

They live life on their own terms, and couldn’t care less about anything that happens around them. It’s this vague indifference they project onto the world that makes them desirable, and yet, so hard to emulate. [Read: 20 essential traits all guys need to have in them to be a real man]

What is a badass?

They’re not an alpha. They don’t want to dominate others to prove their worth or strength. They don’t want to draw attention to themselves with childish antics. When it comes to following the crowd, they’re not interested in that either.

A badass is just a formidable person who’s somehow extremely intimidating and yet, so darn awesome! Everyone wants to be a badass, because they just make everything look so cool.

You can definitely be one too. But in your pursuit of being a badass girl or guy, you need to remember a few key details. [Read: 30 alpha male characteristics that make you a real alpha]

The real character within the badass

A badass isn’t someone who demands attention. They’re someone who’s earned the reputation to behave that way. If you’re a nobody, you have no right to own the label.

If you’re still on the bottom rungs of life’s ladder, you can’t become a badass even if you try to. It’s just an unfortunate reality of the world we live in. You become a badass when you command respect without having to ask for it.

The real person inside is a really great character who’s just awesome at what they do. They could ignore everyone in the world and yet, people would come crawling to them because they’re the only person who’s perfect for the job. Get what we mean?

While we can discuss the traits of a badass and how to be a badass, you still need to excel at something and be so good at it people have no choice but to respect you for it. [Read: 20 positive personality traits that can change your life forever]

The badass and the wannabe badass

There are two kinds of badasses, the real badass, and the wannabe badass. Okay, make that one kind – the real badass and the person who’s trying really hard to be considered a badass.

The real badass is the one who’s needed by society. But, they shun society, and couldn’t care less about “fitting in.” And yet, people would still come to them.

And then, we have the wannabe badass. This is the annoying character who throws their weight around, seeks attention, tries to look surly, and behaves cocky. And everyone walks away from them. They think they’re important, but in all probability, they’re just a braggart and no one really gives a rat’s ass about their existence.

So before you try to be a badass, understand the key differences between the two badasses. And pick who you want to be. [Read: 30 traits that make you a typical type A personality]

The core idea of being a badass

You don’t have to change yourself to be a badass. You just have to stop pretending and trying so hard to fit in and be liked.

We live in a world where we have to please a few people, and do things even when we don’t want to do them. All because we want to fit in, or be liked.

But if you really want to know how to be a badass, rise above it and live life on your terms. And most importantly, don’t do it because you want the attention. Do it because you’re more focused on a bigger purpose and goal in life, that all the other trivial details just become insignificant to you. [Read: 28 ways to motivate yourself to do pretty much anything you desire]

How to be a badass – The 25 steps to finding and revealing your inner badass

A badass is not an arrogant person. They don’t go hurting people for no reason. They’re just an awesome character who knows they’re above mere mortals. They don’t care about people, they don’t need them, and most importantly, they’re unpredictable because they don’t depend on someone else’s favors.

The most important trait of a badass is their unpredictable nature. No one can tell how they’ll react to something. They keep their secrets close and their emotions shut down, unless there’s a need to express it.

Want to be a real bad ass? Understand these steps on how to be a badass, and you’ll get there in no time. [Read: Dating expectations – Type A vs type B personalities]

1. Don’t be a people pleaser

Stop worrying about everyone’s opinions. You know who you are, and your loved ones love the person you are. So stop trying to please everyone you meet in life.

2. Don’t fidget

A badass never fidgets. Nervous wannabes fidget. A badass moves with calculated precision, and never crack their knuckles or shuffles their feet when they’re stationary. [Read: How to get a great girl to notice you without even talking to her]

3. The deep gaze

Badasses have a piercing gaze when they’re having a conversation with someone. If they’re happy, the corner of their lips curls into a small smile.

If they’re displeased, their expression turns into a grimace that makes anyone feel like they’re going to get punched in the face.

4. Don’t nod your head

A badass doesn’t nod or shake their head in approval for every line they hear. When you’re having a conversation with someone, just stare at them or answer with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no.’ It’ll intimidate anyone you speak to.

5. Relax

Be laid back and relaxed all the time, like you don’t have a care in the world. But at the same time, be very agile.

When you need to get up or walk away, don’t be a slob. You need to make others run behind you and keep up with your pace all the time. [Read: Why shy guys use the hover hand around a girl all the time]

6. Be succinct

Don’t use six words when you can use one. A badass doesn’t indulge in idle chatter. Always try to keep your sentences short. It’ll make the other person talk more to fill in the gaps, and that leaves them feeling intimidated.

