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The Omega Personality: What It Is, 25 Signs & What Makes It So Different

There are different roles within a group, and not everyone gets to be the alpha. Let’s find out what an omega personality is and what makes it so special. 

omega personality

The omega personality is a very unique one. Within every group, there are different positions and roles people take. Each has their own personality, characteristics, and “job” within the group. Everyone knows the top and bottom positions.

If you feel like you don’t really belong and are unsure what your purpose is, chances are you are an omega. But to be certain, let’s dive deeper into understanding the different personality types, the definition of an omega personality, and the traits that split them from the herd.

The six personality types

There are six personality types in a pack: sigma, alpha, beta, delta, gamma, omega.

The sigma personality is at the top of the hierarchy. These guys are intelligent but usually lone wolves. They don’t care about social status and just mind their own business without needing approval from anyone else.

Next, we have the most popular personality type: the alpha. The alpha position is “top dog.” That means they are the leaders. Overall, they make the decisions for people, keep everyone in line, and are the head of the pack.

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The beta personality gets the worst reputation, but they are quite amazing in their own ways. They are not weak or a push-over. They just aren’t as outgoing and assertive as the alpha. However, the beta is very loyal and caring and would make a great friend or an amazing partner.

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The delta is the most common type of personality in the hierarchy. They are considered the ‘normal’ guys and sometimes average. But these are the guys who roll up their sleeves and get things done.

The gamma is usually the mix between different personality types or is even considered the more mature version of the alpha. They are adventurous and free-spirited and people pleasers despite possessing the alpha’s aggression.

At the bottom of the hierarchy, we have the omega personality. What do you think makes them stand out from the others? Let’s find out!

What is an omega personality?

The omega personality is at the bottom of the hierarchy, which means they are the opposite of the alpha. They are not very outgoing or assertive, but they have their own interests and thrive by themselves.

These guys are sensitive, intelligent, romantic, and sometimes overly sensitive. An embodiment of a ‘nice guy‘.

The omega doesn’t care what other people think of them, and despite being quite shy, they are not a follower like the beta. They are quite skillful and sharp and enjoy doing their own things rather than sticking with others.

Omega vs. alpha personality

To learn more about the omega personality, let’s compare it to its counterpart: the alpha personality.

The best way to summarize the differences between the two types is that the alpha personality wants to dominate, whereas the omega personality just wants to get by. These two types don’t have much in common, and the alpha usually doesn’t even pay attention to the omega. However, if the omega creates chaos in the hierarchy, the alpha will step in and set things right.

For example, the alpha is usually the popular guy, very socially active and charming, whereas the omega goes unnoticed and is super awkward sometimes.

When at a party, the omega may fail to make a move on someone they like as they lack communication skills and may come off as creepy. This is the perfect opportunity for the alpha to step in and help them out or make the situation less awkward.

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25 signs you have an omega personality in you

The male omega personality is someone who isn’t very social, has a tendency to be inappropriate, doesn’t care what people think, or wait… is clueless about what people think about them. They live their life as they choose and without needing the approval of anyone or really having any awareness of what the people around them think.

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Here are all the signs that you have an omega personality:

1. You walk to your own drum

Omega personalities are those that not only don’t care about being trendy, but they don’t even know what trendy is.

Like living under a rock, they don’t care about what they look like. They wear outlandish clothes if it suits their style and are completely unaware of what others do around them. [Read: The best ways to unfake your life and love being you]

2. You are comfortable in your own skin

You might be the biggest geek in the world, but you couldn’t care less. You aren’t phased by someone teasing or insulting you, that is just part of the territory with being an omega personality. The best part is that you couldn’t care less what people say. [Read: A guide to being comfortable and not giving a f*ck]

3. You don’t care what people think

If someone doesn’t like what you do or what you wear, that is on them. You live your life not to be liked, but to like what you do. Almost in a completely different universe, people don’t really exist, nor does what they say or do.

4. You aren’t afraid of the alpha personality or conform to their standards

Unlike other people, you don’t care who is the top dog. And, if they tell you to jump, you stare at them blankly. Typically the object of scorn, you brush it off. No one can touch someone who doesn’t give a shit. [Read: 30 alpha male characteristics that make a man a real alpha]

5. You are eccentric

You are not quite right socially. You don’t really have much to talk about except whatever your interests are. Usually, those things that no one else cares about.

People describe you as someone who just “doesn’t get it.” But, what they don’t get is that you do, you just don’t care.

6. People describe you as a geek

All those things associated with nerds are your fav. If you are into Star Wars, anime, and anything else along those lines, there’s a god chance you can associate yourself with the omega personality. [Read: Sigma male: What traits separates him from the rest of the personalities?]

7. You aren’t very motivated

The only thing that really motivates you is getting the latest techie thing or getting to the next gaming level. You don’t really care about climbing the corporate or social ladder. You live for the here and now and whatever coins you collect in your fantasy computer game.

8. You don’t want anyone to follow you unless they want

It isn’t just that you don’t want to follow anyone, you don’t want to be followed. You don’t care if someone is “into” the same thing as you, or bother explaining what you are into to anyone else. You aren’t trying to gain dominance. You just try to live your life and do your own thing.

