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How to Spend a Guy’s Night Alone

At times, you may just want to spend time all by yourself. It doesn’t matter if you’re all alone, because all men need some me-time, so they can catch up with themselves and have a great time doing just what they really like!

How to Spend a Guy's Night Alone

Whether your wallet’s wearing thin or you’re just sick and tired of bars and clubs, having the perfect night in is a good alternative. It’s not just chicks that can have these indulgent nights in washing their hair and painting their nails while crying over a scene from The Notebook.

You’re not boring or sad if you just feel like mellowing in one Friday night by yourself. Here’s a list of things that can keep you entertained and perfectly satisfied over a night well worth spent in.


Here’s your chance to watch films that you probably prefer to really enjoy in your own company. You could rent the whole Al Pacino selection from Scarface to Godfather, but Lovepanky suggests you watch Gladiator. Even if you’ve watched it millions of times, this film never grows old and you’re more likely to have something in common with Maximus (Russell Crowe) than some random chick at a bar who’s more interested in your car. Alternatively, you could lie back and have a James Bond marathon. The night in will definitely shake you up more than a stirry night out.

TV Series

Chicks have Housewives and Carrie and the Gang, blokes have Jack Bauer. He’s quick, he’s hard, and he is every man’s idol, so why not check out the first season of the Emmy award winning ‘24′. And if the first season whizzes you by like a cab in Vegas, then check the seasons 2,3,4,5 and 6! If you’re not feeling all up for the several hours long marathon of the American government’s finest, then pick up the first season of Def Jam Comedy which houses stand-up stars such as Bernie Mac, Eddie Murphy and Chris Tucker.


Blokes like to read, they just don’t admit it. Forget picking up a copy of a regular magazine, and have a look at some books that you can enjoy with a lovely glass of wine. Milan Kundera’s ‘The Unbearable Likeness of Being’ is a timely classic set in Prague which speaks of illicit romance, relationships and life. Alternatively, if you want something to make you laugh out loud, try actor Steve Martin’s ‘The Pleasure of My Company’, a humorous monologue of a guy who can’t walk on foot curbs amongst other things.


Treat yourself to something tasty like a homemade herb pizza or a bowl of Spaghetti Bolognese. Food is so important to make your night in complete, and is the most primitive form of comfort. You will be thoroughly ‘full-filled’ and realize more and more that nothing beats a good home meal rather than that extra value junk from McDonalds. After your meal, you might be enticed by some cheesecake or doughnuts from Crispy Crà¨me though.


What’s your poison? Get yourself a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka or sip up some of Tennessee’s finest Jack Daniel’s whisky. Sit back and enjoy your books or films, add some ice to the glass and soak in the strong taste of suggested liquor. If you had been on a night out, just remember you probably would have overdone the booze and had a sore head the next morning. Hangovers are the wrath of grapes.


You may have your own individual taste in music but nothing compares to listening to some good old classic tunes. Bob Dylan’s masterpiece album ‘The Essential Bob Dylan’ is the perfect man’s night in album. Great words and very smooth, that drink in your hand would go down way too nicely. But if you prefer something more uplifting, get a hold of The Beatles or something along those lines.

Once you’ve got all the essentials, sit back and prepare yourself for the perfect man’s night in.

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