7. Don’t be embarrassed

A badass is never embarrassed about making a scene or getting attention. Always be ready to raise your voice if the need arises, whether it’s about yelling at someone or making a point over the phone.

8. A badass is a perfectionist

This is very important. Be perfect in what you do, or no one will care for you. Only when you’re indispensable to people can you be worthy of being a badass. [Read: How to be perfect in everything you do and lead a fulfilling life]

9. Don’t smile all the time

A badass’s smile is like a rare species of animal. It’s seen only on rare occasions. Your smile should feel like a compliment to the other person. So don’t smile unless you’re laughing maniacally, and you’ll be a great badass!

10. Turn soft occasionally

Show your soft side now and then to others so people still know you’re human. This also makes you very unpredictable which is a great trait about a badass. [Read: How to develop empathy and master the art of growing a real heart]

11. Always sit back in your seat

Never sit at the tip of your seat waiting to jump up like you’ve got a spring-loaded pin under your ass. Sit back comfortably and voice your opinions calmly. It makes you appear more composed.

12. Never lose your calm in front of others

Losing your cool, especially when you’re beaten at something or when someone says something rude is a sign of weakness. It shows others that you’ve been affected negatively by what they said to you. A badass doesn’t care for people’s opinions.

But if you can’t hold on to your rage, an occasional outburst is completely acceptable, as long as you don’t reveal your weaknesses to others around you.

13. Slow and firm gestures

A badass doesn’t move their hands too often or too fast. They’re calm and composed. They only use slow and calculated gestures. [Read: 25 character traits about a guy that turn a girl on sexually]

14. Be emotionless

Don’t be overly emotional, regardless of whether it’s positive or negative. A badass doesn’t show their real emotions to anyone but the closest people in their life.

15. Have a serious move

Every badass has a move or two to keep themselves occupied when sitting idle. You can run one hand over your other hand’s knuckles slowly, or just stare at your hands. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you look occupied and thoughtful when you’re by yourself.

16. Dress really well

Dress sharp, slick, and intimidate others. A badass looks bad only when they look and dress sexily. If you dress like an average person, you’ll just be ignored. [Read: 15 things girls look for in a guy to fall for him]

17. Control others

Always control the other person in a conversation. Don’t just nod and listen to what they have to suggest. Use your hands to guide them around the place or get them to follow your lead in small ways.

Before you know it, their ego will shrivel and you’ll feel more powerful, as long as you control the direction and the end of the conversation.

18. Never lose your cool

A badass doesn’t lose their focus or cool. They’re always composed and make decisions with a calm and calculative mind.

19. Don’t shriek

Speak in a low and firm voice without a quiver all the time. Someone who uses a high pitch is never a badass, they’re just craving attention. [Read: How to get a girl’s attention wherever you are like a real man]

20. Be chivalrous

But never wait for a thank you. Hold the door open for a girl, but walk away before she can turn around and thank you. It makes everyone you’re chivalrous to, want to know you! [Read: The code of modern chivalry for men]

21. Learn your manners

Don’t be rude or arrogant. Badasses are very charming, but very inhibiting. Treat everyone with respect, but don’t tolerate their annoyance.

22. Don’t speak fast

People who are extremely confident and full of themselves always speak slowly because they don’t care about wasting another person’s time.

But on the other hand, if you’re already a fast talker, be very firm and commanding. It has the same badass effect because it reveals that you don’t have time to waste on others. But don’t ever let anyone cut you off when you’re talking.

23. Have a strong drink

If you’re not a teetotaler, avoid cocktails and colorful drinks with fancy umbrellas when you’re behaving like a badass.

Have a simple drink, a glass of red wine, or drink scotch neat/on the rocks. It makes you appear more serious and sophisticated.

24. Don’t hide your displeasure

Let others see the displeasure in your face when you’re annoyed with them for anything. A badass is a perfectionist and doesn’t put up with incompetent people.

25. Own your badass character

Be confident of who you are and don’t fake a personality just for attention. It never works. If you want to be a badass, you have to build these traits over time. A badass isn’t born in a day, they become one over time with maturity and confidence. [Read: How your self respect affects your relationship with others]

All said and done, a badass is ruthless and emotionless only with the people they interact with professionally. When it comes to their personal life, they’re very loving, respectful, and decent people who care for their families and love them to death.

The badass is a wall they build to protect themselves from lesser mortals and people that don’t matter to them. To the ones they love, they’re warm and caring, and never have an ego.

[Read: How to be a good person and 32 ways to transform into a better human being]

A badass is a great person. Everyone wants to be them, but few can, even if they try all their lives. Do you really want to be one? Use these steps on how to be a badass, and if you have it in you, you’ll surely be one someday.

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