9. You’re kind of a loner

You don’t have many close friends, if any. You don’t need anyone besides the guy online that you play with, and you probably only know his sign-on name.

Unlike those around you, you don’t want to be a part of the group. Social things aren’t your thing. You’d rather spend the night on your computer. [Read: 13 signs you’re one of those people who’s meant to be alone]

10. You prefer to be alone

But the good thing is, you prefer to be alone. Loneliness doesn’t annoy you, because you always know how to make the most out of it. So even when there’s nobody around to give you validation or attention, you’re still doing just fine.

11. You’re last in line

Not only figuratively, but literally. You don’t care about your social status, or really any status, so last in line for everything is fine… unless it’s something you really enjoy doing.

12. You have limited social skills

You don’t exactly feel awkward in a crowd because that would mean that you get that you don’t get people and they don’t get you.

The only one who feels socially awkward in social settings are those who are with you. You don’t notice that people walk away scratching their heads or slightly offended by what you said because you simply don’t get it. [Read: Socially awkward? 16 little hacks to loosen up]

13. You don’t read social cues well

You don’t only not get the social verbiage, you can’t be bothered with the cues people send you. If someone walks away from you while you describe your latest hobby, you have no idea that they are trying to get away from you. You see it as a “follow me and keep talking” sign.

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14. You don’t follow the set social rules

And since you have a hard time reading social cues, the set social rules just don’t apply to you. You prefer setting your own rules and doing it your way, even if it’s weird and gets people talking.

After all, you don’t care what anyone thinks. As long as you’re happy and comfortable, all is well.

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15. Some would even describe you as “creepy

Yep, sorry, some people think that you are kind of creepy. The thought of a grown man obsessed with his own hobbies and a lack of social awareness screams creepy to many people around you. Unfair, but true.

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16. You don’t understand personal boundaries

There is a zone that people like to keep distance between themselves and other people, but you don’t get that.

Personal space is totally lost on you, which is why you typically have people backed up against the wall talking their ear off, while they have nothing but a blank stare on their face like a deer caught in the headlights.

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17. You aren’t into being “polite”

It isn’t that you mean to be rude, you really just don’t even know what being polite entails. Being polite means you understand how to be gracious, that you understand social cues and are socially aware.

Those are all things that a typical omega personality doesn’t get. To you, honesty reigns no matter how rude or offensive it can come across.

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18. You are likely to have fetishes

Not every omega personality has weird fetishes, but most of the weird fetishes belong to those with the omega personality. But don’t worry, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. We’re not about to kink shame in this house! [Read: 20 freaky fetishes that are actually not weird at all]

19. You draw attention to yourself without even trying

Although not wanting the attention or caring about it at all, you have this uncanny knack for attracting attention for all the wrong reasons.

Acting like a fool, shouting when it isn’t appropriate, or laughing at the most unfunny times, you just don’t get it. Since you don’t know how to behave in social situations, you have a tendency to draw a crowd.

20. You like eccentric things, or enjoy hobbies the crowd calls an addiction

Yep, you don’t need friends, you have your hobbies. And you enjoy them, and don’t give a damn if others think your interests are edging into addiction levels.

21. You don’t have much empathy

You aren’t going to be the first at the protest with a sign or really support any cause. Empathy is not your thing. Since you lack social skills, it is nearly impossible for you to “put yourself in someone else’s shoes.”

If you don’t typically feel sorry for anyone, not even yourself, then you might have an omega personality. [Read: Introvert vs extrovert – Which side are you on?]

22. You have a tendency to be bullied

Since the omega personality refuses to conform and be like everyone else, they are usually the target of scorn and bullying. Not being in the group makes you the outsider who not only stands out but is ridiculed.

The omega personality is the guy who isn’t like anyone else. They have a tendency to be a loner without any ambition of being part of the group.

Omega personalities are the guys who collect action figures well into their sixties, always have the latest fantasy game release, and would rather spend a night alone indulging in their hobbies than anywhere else in the world. The omega personality simply walks to their own drum.

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23. You are self-assured

Nothing really fazes you. As an omega, you are self-assured. You already know what you want and who you are and you don’t try to be somebody you’re not, which is something the other personality types still struggle to achieve. So, be proud of yourself.

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24. You are highly intelligent but lack ambition

You are very intelligent. Like those scientists from The Big Bang Theory. They are the prime example of the omega personality type, very weird but super smart, too.

You may always be at the top of your class and the most efficient worker. However, you may lack the ambition to do better than that.

You are fine with your current position, so the idea of aiming for higher rarely crosses your mind if at all.

25. You are laid back

You are very chill about almost everything. You don’t have a hard time making decisions, nor do you stress out about wanting things to go your way. You go at your own pace and are happy with whatever result you’ll get.

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We are all different, so if you are the omega personality in the group, celebrate it. You don’t feel the need to conform, couldn’t care less what people think, and do what you want to instead of what people want you to do. We all have our lot in life, and yours is special.

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