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9 Signs to Know if You’re Dating a Girl Worth Keeping

Are you dating a girl who’s a real keeper? Are you looking for one? Use these 9 signs to know for sure if the girl you’re dating is one worth keeping!

is the girl worth keeping?

Contrary to popular belief, Mr. Right isn’t the only one that’s sought after. Ms. Right is also out there being looked for by all sorts of men. But unlike with Mr. Right, the search for Ms. Right isn’t something a lot of guys tend to talk about.

This may be one of the reasons a lot of guys are unsure of whether they’re already with Ms. Right. They’re not really in the habit of comparing and contrasting with the girls their guy friends date. It’s more of an instinct thing for them.

9 signs to know you’re with a girl worth keeping

For men who have been let down way too many times by their gut feeling, here’s a list of signs that tell you that you’re already with the woman you should be with.

#1 She lets you have your guy time. A lot of women want to be really involved in their guy’s lives. They want to be around even when it’s supposed to be his alone time. But the woman you should be with respects your guy time and lets you enjoy it with minimal fuss.

She lets you hang out with your guy friends over a couple of pints. She knows that your time alone with your video games, your music, your other hobbies and your work matters to you. She knows how to back off whenever you’re too tired or too stressed out to go on a date. She doesn’t insist on being around you 24/7. If your girl is like this, she’s definitely a keeper! [Read: 15 kinds of girlfriends who’ll really make your life hell!]

#2 She helps you become more responsible. No, she’s not nagging you to get a job or to work harder to get a promotion. Instead, she motivates you to maximize on your potential. She’s willing to help you find ways to become better, whether it’s by encouraging you to apply for a promotion or to have a healthier lifestyle. She reminds you to take care of yourself or to watch your expenses or to stay focused at your job.

She doesn’t resort to withholding her affection to get you to do what she wants you to do. She knows she’s just there to show you your options and to help you out, but she also knows that everything you do should be entirely up to you. You can lean on her for support, but she’ll also encourage you to try and do things on your own. [Read: 8 clear signs the girl in your life is the one for you]

#3 You can talk to her about anything. She’s not just a good listener, but she also speaks her mind about whatever it is you’re talking about. Even though your interests may not align 100%, she’s still up for a conversation about what it is you’re in to. In fact, she may even become curious about some of the things you don’t have in common.

When you’re talking to her, it feels like a real conversation. You’re both able to speak your minds without fear of judgment. You’re not pressured to always try to impress her, but you’re not ashamed of telling her your accomplishments. And when you’re having a serious conversation, she listens intently to what you have to say before she goes in and tells you what’s on her mind.

#4 She’s secure with herself. She doesn’t need you to always reassure her that she’s smart or beautiful or sexy. She knows this already and she’s confident about it. She doesn’t rely on you for your approval, but she knows how to take a compliment. She doesn’t feel jealous just because you’re talking to another girl because she knows within herself that she has enough to offer to be able to keep a guy.

There may be times when she feels down and a bit insecure. But this doesn’t define her whole personality. Even when she’s disappointed or she feels like she wasn’t able to accomplish what she wants, she knows how to get back up and work harder to get what she wants.

#5 She can take care of you. Women are generally more nurturing, and she’s not embarrassed to show that she wants to take care of you. She makes sure you’re getting enough nutrients and fluids when you’re sick. She sticks around when you want to stay in instead of going out. She might even surprise you with your favorite food or a copy of your favorite movie.

And it’s not just your physical health that she wants to take care of. She also wants to make sure you’re taking care of your mind. She helps you relax when you’re stressed. She does her best to listen whenever you want to get some heavy stuff off your chest. You don’t expect her to be your doctor and shrink all in one, but she does what she can to make sure you’re in good health.

#6 She can make you laugh. She’s not always the prim and proper princess. She’s also able to say or do something that’s sure to tickle your funny bone. She might quote funny movies or come up with her own witty one-liners. Her jokes may be corny sometimes, but you can see that she does her best to try and cheer you up when you’re down.

A woman who makes you laugh is definitely a keeper because she can make you feel young and refreshed. Finding someone whose sense of humor aligns with yours isn’t very common. So if your girl can make you laugh until tears stream from your eyes, don’t you dare let her go!

#7 She can take care of herself. She’s not always playing the damsel in distress. She knows how to get herself out of a sticky situation without using her womanly charms for help. She’s independent in her own way, but not so much so that she shuts herself away.

But on the flip side, she knows when she needs to ask for help, and it’s not above her to ask you. And of course, she’ll be gracious and appreciative when you give her a hand. So whenever she asks you to do some handyman work around the house or to do some heavy lifting, she trusts you enough to ask for your help. [Read: 36 sweetest things you can do with your girlfriend]

#8 She fosters relationships with your loved ones. She likes being with you whenever you’re with people who are close to you. She’s able to have conversations with both your friends and family. She’s not afraid of being left alone to talk to your parents or your relatives.

When you’re out with friends, she’s comfortable and able to keep up with what’s going on. She doesn’t just sit in a corner and sulk, instead, she makes sure to create a bond with the people you hold dear.

#9 She can still captivate you. Even if you’ve already seen her good side, her bad side, the moody side, the just-got-out-of-bed side, there’s still something about her that keeps you interested. Whether it’s her knack for making you laugh or her ability to challenge your mind or her aura of gracefulness, she can still leave you in awe after all this time.

Her ability to still intrigue you is something that stays far longer than beauty. Sure, she may be beautiful now, but after a couple of decades, it’s her personality that will still hold your heart.

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Now that you know what it takes to be the perfect woman in a man’s life, recollect these signs and ask yourself, is the girl in your life a real keeper? And if she is, hold on to her and don’t let go!

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