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Sensitive Sides: Should Men Embrace Male Femininity?

Finally, a research study that gives feminism a really big win. Men are urged to embrace male femininity or risk ruining our evolutionary progress.

male femininity

Okay, you misogynistic, modern-day cavemen–listen up! A recent study has just unearthed a treasure trove of information that cancels out the belief that patriarchal systems are good for society. How, you ask? By encouraging male femininity and asking men to embrace their feminine side. It sounds pretty unbelievable, considering the bad rap that feminism gets these days, but hear us out. This is science!
Who says men should embrace their femininity—and why?
According to the study published in Current Anthropology, the evolution of man into a well-developed human being is due to the feminine changes in their body. These are mostly changes in the hormonal makeup of Homo sapiens over a period of a few thousand years. [Read: How to be a man – The way men really should be]
During this time, men learned how to hunt, craft tools, and paint their caves. While this was happening, the changes in their body were all pointing to changes that lead to more feminine attributes.
Their prominent brows narrowed down, the way the women’s were. Their bodies became less muscular, as well. Scientists have attributed this to a decrease in testosterone. Because of this change in hormones, Homo sapiens became more sociable and cooperative.
How does this information help us today?
If you look at the animal world, males are, indeed, more aggressive and territorial. Females are the more social ones—even the alpha females. [Try: Here’s how you can be masculine without being a jerk]
That’s probably why the same attitudes are applicable in humans and in modern times. Males are still going at each other, trying to find the best job, the best wife, the biggest cache of resources, etc.
While this is happening, women are fighting for their right to a seat at the table. They still have primal maternal instincts, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t have the capacity to think and act like as thoroughly as men, as we’ve been led to believe.
From this research alone, we’ve discovered that it’s not our gender dictating our actions or our capabilities—biology actually plays a huge part in this. These hormonal changes don’t apply to every individual caveman or person. So, don’t think that a world full of Amazons is the key to life’s answers. [Fighting hard against the poor behavior of others? Check out: How to stop selfish people from hurting you]
This just means that a little tweaking in the male mindset might do us all a big favor. If we stop adhering to customs derived from the Renaissance, there might be a way for us all to work together efficiently and sociably.
What are the signs that embracing male femininity works?
If a graph existed to depict the ratio of male femininity and progress, you’d see a rise of progression in the Stone Ages, and a drop in between, before it reaches our period.
Critics might argue, “But a lot of things were invented, and thousands of problems were solved during that downward curve!” We definitely agree, but a lot of really bad things also happened during that period, including disease, wars, famine, racism, cruelty, and corruption. [Read: 10 simple tips to avoid being rude in any situation]

We can’t just rest on our laurels and act like none of that matters, just because we’re doing pretty well in western society today.
Feminism might not be the only key to peace and goodwill, but it’s a good start. Appreciating what women do and how they can contribute to society is a big step in and of itself.
Male femininity and how men can be more feminine
Male femininity is not an argument about contradicting gender choices. We’re talking science and the basic tenets of sociable human beings. If less testosterone gets us to a better place, then far be it from us to stop that from happening, right? But—and this is a big but—the idea here is to be more feminine, without having to compromise your gender or body.
You don’t need to pump up the estrogen. You just have to do what the cavemen did: be more sociable and cooperative, using the tips provided below. [Check out: How to make real friends outside of your social networks]
#1 Promote equality. Don’t just be content with being a bystander while the outspoken do the grunt work. Many people are risking their lives to fight for equality amongst genders, races, and workplaces. The least you can do is not be a bigot, and be proactive in cultivating tolerance and acceptance of people different from yourself.
#2 Put yourself in women’s shoes. We don’t recommend going on a shopping spree, but we do think that men should at least have the hindsight to empathize with women. How would you feel if people treated you like a lesser being because you had a uterus? How would you react if someone gave you less than what you deserved? Empathy allows us to understand people more and discover powerful, world-changing solutions to complex problems.
#3 Spend time with your child. Back in the day, children and women were separated from the men, in terms of lifestyle. Women were tasked to take care of the children, while men worked for a living. In this sense, you would do well to spend time with your kids to foster a deeper connection with your family. This not only makes you feel better, but influences your children’s growth and your family’s overall well-being. [Want more ways to strengthen your marriage and family? Read: Marriage advice – 11 tips for a happily ever after]
#4 Stop following the norm. It’s difficult to see everything in one collective point of view, because we are all conditioned to think one way or another because of evolution and societal pressure. Patriarchy is dead. Women are stepping up, and we should not judge them for what they are trying to achieve. As a man, you should stop saying *or thinking* the phrases, “Men are supposed to…” and “Women are supposed to…” and just help everyone in achieving their goals, no matter how gender-centric you think those goals are.
#5 Keep an open mind. Homo sapiens managed to survive thousands of years to evolve into us, because they were open-minded. They wanted to learn, grow, and evolve. At this stage, your job is to be open-minded about the positive effects of feminism on our lives. Being one with women doesn’t just mean creating a family unit or a relationship. It also means that we must all work together and learn from each other.
#6 Love women. Don’t hurt them. Don’t degrade them. Don’t rape them. Don’t do anything that you wouldn’t want to be done to you. Embracing femininity isn’t just about being a woman, biologically or otherwise. It is also about seeing a woman’s value, not just as a child-bearer or someone to imprint with, but as an individual human being—an equal.
A woman is a person, just like you, who needs people to be there for her. She needs people to stand alongside her to fight for her rights that were taken ages ago, and help her get back to where she belongs in society: the same tier as everybody else.
[Inspired to change the world for the better? Next, read: 17 ways to be a citizen of the world]
Although embracing your femininity might sound like a cliché, or eye-roll-inducing advice from a self-help book, recent scientific evidence suggests that embracing feminine tendencies—sociable and cooperative behavior, in particular—leads to a happier, better, and brighter future. So, men… embrace your male femininity! 

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