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“I Stole my Friend’s One Night Stand!”

How many of us have had the opportunity of getting intimate with a girl out of the blue? Have you ever made out with a friend’s girlfriend? Ray Kenzo didn’t think he’d get frisky with his friend’s one night stand, until a chance moment that brought his wildest fantasy to life!

i stole my friends one night stand

One night stands are every man’s dream, aren’t they? I have never come across a guy who’s ever thought one night stands suck. I don’t think I ever will. It’s been many years since the day I first had a fleeting thought about meeting a gorgeous woman who ends up in my backseat, and then we kiss each other goodbye with frenzied passion, and then I spend many days of the rest of my life thinking of her and wondering what her name might have been.

That fantasy’s still alive in my head. I just wanted to experience one nooner-at-night, before I got too old, and had to pay for such trysts. A few hours later, the plans were rolling, and my high ball was placed.

Our young moonlit Saturday night began as the nightcrawlers started pouring in for free drinks and food. Three of my best buds and I had decided to throw the party, and luckily, this plan, unlike all others didn’t get scrubbed. The intent was simple. The objectives were desirous. And there were two of them.

Celebrate the long weekend with singular intentions of getting laid. Two, welcome our old friends, who came to visit us from a kingdom far, far away, where all that we had planned for the night was the norm.

The good part though, was that these buddies had no clue about our plans for the night, and were overwhelmed by the reception in the animal farm. “We’ve got spirits and you’ve got your own, the night is young and so are all of us!” we hear Billy, the drunk frisky host, blaring through a painfully loud microphone. The sad part about his story though, was that he got wasted 20 minutes into the party, on a tequila challenge. And that’s where his pitiful part in the story ends.

We chose his crib as he had a huge rooftop (I like open air privacy, reminds me of my dream penthouse), the size of a tennis court, and he lived alone. It was higher than most of the houses in the vicinity. A perfect setting for people who want to go mooning or spooning under the moon, or for a good romp in the moonlight with the stars for peepers, and no collateral damages. The party was wicked, salacious gluttony was all around us, and new introductions were being made in haste before it was too late, as most of the men and women didn’t want to sleep alone that night. And they knew that the night was waiting for the last uninvited guest, dawn.

The music was just right, which was partly due to the fact that I was choosing the tunes. I wanted to work the women with music. Someone was bound to notice that I liked good tunes, and hit on me. I hoped. And then, Plan B, I had my fruit rum punch for the ladies. And luckily, that night it tasted hot! And most of the women were right there, taking in more my punch. And I did exchange a few stares. Nice!

None of the women knew though, that my fruit punch had no fruits! All it had was coke, sugary fruit concentrates, and what was left at the back, in the fridge. A couple of oranges, bananas, an apple and a handful of grapes. I used all the fruits to garnish the bowl. A few ladies played safe with coke, and a few got together with other girls and set tracks on fire. I’ve never understood why girls get touchy feely with each other when they get drunk though, but you know what, I don’t really care because that’s just too hot!

With all the distraction in our minds, my buddies and I stood firm with the schema in mind. There was a one night stand in the air, we could feel it. We scanned the short horizon of party animals. There were so many, and every kind all the way from the hyenas, vultures, tigers, lions, to the horses, bulls and the goats. And then, let’s not forget my buddy, Jim. One of the four musketeers who wanted to be a ‘night-rider’ that night.

It was a cold night, but nobody seemed to care. The rooms were overheated, not by the heater in the shelter, but by the grinds that brought out the sparks of passion. The place was warming up, and all I could think of was bumping and grinding. Everywhere I saw, there was more flesh than fabric. They didn’t have a hint of caution as there were no hypocritical censor boards or stinging spy cams. It was pure fun. No PG needed. The light was mildly fuzzy and the rooms were smoky, which I must say, created just the right mood.

