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How to Talk Dirty to a Girl and Not Turn Her Off!

Talking dirty is an art that can do wonders in bed. But that’s only if you know how to talk dirty to a girl the right way and not say the wrong things!

how to talk dirty to a girl

Women are comfortable with moaning.

But men just can’t do that.

They grunt, and still look cool doing it!

But do you find yourself getting tongue tied each time you have to do more than just breathe hard or grunt in bed while thrusting deeper?

If your girlfriend ever tells you that she wants you to talk dirty to her, do you have any idea what she wants?

Or worse, has your girlfriend even told you that her ex was a great dirty talker in bed?! *dramatic gasp*

Now that’ll definitely add a lot of pressure to talk dirty, won’t it?

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Dirty talking is an art.

But more than that *and more importantly*, it’s subjective.

You may fantasize about sleeping with her sister or her mother, but can you really talk about it in bed with her without making her want to clip your ball sacks together?

Your girlfriend could be game for a bit of dirty talk, but not everyone’s ready to let their fantasies and dirty talk run wild in bed.

So before you open your mouth and gasp something naughty, learn the right way to talk dirty to a girl so you can take your sexual orgasms to a whole new high! [Read: 23 sexy tips to dirty talk and say the sexiest things!]

How to talk dirty to a girl

If your girlfriend or wife tells you that she likes the idea of talking dirty, that’s great news!

After all, now you can actually blurt out those perverse thoughts that run through your mind when you’re banging your woman, and turn her on at the same time.

But before you go saying everything that comes on your mind, you need to realize that the dirty thoughts in your mind may have existed for a long time, but your girlfriend has no idea about it!

Take it easy, and always start slow. Paw your way around dirty talking like a cat stealthily walking through new grounds. Say something tame and easy to start with, and work your way up as the days pass if both of you enjoy talking dirty and fantasizing while having sex.

Over time, both of you will get hornier, bolder and the fantasies too will start to get wilder. But if you say something too perverse too soon, she may just want to duct-tape your mouth while having sex for the rest of your life. [Read: 10 things women need in bed to feel sexy and loved]

Men are visual, women are better at imagination

Do you ever feel like just having sex without saying anything to each other has started to get boring? Most couples feel that way after a few years of regular sex too.

Calling your girlfriend a “bad girl”, a “dirty whore” or a “f**kin’ bitch” is fun the first few times. But if you’re only going to say the same words over and over again, every half an hour during sex, and every few times every week, it’s only a matter of months before those words start to sound like a turn off than a turn on!

For a guy, watching porn or even visualizing something sexy like a costume could give an instant hard on, especially if your girlfriend dresses up as a fantasy character you’ve always lusted for.

But for a girl, sex is more imaginative and creative, it’s aroused by their senses beyond mere sight. So if you want to seduce a girl and talk dirty to her, you need to do more than just dress up as a fireman. You need to get her mind racing, you need to make her visualize the words you say, and you need to transport her mentally to a place of sexual bliss. [Read: Sexy dirty talking examples to talk dirty with your girl]

Describe your thoughts in detail, instead of just stating them. It would make all the difference while talking dirty to a girl!

Men make a lot of mistakes while talking dirty

For most men, a sexual monster takes over them when they’re having sex. You’re on a sexual frenzy and your mind is full of extreme acts and perverse thoughts. But you need to remember that your woman can’t read your thoughts.

So if you’re dirty talking to her in bed, don’t confuse her or annoy her by mumbling a few muddled lines now and then, and assume that she can play along with what you’re saying. In all probability, she won’t even know what you’re saying, and that’ll just end up pissing both of you off! [Read: 6 tips to sound really sexy in bed]

The best way to talk dirty with a girl is when you’re doing the missionary and on top of her. Run your hands through her hair and grab it gently behind her head. And as you move in and out of her, bring your lips close to her ears and whisper the words you want to say in a soft, seductive tone.

It’s easy and intimate, and yet, sexy and very arousing, especially if you bite her neck every now and then in between all those dirty words you say. Do that, and you’ll make her moan and groan, and wet the bed with pleasure!

Some dirty conversations are best not spoken about

Your mind could run wild, especially when you’re having passionate sex and not trying to rein in your thoughts. And if you do say something extremely freaky or perverse, it may scare your girlfriend, especially if it’s only been a while since both of you have been dating. And that’s probably why dirty talking works best only if both of you have been in a relationship at least for a few years. [Read: 30 naughty questions for couples to get to know each other better]

And when you do say something rather bold, your girlfriend may realize you’re just talking dirty, but at the back of her mind, she’d still wonder how someone as normal as you could concoct such perverse or taboo thoughts when you’re horny. And once that thought enters her mind, she may even start to assume that you’re a dirty pervert.

