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How to Manscape: Manscaping Tricks Most Guys Don’t Know But Girls Like

We all expect women to keep their bodies looking good. But you also need to know how to manscape. Here’s all you need to know to do it right.


Manscaping. You need to know how to manscape. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, it’s basically just a clever word used to describe the process of men removing their body hair. It can be related to the face, chest/stomach, back, and pubic area.

The word itself is received with ambivalence in the circles of true, hot-blooded men.

Of course, you can’t just leave your lower lawn untended, but the thought of bringing a razor’s edge in full contact with your precious family jewels can incite panic—or, to make things worse, you could solicit the services of a professional “manscaper” *yes, that is a thing*. 

That is often considered effeminate, however, making it an unlikely choice. Like passing by a roadside accident, manscaping is horrible, but you can’t look away. It has to be done.

Manscaping has been taking the world by storm and growing in popularity lately. But the one question that has been plaguing nearly every guy’s mind, since the notion of manscaping became well-known, is this: how do women really feel about it?

While men may have their own preferences when it comes to their body hair, women have preferences about what hair they like on men, and what hair should just be gotten rid of completely. We’re here to tell you just what women think about manscaping different regions of your body.

Why manscape?

Manscaping is not just about your pubes. It includes managing the growth of other body hair, including your chest, armpit, and facial hair. [Read: What do girls like in guys? 30 desirable traits and turn offs women hate]

Of course, you’ve got your neighborhood barber to tend to your head and face, and for sure, you can manage your own chest carpet. 

However, your subterranean savannah is trickier to groom and requires careful attention. Jabbing at your crotch randomly with a razor can result in unintended consequences.

1. For comfort

Pubes, if left untended, can be an inconvenient hassle. First, they can accidentally get caught in your fly when zipping, which is extremely painful. [Read: How to be comfortable in your own skin – 20 ways to love being you]

Second, they can tangle and choke your penis if you get an unwanted boner *which is also painful*. Finally, the sheer difficulty of having to rummage through your untrimmed bush to find your wiener to pee is very annoying. To be precise: less hair, fewer problems.

2. For hygiene

A quick biology recap will remind you that hair means the presence of sweat glands. Hair soaks up sweat and, given that the sun rarely shines below your waist, your pubic area is prone to grow lots of bacteria that can result in unpleasant odors and skin diseases.

Manscaping is a way to maintain good hygiene and keep your genital area clean and healthy.

3. For aesthetics

If you think that girls like the stereotypical hairy, cabin-dwelling, beer-guzzling, macho-man, you’re wrong! Most women prefer well-groomed men unless they time-traveled from the 70s. [Read: 12 common insecurities guys have that women don’t realize]

A neatly-trimmed manscape creates the impression of cleanliness. Women won’t hesitate to go down on you without the fear of having to pause to spit out stray hairs.

Is manscaping hygienic? 

Yes, of course, it’s hygienic. For example, most people don’t just let the hair on their head grow indefinitely, right? That would be strange. And who do you know that doesn’t take a shower or wear deodorant on a regular basis? 

People do these things because it’s hygienic, and manscaping is no different. Plus, it also makes you look a lot better too. [Read: What girls find attractive – 49 traits that make a guy irresistible to women]

Manscaping tools

Before you learn how to manscape right and where on your body to do it, you have to have the right tools ready first. So, here are some basics that you will need.

1. Wax/wax strips

If you don’t mind a little pain, then you can try waxing your hair. For this, of course, you need to have wax or wax strips. Be sure to read the directions and use them correctly so you don’t inflict more discomfort on yourself than you need to.

2. Razor

This one is pretty obvious. Most men already have razors so they can shave their faces. But they can also be used all over your body too, not just your face. This is an alternative to waxing if you don’t have a very high pain threshold. [Read: 29 Things girls like to hear from men to feel special and loved]

3. Trimmer

Use a trimmer for nose hair or around your hairline on your head. Don’t let things grow out too much, especially when it’s in a very noticeable spot on your body.

4. Scissors

If you want to cut the hair on your chest or legs, it might be very long – too long to shave right off. So, you want to have some scissors so you can shorten the hair length before you use your razor.

5. Hair removal creams

If you’re more of a lazy or efficient type of guy, then you can use hair removal creams. That way, you don’t have any pain as you would with wax, and it is less time-consuming than taking a razor to your whole body. [Read: Physical attraction – 20 hot secrets to look way more desirable instantly]

6. Moisturizer

A lot of guys don’t think to use moisturizer, but it helps all kinds of skin. All of these manscaping methods might dry out your skin, so it’s best to keep it moisturized the best you can.

Manscaping tips – How to manscape right

Manscaping might sound like an easy thing to do, but there are quite a few things to keep in mind. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. Safety first

Remember, you are bringing sharp objects down on your fun parts. It won’t be so fun if you accidentally get a cut down there, so you’d better tread carefully when manscaping.

First, make sure your grooming tools, such as razors and trimmers, are clean and well-functioning. [Read: Having sex with someone new for the first time? 17 must-follow rules]

For those opting for electric razors, make sure they are well-oiled and maintained for better trimming efficiency. Do not use your manscaping tools for purposes other than body hair shaping, as its intended use makes it a vehicle for infection.

