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Secrets you should Hide from your Girl

Confessing about your exes and the butt blushing incidents of your past may be a good thing, but is there anything you definitely should hide from your girl? There sure is…

Secrets you should Hide from your Girl

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Now this is the tricky part, but yes, you definitely have to avoid telling your woman everything. Perhaps, at times you should even completely shut them out of the conversation.

Intricate details have to be skipped at all costs. There’s no need to tell her about how you got laid in the back seat of your car, and how many seconds you took to rip each other’s clothes off. The more specific you get, the worse she feels.

And no, she’s definitely not interested in visualizing your sordid shagathons. So keep it simple and real. Tell her just how much she needs to know, without divulging all the secrets.

No relationship is built on the cleanest of foundations. There is bound to be dirt somewhere or the other, from the both of you. But if you think the dirt’s going to start stinking soon, let her know all about it so you can chuck that garbage out before it’s too late.

Drop all talks about your exes and one night stands, unless they’re interfering with your present. Other than that, if there are things coming in between the both of you, she should definitely know about it, but without the details.

When is it a good time?

The best time to tell it all is when the both of you are cruising on the good times. Never tell her these things unless they’re absolutely necessary while you’re rocking your boat of love on stormy seas.

If you’re being blackmailed or threatened by one of your past escapades, then make sure your partner hears it from you first, even if it’s during one of your worse times in love. Holding back these details can end your relationship.

Don’t pour your heart out to her just before you both leave for a vacation or a romantic getaway. Nor should you tell her such things just before her parents come down to your place to spend the weekend.

The perfect time to tell her such things is when she tells you a few deep secrets of hers. It can be taken a bit more lightly than on other times. She would at least understand that you were just waiting for an opportunity to mention it to her. If she doesn’t have anything to reveal, tell her at a time when you know it’ll just be the both of you there and nothing will disturb you after you’re done revealing your secrets. There’s nothing worse than getting your boss’s call just after talking to her, and you have to leave in a hurry. You can be sure you’d find her car’s tread marks by the time you get back home.

Tell her what you have to, when you know you can be there to sit with her, and take everything she has to tell you, out of sorrow or anger.

Make sure you don’t retaliate more than you have to at these times. Justifying yourself to a certain extent is fine, outright aggression isn’t.

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