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Relieve Sexual Tension: How to Free Naughty Thoughts in No Time

Sometimes you won’t be able to put your hand down your pants, so you’ll have to find other non-sexual ways to relieve sexual tension.

Relieve Sexual Tension

We’ve all been in a situation when someone hot walks into work, you suddenly feel your body becoming hot, and the only thing you want to do is relieve yourself, thinking of them all over your body. Well, unfortunately, you’re on the clock. Sure, you can take a quick bathroom break, but you may end up spending a little too much time in the stall to relieve sexual tension.

How to relieve sexual tension

So, what you need to do is to relieve sexual tension that’s pent up inside you. But, you know, without having your hands down your pants. It may not give you the same satisfaction and touching yourself, but, suck it up.

We can’t always get what we want. Or better yet, masturbate in front of your boss, see how well that goes. Yeah, maybe not.

Trust me, you’re going to want to know what to do. So here’s how to relieve sexual tension. [Read: Sexual tension between friends – How to handle it like a platonic pro]

#1 Masturbate. If you have sexual tension of any kind, the single best way to relieve it is to masturbate. I mean, it’s fun, plus, it does that job. You can masturbate solo or with a partner, at home, at work, in the bathtub, what can I say, it’s highly versatile.

By ejaculating, you’re literally relieving yourself, so, I recommend this as the best thing you can do during those sexually tensed moments. [Read: The fastest ways to get rid of an unwanted erection in no time]

#2 Massage. If you’re able to handle another person touching you in a non-sexual manner, then go for a massage. It’s a great way to physically relieve any tension that’s being kept in your body and you’ll also have the time to mentally unwind. If you’re unable to handle someone touching you without ejaculating in your underwear, let no one touch you.

#3 Meditation. Go namaste on the situation instead. Find your inner “om” and focus on your breathing. This sexual tension is highly psychological, so you need to focus on controlling your thoughts. This will also come in handy with your life in general, as you’ll learn how to calm yourself down in any situation that comes your way.

#4 Texting/video chat. Now, maybe the reason you have so much sexual tension is because you’re in a long-distance relationship or your partner is away on a work trip. What are you going to do in the meantime?

Get yourself acquainted with technology because Snapchat and videos are going to be your best friend during this time. You can send your partner pictures of you naked, touching yourself – that’ll help relieve sexual tension inside of you. [Read: Sexy, naughty texting games to have fun all night long]

#5 Get a hobby. Whatever the reason is that you have so much sexual tension rolling around inside of you, you need to get a hobby.

What’s going to happen when you’re at home alone after work? Exactly. These moments can be dangerous. So, take a cooking or pottery class, join the gym, or a book club. Hobbies, people! Fill yourself with them.

#6 Keep busy. You need to keep yourself distracted. If you’re at work and struggling with wanting to relieve sexual tension, start stapling some paperwork, re-organizing your desk – it doesn’t matter what you do, you just need to keep your mind distracted from those thoughts. You know the thoughts, oh, you know.

#7 Stay away from anything sexual. If you’re trying not to have sexual feelings, well, I’d stop watching porn if I were you. Or walking through the red light district, or hanging around people you want to have sex with.

Just remove yourself from anything that’s sexually tempting. You know what your triggers are, so, do yourself a favor and don’t be near them. Now, if you can’t avoid them, look away. [Read: 6 powerful ways to stop being horny – without masturbation or sex]

#8 Sweat it out. Exercise is great way to relieve sexual tension. And if you’re carrying a lot of sexual tension, by working out, you’ll relieve yourself and become fit, so it’s a win-win. Go for a run, lift some weights, climb the stairs – whatever it is, you need to sweat the tension out of you.

You’ll still have some sexual energy, but it won’t be so severe. Plus, you’ll be working out so much that you’ll be too tired to be horny.

#9 If you can’t masturbate, focus on the reason why. Are you not masturbating because it’s an inappropriate situation, or are you doing this for religious reasons? If you’re doing this due to your religious beliefs, then it’s best to focus on your beliefs. That’ll help keep your mindset focused on your goal without being tempted to trail off. [Read: Sexually frustrated? 13 effective ways to calm the ants in the pants]

#10 Have an ice-cold shower. This will be a temporary fix and a cold one as well, but if it’s summer, then this won’t be so bad. Having a cold shower won’t make you any less horny, but, your body will 1) be shocked by the cold and 2) you’ll be distracted.

#11 Know that masturbation is the best way. Listen, I listed all these ways to relieve sexual tension, but I put masturbation as the first one for a very good reason. It’s really the best way to relieve any pent up sexual energy you have inside you. Like, you are literally cleansing yourself of everything when you ejaculate. So, if you can masturbate, do it.

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The next time you’re at a family dinner and become suddenly horny, just remember these tips to relieve sexual tension. You’ll save yourself from an awkward situation.

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