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How to Safely Shave Your Pubic Area: A Guide for Men

Want to make your penis look infinitely bigger? Who doesn’t? Here’s how to shave your pubic area *for men* for a bigger, cleaner-looking package.


Have you ever heard a girl use the term “flossing” when referring to giving a guy head? This is probably not how you want to be known amongst her friends. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. Basically, if a girl says she was “flossing”, she means her teeth were rife with your pubic hair. *Read: Your pubes are way, way too long.*

Going down on a guy and getting a giant, stiff hair imbedded in your teeth is not sexy. In fact, it’s gag-o-liscious, at best. If you’ve heard your lady love talk about you in this way, then it’s time you learned to shave your pubic area.

Not sure about shaving it off? Don’t sweat it. Just because you’re shaving south of the belt buckle doesn’t mean you have to go back to the days of bald pre-pubescence. We’re looking at the pros and cons, lengths, patterns, and techniques on how to shave your pubic area.

How to shave your pubic area for men: what you need to know!

Whoa there, cowboy. Before you jump in with a razor and run, there are a few things you should do to prep before you go in for the kill! Here are 10 tips and techniques on how to shave your pubic area. [Read: Trim, shave, or natural – the real score on the bush]

#1 Use a clean razor. Before heading down for a trim, make sure your razor is clean and that there are no hairs caught in between the blades. Also… don’t use the same razor you shave your junk with to shave your face. You’ll thank us for that later.

#2 Choose a razor that has a pivoting head. This will allow for an easy, smooth shave that will contour to the lines of your body.

#3 Use shaving cream. When it comes to putting a razor against your skin, shaving cream will lubricate your skin for a smoother, easier shave, and will desensitize your skin from any irritation. Using shaving cream, shaving oil, or lathery soap will also help prevent painful razor burn. Just keep it away from the head of your penis, because… ouch, shaving cream up the urethra burns like a MOFO. [Try: Body trends – plastic surgery for your genitals?]

#4 Take off the length first. Whether you’re shaving yourself bald or keeping a little design intact, you’ll want to use trimmers or scissors to take the length off of that big, bad bush before you go in with a razor.

#5 Sit in the tub. Many men try to shave standing up in the shower, or over the toilet, but the most relaxing way to trim away the fuzz is in a half-filled tub. The warm water will act with a steaming affect on your hair follicles, and it allows you greater vision and control over what and where you’re shaving.

#6 Take your time. If you want avoid misshapen pube designs, cuts, or a sliced sack, we strongly recommend taking it slow when shaving your nether regions. [Check out: What women want in bed but are too ashamed to ask for]

#7 Little ouches to avoid. Don’t get caught with a cut down south! Cuts happen, especially when shaving in tricky, slippery, thin-skinned areas of the body *ahem—your balls!* but it doesn’t have to be this way. Avoid painful *and nasty* ingrown hairs by moving your razor blades in the same direction as hair growth. Sure, a little nick may happen here and there, but cuts and ingrown hairs can be avoided by shaving “with the grain” of your hair.

#8 Keep rinsing your blade. Be sure to keep rinsing your razor blade after each stroke to prevent a buildup of hair between the blades.

#9 How to shave your shaft. The shaft is obviously the base and length of your penis, not including the head. The phrase “shaft” in relation to shaving often reminds me of how, this one time in sex-ed, a friend of mine asked the teacher, “Is it normal to have pubic hair on your shaft?” in front of the whole class. They all laughed and called him a freak. *Kids are mean, what can I say?*

But, as it turns out, it’s completely normal! Sometimes pubes are like vines on a fence: they crawl up everything! Whether you’re circumcised or uncut, simply pull your skin *or foreskin* taut and carefully shave the hairs away. Easy peasy! [Read: 18 fascinating and unknown facts about the penis]

#10 Charge the mound. If you’ve been living under a rock, your pubic mound is basically the area below your belly, around your shaft, and above your balls. This is one of the easiest parts to shave. Simply decide whether you’re going au natural *clean shave* or keeping some hair around. To keep hair around, simply trim down the hairs with scissors or a trimmer and leave it as-is, or decide on a shape *such as a landing strip*.

#11 How to shave your balls. Naturally, the balls are going to be a bit trickier than the pubic mound or the shaft of the penis. The slippery skin makes this one seem like a dangerous nemesis, but don’t worry. We’ve got tricks. [Try: Healthy testicles – 7 tests to keep your balls in check]

Unlike the steamy affect warm water will have on hair removal to the pubic mound, some say you should do the opposite when shaving your balls! If you’re looking to get your balls as tight as possible for an easy shave, try holding a cold cloth or ice cube over your sack before you bring a razor to it.

#12 Always clean up afterward. Depending on how long you’ve waited in between shaves, you may have enough pubes left on the ground to build yourself a Chihuahua. Gross! Whether you’re shaving over the toilet or in the tub, always remember to clean up the mess of pubes left behind.

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If you’ve weighed the pros and cons of shaving your junk down south and decide you want to grab hold of a razor and take charge, we’re right behind you! Not only will things look clean and tidy down there, but your lady love will definitely thank you for it. So go ahead: use these tips to shave your pubic area and get busy shaving.

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