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How to Get Your Wife in The Mood – 20 Things You Can Do

Are you keen to spice up your sex life but you’re short on ideas on how to get your wife in the mood? You’re in luck, we have some great suggestions!

how to get your woman in the mood

Guys, let’s be honest here for a second. In the majority of your relationships, you and your girl want sex just as much in the beginning, but as time goes on, you start to see a pattern. And that pattern is you asking more and more for sex, while your once sex-crazed girlfriend turns you down more often. It wouldn’t be bad if it stopped there, but all of a sudden, your woman probably doesn’t even attempt to initiate sex anymore! You need to learn how to get your wife in the mood and change the whole picture.

On one hand, you’re worried she may turn you down for sex when you initiate it, and on the other, even when she allows you to get it on she just seems too disinterested in the whole thing.

What’s going on? Time. That’s what’s going on. The longer you’re together, the harder you often have to work to keep the flame of passion alive. [Read: 12 things most guys do that makes girls want to hate sex!]

Are you doing something wrong?

It’s not always a guy’s fault when his wife or girlfriend doesn’t want to have sex anymore.

But when this situation arises in your relationship and has been this way for a while, it’s definitely your fault for letting it stay that way!

We’re not pointing fingers here, but really, is it that hard to help your own lover see the good side of passion and romance? Don’t you think it’s worth the effort? [Read: Sex is overrated – Why some love sex & some couldn’t care less]

If you’re concerned, it’s a good idea to sit down and have a chat with your partner. For sure, it’s not the easiest conversation and you need to be sensitive about how you go about it, but communication in a relationship is key. Choose a time when you’re both chilled out and be sure to avoid accusatory language. Don’t go straight in there and say “why don’t you want to have sex anymore?” Instead, use “I” statements, such as “I feel like …”. It might not come naturally to you, but sometimes a conversation can clear up misunderstandings and put you both on the right track once more. [Read: How to talk about sex without sounding like a pervert]

Learning how to get your wife in the mood isn’t a one night thing

Now, don’t be selfish. You want to have sex, and you want your wife to be ready for it. If that’s the thought that runs in your mind, you’re just a miserable excuse of a man!

You can’t just expect your wife or girlfriend to get turned on like a light bulb at your whims and fancies. Passion takes time to build. It’s like a slow burner that takes time to warm the pot but stays warm for a long time.

If all you’re looking for are ideas on getting your girl wet, well, that’s easy! [Read: How to get any girl horny just by sitting next to her]

But passion that’s prolonged and intense? Well, that’s a different ball game! Decide what’s important to you and let’s hope that you choose the right option if you want to please your wife and keep sex on her mind for longer. That means learning how to get your wife in the mood and make her actually want to jump your bones!

How to get your wife in the mood – 20 things to try

If you believe your woman’s completely uninterested in sex for a while now, it’s up to the both of you to bring the sizzle back into love. It happens from time to time. Life just gets in the way.

If your wife’s not really taking the initiative, here are 20 things you can do to rekindle the passion and bring her back into the mood – tonight and for a long time to come! [Read: 18 awesome sex tips for men to make her crave for more!]

1. Creating a sexy bedroom environment is step 1 in how to get your wife in the mood!

The first tip on how to get your wife in the mood is to surprise her with candles in the bedroom and rose petals on the bed. Perhaps, even run her a hot tub bath and bring her a glass of wine to relax with. Yes, this may be over the top for some men to even attempt, but take a leap of faith with us here. We are positive you won’t regret it! Women need to relax and unwind before sex even enters their minds. [Read: 9 tips to turn your room into a sex bedroom]

2. Spice up the conversation

Simply stating to your significant other that you are “ready for sex” may have worked when you first met. But, it is highly unlikely to still yield the same results at this point in your relationship.

Spice up your conversations with teases and flirty talk. Ease in ideas and thoughts. Make her feel sexy and then arouse her with your words. Dirty talk isn’t for everyone so make sure that you read her reactions and cater to her desires. She might not be down with explicit talk, but she might be happy with a little sexual innuendo. [Read: The right way to talk dirty to a girl without turning her off!]

3. Buy her a sexy outfit

Now sexual roleplaying is not for every couple and that is not what we are suggesting here. If it ends up going in that direction, then great, but you have to make your woman feel sexy first.

Let her know and see that you still find her attractive and extremely sexually appealing. Buying her a sexy or revealing piece of underwear is a great way to remind her just how beautiful she is. It’s a present for her, but then again, this is really a present for you! It’s a good way to learn how to get your wife in the mood because it’s considerate yet to the point.

4. Change things up a little

As your relationship ages, you do not want sex to become a chore. Nor would you want to stick with the same positions every time, especially if it’s boring.

If you find yourself in this rut, change it up a bit and make the experience all about your wife. By doing so, you are adding a new spark back into your sex life, one we can almost guarantee she will repay happily. [Read: 15 tips to satisfy a woman in bed and make sex exciting for her]

5. Maintain the manners of a gentleman

When it comes to learning how to get your wife in the mood, realize that no matter what you do, sometimes the answer will just be no. Keep your cool, remain a gentleman, and don’t pester your wife. This will not go unnoticed by her, we can assure you of that.