I was looking around, without taking time off to make my contacts. I had a job. I still had to get through a lot of time for my shift to end. I was the life of the party (I feel like God?). I was the bartender and the DJ, spinning the mixes while shaking the cocktails or mocks for the ladies (I did feel like God!). Thankfully that meant that I was excused from the cleaning the morning after. But with such limited time, and hook-ups going on all around me, could I get sweet sweet dessert? Time was running out in front of my eyes, but in the Tag on my wrists, I was behind the counter for barely half an hour.

My buddy Jim was supposed to do this bit of cocktail making and CD juggling, but apparently he was able to snag someone up earlier. He had been sowing for a week and he wanted to reap the harvest tonight.

In the story enters Judy. Judy. The Girl. She had a live-in boyfriend, a possessive rogue, so that sort of ensured that we’d get into serious crap if my buddy Jim gets caught with his underwear anywhere else but holstering his jocks. At the same time, we had to uphold our reputation or there would be no more ‘open season’ after that day. But temptation is the key to a lusty liaison.

We donned our Reckless Musketeers alter-egos, and decided to go for it. At least, Jim did. He had noticed her at another party previously. So did I. Even I couldn’t forget those cute yet flirty eyes, those luscious lips with a naughty smile and her heaven-sent body. So why is Jim the one who’s hitting on her and not me? I was paper. He was scissors. I lost the Rock, Paper and Scissors game.

About my “love life”, I am seeing a girl but at times, I’m confused if we’re actually seeing each other or turning into a brother and a sister! What’s there left to say? That’s as deep as an explanation can get. About the party, it was alive, kicking and going smoothly. The dance-floor was busy with activities that could make regular dancing blush pink. I could see Jim, he was dancing. With the goddess. They were grinding and gyrating, and lost in their little world. The old dog, Jim, had learnt a few new tricks. And it must have worked. I knew it wouldn’t be long before he took her upstairs or to the terrace.

Barely had I had that thought, when I saw him hold her by her waist and asking her to go up with him. She seemed to be resisting, but her mischievous happy grin gave away her hidden consent. I laughed, poured myself a drink, shook my head and raised a toast, “There you go, Jim-boy, another notch on your bedpost!”

I got busy at the party, talking to a few old friends as they came to me for firewater and cigarettes. I was also chatting up with the other guests, some of whom I had never met before. It was fifteen minutes after Jim went up when one of my other friends came in with news after getting some fresh air, outside at the balcony. He told me that he saw some strangers traipsing on the street by the lamp-post. They seemed menacing, or that’s what he said. I peeked out by pulling the shutters of the window on my right and saw Bob. In the story enters Bob.

Bob. Not Bob the Builder. It was Bob. Bob the Boyfriend. With some of his brawny friends. They looked as if they came to pick a fight and I knew exactly why. The twist enters the plot. The plot thickens. Bob. He’s Judy’s boyfriend. Judy, well, she’s the girl who’s about to make out with Jim, by best pal.

I ran up to warn Jim. There were four bedrooms above. I banged on every door. I found all of them locked from the inside. The voices that yelled back at me were not of Jim’s. For a second, my mind was blurred, and questions whizzed in my head. Where the hell was he? What the hell was I supposed to do? I was the night-watchman all this while and pretty sober too. Yet, I just couldn’t think.

Failing to get any answer, I went up the terrace which was the last option. I didn’t alert them as I climbed up, which would have given them enough time to change their position, which was obviously compromising. I called out to them in hushed tones. I couldn’t risk alarming or alerting everyone for a mile by yanking the chain. Jim looked up, startled and confused, so was Judy, who was below him. She nearly screamed. Somehow Jim managed to close her mouth, sensing the urgency. I wouldn’t come up to peep for no reason. Yeah right!

I explained everything, while they started arranging their garbs. She was petrified and shaky. I was sober, and could think right. I told Jim what to do. Jim was all ears. I told him to go down with some of my friends and speak to those guys. He should explain that she isn’t here and there was nothing going on between them. He should even invite Bob and his friends inside so that they believe him. Jim went down. Fingers crossed. I stayed back with Judy. She was almost in tears, terrified and shivering.

