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A Man’s Guide to Effortlessly Looking Great in Bed

Women aren’t the only ones who want to look sexy in bed. Guys, admit it: you’re just as concerned. Here’s how to look hot for your woman.

how to look good in bed for men

Guys are just as worried about looking sexy, but most would rather eat their underwear than admit it.
One of the most basic aspects of sexual relationships is physical appearance. It’s not that you have to look like the pre-approved social standard of attractiveness. You just have to be pre-approved by yourself and your partner.
When it comes to sex, certain features can make you more aroused than others. Some people are more appreciative of breasts than butts. Some base their preference on body type, as well.
For men, it’s the same story: some guys invest a lot of time and money into looking like Greek statues, while others are happy to keep their dad-bod intact.
Why the differential gap, you ask? Because that’s how people work. Not everyone wants a Ryan Gosling.
How to look good in bed: What makes a man attractive?
Power? Money? Abs? Not really. In terms of intangible factors, the most attractive feature in a man is confidence. When you use that in the bedroom, you won’t have a problem with making yourself look as hot as you want to be. [Read: 12 little details that’ll transform you from a nice guy to a real man]
Still, there are some factors that you need to consider to maintain sex appeal. If you know what your partner likes, you can adjust to fit that standard. If not, here are some tips that might work for you.
#1 Conduct a survey. If you don’t know what works, you can always ask, right? It’s not about changing your whole appearance to suit your partner’s needs. There are a few basic things that can improve your appearance without having to go that far, like grooming—whether that means being shaved, trimmed or waxed. Not only that, you can also ask whether or not your girl *or girls* prefer a certain type of underwear, or if they’re interested in using costumes. [Read: 10 qualities in a guy girls find really attractive]
#2 Use soap. This is one of the most basic tenets of human contact. If you’re looking forward to someone touching you, it’s not too much to ask to clean yourself up a bit. Read: SHOWER. No one’s going to find you attractive if you smell or look like you just got out of a dust storm. Even if you’re moderately clean, the freshly-showered look is one of the most attractive pre-sex looks.
#3 Buy new underwear. It’s not necessary, but it is helpful. Your partner has probably seen all of your underwear—you know how most guys are. Five of everything, and you’re good. If your partner sees that you made an effort to buy something new for your bedroom romp, she will definitely reward you with a compliment—or maybe something more. [Read: Boxers or briefs – Which ones do girls prefer?]

#4 Make sure it fits. Tighty whities versus boxers? We’re a bit conflicted about that, but we do know that only one works for some people. It’s not just a matter of body type. Even hefty guys can wear tighty whities and look sexy. It’s all about how you carry yourself, and whether or not your clothing fits. Too loose and you’ll look prepubescent. Too tight and you won’t be able to hide anything.
#5 Trim. Or shave. Or wax. It depends on what feels comfortable for you and your partner. The aesthetics of pubic hair is constantly being debated, but it doesn’t matter what the general public says. You either like how you’re groomed, or you don’t. If your partner disagrees, then you might have to discuss it a little more and modify your preferences. [Read: The art of manscaping and what girls want to see on a guy’s body]
#6 Moisturize. I cannot stress this enough. Lotion isn’t just for your penis. If you start moisturizing, you will discover new pathways to happiness, like the consistent cuddling of your partner because of your smooth and silky skin. Aside from that, people who have supple skin are significantly more attractive than those with flaky and rough skin. Do I even need science to back that up?
#7 Do some push-ups. No, a few push-ups won’t make those pecs pop, but they will give you a few added points to boost your attractiveness. How? Not because your partner will be impressed that you can lift yourself up off the ground, but because engaging in a physical activity emits hormones that can amp up your sex appeal. Aside from that, the sweaty after-glow can be extremely sexy.
#8 Invest in good lighting. No need to turn the lights off when you invest in mood lighting, like a dimmer switch or a lamp with a warm glow. This sort of light is extremely flattering, no matter what body type you have. Dim lighting also increases sexual arousal. [Read: 13 tips to make your bedroom more sexy and romantic]
Even if you don’t have the time and effort to sculpt your body to model proportions, the most important thing to consider is how your partner sees you in your most intimate moment. Your partner likely doesn’t care about your biceps or even your quads. All she wants to see is a man who wants her no matter what either one of you look like.
There are, however, some cases that you need to consider more thoroughly, like being dangerously obese or underweight. You won’t have time to worry about your appearance when your health deteriorates because of your lack of concern for your body. If this is you, discuss your options with your doctor to get to a healthier weight.
Physical appearances matter, but they are not the be-all and end-all of relationships. Instead, appearances are the starter pack in finding a person that you can be sexually compatible with.
[Read: 25 things that make a man instantly attractive to women]
But you can still look great in bed with a killer personality and a whopping load of sex appeal, using the tips provided above.

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