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20 Foolproof Ways to Tell If You’re a Serial Womanizer

Starting to suspect you may be a womanizer, but not sure what the signs are? Read on to see if you’re a caring lover or a committed Casanova.


It may seem a bit strange to have a feature about womanizing directed at guys, rather than directed toward the ladies, giving them warning signs to watch out for. The focus here, however, is to help guys who may be playing the womanizing part, maybe without even realizing it, identify the behaviors that may be hindering their ability to maintain a long-term, healthy relationship.

Despite the reputations they have earned amongst men and women alike, most womanizers are entirely unaware of how they behave, partly because no one wants to be thought of as a bad person, and in order to protect themselves from the truth, they adopt a cloak of inscrutability.

Womanizing symptoms

Of course, if after reading this list, you decide you are a womanizer, then what you do with that information is entirely your choice. You can either act upon it and change things about yourself, or revel in the title and enjoy who you are. That, dear reader, is for you to decide.

#1 You have a reputation. The first sign of being a womanizer is the most obvious. Perhaps you have always laughed off the insistence of friends that you’re a modern-day Don Juan as a bit of fun, or a rumor that reached your ears through the local female community as the bitterness of jealousy. However, there is rarely smoke without fire, and maybe you should have an honest look at yourself to see if the rumors are true.

#2 You get bored easily. Womanizers suffer from a kind of relationship-focused ADHD, and a woman who seems to be the object of their affections one day, the next day seems quite dull to them. A dead giveaway. [Read: 15 reasons why you’re bored with your relationship]

#3 You have wandering eyes. No matter how pleasant, beautiful, successful, and exciting your current SO is, you can’t help but let your eyes take in the delights of other women—a definite trait of a womanizer.

#4 You have a very smooth tongue. There’s a difference between a genuine, well-chosen compliment and outright flattery. The womanizer is constantly guilty of the latter. Ring any bells yet? [Read: 10 compliments for women that will definitely backfire]

#5 You overuse the “L” word. Telling someone you love them should be a very rare and special occasion. A womanizer, though, will use it like he uses a casual greeting—just another way of keeping a woman sweet and in his bed until he’s bored of her. [Read: When should you say “I love you” for the first time?]

#6 You count your conquests. Are the notches on your bedpost threatening to ruin it? Not only are the sheer number of conquests a clear indicator of a womanizer, but so is the fact that you keep count of them. A gentleman would never consider doing such a thing.

#7 You always use pet names. A womanizer always does. That way, if he just calls all women “babe” or “hun,” it means he won’t slip up and call his girlfriend the wrong name. [Read: What your pet name says about your relationship]

#8 You always break promises. If you’re always breaking promises to your girlfriends, it’s most likely because at heart, you don’t really care about them. Another hallmark of a womanizer. [Read: What is unconditional love really?]

#9 You love the chase. Hunting down and making a woman “yours” is what it’s all about for you, and once you’ve bedded her, she no longer excites you. Womanizing territory, through and through.

#10 You have victim radar. Womanizers have a natural instinct to prey on the weak, i.e. women who have just split up from a long term relationship, or have taken some other knock to their confidence. If you’re honest enough with yourself to recognize this trait, then you may have to consider that you have definitely joined the ranks of the Don Juan.

#11 You don’t ask questions. When you’ve finally hooked a woman, do you find that you’re no longer interested in what she has to say? Well, the reasons for that should be obvious by now. [Read: 7 reasons women don’t understand men’s communication style]

#12 Your friends never introduce you to their girlfriends. Even your friends don’t trust you. Enough said.

#13 You have no female friends. Womanizers don’t have female friends. In fact, all women are sifted into one of four categories: undesirable, desirable but had, desirable and not had, and family. [Read: 13 naughty ways to get out of the friend zone in no time]

#14 Your relationships are all short term. When was the last time you had a relationship longer than a couple of months? If you’re struggling to find an answer, then you might, indeed, be a womanizer.

#15 You’re no family man. You never talk about having family with girlfriends, nor do you entertain even the slightest thought of introducing her to yours or of you meeting hers. That’s because you’re a womanizer and you know that at heart, you’ll soon have a new flame at your side.

#16 Your appearance is paramount. It could be the middle of a Tuesday night and you need some milk from the local store, but there’s no way you’d show up there without looking like you’ve just stepped out of a magazine… just in case. [Read: How to manscape right: 8 manscaping tips to shape it sexy]

#17 Your interest in sex wanes. When you’re targeting a new partner, there’s no sexual act you won’t consider. After only a few more occasions of rolling around the bed together, though, you’re really not sexually interested in her anymore. The womanizer in you wants to move on. [Read: How to create sexual chemistry and make it stay]

#18 You always date in different places. Every time you go on a new date, you find a new venue to avoid the awkwardness of bumping into an ex. Seriously… who does this? Apart from a womanizer, of course.

#19 You struggle with the company of men. You may have loads of male friends, but you’d never consider a guy’s night on the X-box with them. The forced separation from the female population is just too much.

#20 You constantly flirt. Even when you’re talking to a woman you’re not remotely interested in *even the toothless old crone who works at the local coffee shop*, you can’t resist the opportunity to flirt. Constant flirting is one of the most obvious signs of womanizing tendencies.

[Read: 20 ways to be a badass bad boy that all girls fall for]

You should now know where you stand on the womanizing scale and should have at least some idea of what you want to do with that information. The choice is yours, but be aware of your capacity to disrupt the lives of others.

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