6. Share your feelings

Women can’t read our minds *as much as we sometimes think they can*. Open up, share your feelings, let your girl know what’s on your mind. This will only create a closer bond between the two of you, not widen any gap that may be forming. [Read: How to express your feelings & get your point across the right way]

7. To learn how to get your wife in the mood, try some sensual touches

A masterful way to begin foreplay, without focusing on sex but on emotional connection, is by giving her a sensual massage. Lay her down on the bed and make sure to use oil or lotion so she has to remove her clothes. What starts off as a nice gesture ends up a happy ending for everyone involved! [Read: 11 steps to a perfect sensual massage that’ll leave her wet]

8. Cook her a romantic dinner

Your wife just had a long day at work, perhaps, she’s been on the go since 6 a.m. and just needs a break. There is nothing like surprising the woman you love with a home-cooked meal and a glass of wine to help her unwind. Not only will she appreciate your gesture, but she’ll also feel closer and more intimately connected to you. That’s a good way to start learning how to get your wife in the mood.

9. Buy an occasional gift, to show your appreciation

Guys, remember this one, a gift with actual meaning and significance will beat an extravagant gift every single day of the week. Have this gift actually mean something to her, and it will bring you two closer than ever, – both in love and in the bedroom. [Read: Romantic gifts for your partner]

10. Learn how to get your wife in the mood by suggesting a shower together

Sometimes, you’ve got to jumpstart the sex, and taking a shower together before getting into bed is at the top of many lists. Seeing each other’s naked bodies, and having body parts brush up against each other in the shower, usually leads to more than just a good night’s sleep. [Read: 9 tips to enjoy shower sex without hurting yourself]

11. Remember to express your love – genuinely

You may think your significant other already knows how much you love her, but how do you really know? Put these feelings into words to leave no doubt in her mind where you stand in the relationship. Your wife needs to feel close to you in order to want to have sex. Sure, she has physical needs, but for women, there often needs to be an emotional connection too.

12. Cuddle with her

When learning how to get your wife in the mood, sometimes, it’s about laying the groundwork. While cuddling may not always lead to sex, it’ll still bring both of you closer and connect each other intimately. And intimacy is definitely a great start to sexual arousal. [Read: How to cuddle – Cuddling positions to be a loving cuddler]

13. Kiss her passionately

There are different kisses for everything, and if you want to learn how to get your wife in the mood, you need to understand this. A kiss goodnight is different from a kiss goodbye where you will not see each other for a few weeks. A deep, passionate kiss should only indicate one thing, and show your woman exactly what it means! [Read: 10 tips that’ll make your kisses more passionate and sexy]

14. Talk about sex

Talk about sex, joke around about it, and send provocative texts to each other throughout the day. Then, by the time you meet your woman, both of you will have a hard time keeping your hands off of each other.

Don’t be a prude and feel uncomfortable about sex. The more both of you talk about it and exchange ideas, the closer both of you will get – sexually and romantically.

15. How to get your wife in the mood? Serve up dessert in bed

Always look to try something new when you feel things are getting monotonous in love. While chocolate and whipped cream are fine choices here, make sure the bed sheets aren’t the ones that your sweeter half spent a fortune on. Always read the situation! [Read: 10 dishes to get your sex drive to skyrocket]

16. Extend the foreplay

With most couples, the further into a relationship they are, the lesser the foreplay. Don’t ever avoid foreplay, in fact, focus more on foreplay than on penetration. Then, with each passing night, your wife will only get more in the mood for sex. [Read: 10 things all women really want in bed]

17. Learn how to get your wife in the mood with specific compliments

Make your woman feel special, make her feel sexy, and let her know that you think the world of her! If there’s anything about her that makes her look sexier or more beautiful, or if she tries something new that looks great on her, compliment her for it. Don’t just think it in your head. Appreciate your woman, and she’ll feel sexy all over again!

18. Be gentle

As guys, we usually want to go hard every chance we get, and soon as we get in. But that’s not something your woman will always appreciate, especially if you do it every time you enter her. Sometimes, it is nice to change the pace, slow things down, and really feel your partner’s body moving in unison with yours. You may enjoy it more than you think. [Read: 15 naughty tips to turn a girl on and completely arouse her]

19. Give role play a try

As we said before, this isn’t for everyone, but it can add just the right amount of spark to a stuttering sex life. Some all-time favorites are a nurse/doctor role, a boss/secretary role, and of course, a naughty student/teacher role. See which one works best in your relationship and try not to be too timid about your character either. Remind yourself you’re only around the one you love and enjoy the moment!

20. Watch or read something sexual together

Sometimes, the biggest spark can occur when you’re watching a sex scene on television or an adult film with your partner.

If it makes your woman feel more uncomfortable instead of aroused, a nice way to ease her into it is by joking around and telling her that you could do it better than the actors on screen. This line opens the door, but it’s up to you to follow through with it!

[Read: 10 naughty games for couples to feel horny again!]

So the next time you feel like your wife isn’t into sex anymore, use these 20 ideas to learn how to get your wife in the mood. But always remember, don’t be selfish in bed and be willing to give selflessly. You’ll see just how much of a difference that can make in no time!

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