To a guy who’s in a sexual frenzy, saying something like “I wish I could have met you when you were in your teens. I would have got your drunk at a party, and I’d grope you all over and rip your clothes apart even as you’d push me away helplessly!” would sound like nothing out of the ordinary. But if your girl chooses to read those lines some other way, she’d assume you’re a freak! [Read: Top 10 sexual fantasies for women that you can talk about in bed]

It’s the same consequence if you’re dirty talking about having a threesome with her and her best friend. Unless your girlfriend believes that it’s just sex talk, she’d always assume you have a crush on her best friend and may even start feeling insecure about the relationship. [Read: 20 threesome tips to know before talking about entering into one]

It’s easy to get carried away in bed, especially when you’re talking dirty. But always remember to draw the line and play it safe, or you’ll just be sorry. And most importantly, both of you need to trust each other completely.

Six sexy things you can talk about while dirty taking with your girlfriend

If you want to start talking dirty with your girlfriend, start off easy, and work your way up. It’ll get sexier and both of you will feel hornier as the years go by. But don’t get carried away too fast or say something that’ll just leave one of you feeling awkward or worried. [Read: How to build trust in a relationship before talking dirty to each other]

Here are 6 great dirty talking tips you can use while talking dirty with a girl. Try them, and you’ll see just how well they can work!

#1 Call her names. For starters, dirty names are the perfect way to take a walk down the road of dirty talk. As you penetrate her, grab her and claw her, and say something dirty and sexy about each body part of hers that you touch with your hands. Or just call her a dirty slut and work with that as the minutes pass by.

#2 Describe it. This is another safe way to see if both of you enjoy dirty talking together. Tell her everything you’re going to do to her, about five to ten seconds before you actually do it. If you’re going to do it harder, whisper it in her ears before you do it. If you’re going to bite her neck or let your hands wander, breathe into her ears and tell her before you do it.

#3 Ask her to open up. Ask your girlfriend or wife what she wants to talk about. She may feel awkward to say something during foreplay though. So wait until you penetrate her so she can feel completely uninhibited and bold, and then ask her to say something dirty and sexy. Or ask her to imagine something naughty and tell you where she’d want to be. And once she says something that arouses her, take the cue and get into the dirty descriptions. [Read: 30 naughty would-you-rather questions to get her to open up]

#4 Forced sex. Many girls enjoy this! Start off by having regular sex, and somewhere along the way, grab her hands firmly with one hand and hold them behind her head or on top of her head. Get vigorous, and penetrate her harder. And as you do that, run your free hand all over her body in a not-so-gentle way.

If she enjoys what you’re doing, she may play along with you. And from there, the sky is the limit. You can slap her, bite her or just say the dirtiest things you could do to a girl you’re trying to take advantage of in bed. [Read: 15 dirty ways to have the sexiest rough sex ever!]

#5 Instruct her. Tell her what you want her to do. You could use this during foreplay, or while having sex with each other. To make it just a little kinkier and sexier, mix in a few questions too. “Would you skinny dip with me if we were on a vacation and the beach was empty?” “When we’re in a club, I want you to grind against me with your butt, and I want you to reach your hands into my jeans…” You get the drift? [Read: Public flashing confessions that make for perfectly sexy conversations]

#6 Taboo fantasies. Dirty talk about things that are beyond the bed. Talk about different places, involving other people, or just doing things that are considered rather risqué like flashing in public or making out in front of someone else. [Read: The right way to fantasize about someone else with your partner]

Try these 6 dirty talking ideas for starters. And as long as you take your time to warm her up, both of you will start to enjoy sex a lot more, and feel like naughty little teenagers all over again! [Read: Do you like fantasizing about your girl with someone else?]

But always remember that what you say in bed should stay in bed. Communicate with each other and let her know that the things you say are just dirty thoughts in bed and you’d never act on any of those thoughts ever.

After all, most sexually taboo acts always excites us, but these fantasies are almost always best experienced in the mind when both of you are in bed!

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Use this guide on how to talk dirty to a girl, and you’ll definitely leave her wanting more in bed, because every time you have sex with her, you’re always going to make sex feel unique and as sexy as the first few times!

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