Without realizing what I was doing, I pulled her towards me and held her to calm her. She snuggled up and hugged me tightly. She was as delicate as was strong. Impressive. I kept telling her that it was all just fine. And then, I got chivalrous. I swore I wouldn’t let anything happen to hurt or shame her. Her tears dried up and she gave me the most beautiful smile, and her eyes were sparkling with tears reflecting the moonlight. She was so vulnerable and delicate, I wondered if she’d melt in my arms.

In the moment of haste, she wasn’t all dressed up yet. She looked so tempting and enchanting. The battle of romantic smiles and amorous instinct. She was looking deep into my eyes. I avoided her gaze as it made me uncomfortable and yet, aroused. She held my face with her little hands, pulled me towards her and kissed me. Was she drunk or was she in love with me and my chivalry? It was a quick peck. I closed my eyes without realizing it. And then I opened them. When I saw her again I couldn’t help but pull her closer again and kiss her back. She didn’t resist, she kissed me back and held on to me as I ran my hands on her back. She felt so soft and warm in my arms, on that chilly night.

All of a sudden, the air felt warmer and so did I. My pants felt constricted. Oh my god! I kept telling myself, “This is Jim’s girl… Jim’s… your best friend’s…” I shut the thought. Before I could say anything more, we kissed again. That time I dropped my guard and my good conscience. The other voice in my head was screaming. “What the hell! It will be a shame to your manhood if such a goddess is not worshipped on such a night!” For the next few moments, I didn’t know who we were, what we were doing, and what was going on!

Her cell rang, ten minutes into our passionate moment of togetherness. It jolted me back to the chilly night. It was Bob, the intrusive boyfriend who intruded my penetration. I was pissed. I realized what Jim must have felt when I interrupted them on the verge of making out. But was Bob or Jim the culprit? We were the ones trespassing on someone’s else’s territory, but who would have thought that at a time like this. I didn’t care if she was someone else’s girl.

Now, she was mine. I looked down the railing, and saw Bob the Boyfriend standing out on the street holding his cell, talking to his girl. And there was Jim beside him, poor Jim! She told him that she was sleeping at a friend’s place and hung up. She giggled as I pretended to lift a flowerpot nearby, and throw it right on his big head, down below us. She too could see what was going on down as she came next to me and followed my eyes. I lit a cigarette for her but as I went closer, I couldn’t get away from her and we got back to where we had left off. It lasted for a good half an hour, or was it more. I couldn’t tell. I didn’t care!

It was a wild night, and could I ever forget that experience on the terrace? Judy and I knew it just happened and would never happen again, as we would join the world and its weird traditions by dawn. And that made it so special. I whispered in her ears as we dressed up that I didn’t regret what we did. She blushed and replied. “Me too”

We tiptoed down until we reached the garage, where I had parked my car. Jim was with Bob and his friends inside, at the party. He managed to convince them to get in and shake their feet, of course! He was an ace talker. We didn’t talk much on the way back to her place. She was enjoying the breeze in her hair and giggled as she looked at me occasionally. She looked gorgeous, as she glowed in the moonlight.

She asked me if I had a girlfriend. I replied with an affirmative. “If Anne, my girl, knew about this, she will blow my brains out”. She smiled teasingly. As if she got the hint that was nagging somewhere in my mind, she reached out, held my hand that was on the wheel and assured me not to worry. “It’s cool, our little secret”, she said.

We got to her place. She thanked me with a long kiss goodnight. Whew! What a night! What a wonderful trip for an amateur bartender wannabe DJ. I drove back to the party, pinching and convincing myself that it wasn’t a dream. I still felt like I was in a trance. It really happened. My legs felt like jelly. Once I got to the party, I told Jim about what happened and grinned an apology.  Jim looked at me and shot back another smile. “So you robbed my one night stand, eh?”

I did indeed. And I replied “I don’t have to do the dishes in the morning. And. I got the dessert!”

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