2. Pull the skin taut

Unlike your face and your chest, your pubic area is full of ridges and crevices that can be tricky to go over with a razor. Uneven skin bumps and wrinkles pose a risk for cuts and nicks. 

To make shaving or trimming easier, pull the skin taut to make a relatively flat surface, then run it through with your trimmer. Do this carefully and slowly, and do not rush. Work on one small strip at a time to achieve an even cut. [Read: 20 Things women look for in a man that makes him totally irresistible]

3. As much as possible, leave some stubble behind

Unless you’re a porn star or bikini model, try not to shave it clean like you do your face. For those who’ve made that mistake, you understand that shaving it clean makes you prone to irritation and itchiness. Leave it short *about half an inch*, with just enough room for comfort.

4. Manscape in a hot, steamy shower to soften up the hair

Taking a shower while you manscape cleans away excess oil and dirt that could otherwise lessen the efficiency of your proverbial “gardening” tools. [Read: Shower sex – 18 sexy bathroom secrets to get wet, make love, and not slip]

In addition, having a warm shower relaxes and smooths your skin, allowing an easier trim, and making your skin less susceptible to cuts and infection, should you accidentally draw blood.

5. Use the appropriate skin products

Slapping your groin with your usual cream and aftershave can be dangerous, as it can lead to inflammation and irritation. The skin of your pubic area is more sensitive and chock-full of nerves *with good reason* that requires a milder formula. 

Luckily for you, there’s a whole line of masculine grooming products that are better suited for manscaping. Consult your dermatologist for suggested products. [Read: 28 Subtle, seductive ways to touch a girl and arouse and make her want more]

6. Define your borders

As mentioned, manscaping is done to make your crotch look good. Hair is often uncooperative and grows in the weirdest places imaginable, so try to make it look neat by trimming the hair close to a defined border. 

Professional male groomers have waxing styles for men, such as the “mankini,” and variations of the Brazilian, suited for manly tastes.

7. Get help

If you think that it’s too hard for you to trim that man bush on your own, it won’t hurt to enlist the help of a reluctant girlfriend or wife. Just make sure you compensate them for their efforts afterward. [Read: Facial hair – Do women like men with beards?]

Getting someone else to do your manscaping can be awkward, but sometimes it is the better option, as they have a better perspective of your crotch, and can easily work on those hard-to-reach areas. If you don’t trust your girlfriend enough, at least ask her to hold a mirror for you.

8. Visit a professional

You might not believe it, but there are spas that offer man-grooming services. We know what you’re going to say, but it wouldn’t hurt to try it at least once. 

They are professionals, after all, and they are highly trained to give you the neatest, most comfortable trim of your life—more than anything you can come up with on your own.

If you’re unsure, ask your girlfriend or partner to accompany you, and hold her hand as your professional manscaper does their thing.[Read: Manscaping and what girls really want to see on a guy’s body]

9. Consider your hair type

Not every guy’s hair is alike. Some are thick and coarse, and others are curly. And still, others are fine and thin. 

What kind of hair you have will determine which manscaping tools work best for you. Plus, it also determines how long it takes you to complete your manscaping too. The more hair you have and the thicker it is, the longer it will take.

10. Wash your hands and sanitize your tools before and after

It might not seem like manscaping would be very dirty or dangerous. But it can be. So, make sure you have proper hygiene and wash your hands, and sanitize your tools both before and after. [Read: How to look hot – 24 sexy tips to go from boring to irresistibly desirable!]

You need to be especially careful if you have cuts on your skin too. Bacteria can get into your skin and it can become infected. So, make sure you are as careful as you can be.

11. Don’t use a beard trimmer on your balls and armpits for hygiene purposes

Speaking of hygiene, you have to be aware of what parts of your body you have used your tools on. For example, don’t use a beard trimmer on your balls or armpits, because they can have bacteria in those places.

Plus, does it sound like a good idea to have a moving blade that close to your balls? It’s a sensitive area, so you need to take your time when you are down there. [Read: How to have rough sex and 15 dirty moves to have the sexiest time ever]

12. Blend while trimming your chest hair so it doesn’t look patchy

You don’t want to look silly and patchy on our chest hair, do you? Of course, you don’t! Women would laugh at you, and you don’t want that!

So, make sure you blend your hair well when you are trimming your chest hair. You want it to be even and look normal.

13. Don’t shave your butt crack 

You might want to get rid of that butt hair, but it’s really not a good idea. First of all, it’s very difficult to reach back there and get any sort of tool to work in that position. [Read: Fragile masculinity? 70 things men do that doesn’t make you “gay”]

Second of all, you also don’t want to use hair removal cream in your butt either because it probably won’t feel very good. Plus, if you do shave your butt crack, it will feel horrible once it starts growing back.

14. Moisturize afterward

As we mentioned earlier, doing all this manscaping can affect your skin. It can make it irritated or dry it out. So, it’s important to have moisturizer on hand so you can keep your skin looking and smelling great.

15. Consider waxing instead of shaving

Shaving is less painful than waxing, but it doesn’t last as long. So, as an alternative to shaving your whole body, you can wax it if you don’t mind a little pain.

At least you can go longer in between your manscaping sessions, so that would save you time. [Read: Effeminate men – 50 things they do because they don’t give a shit]

16. Clean up your mess afterward

If you are in a relationship, don’t forget to clean up your mess! Nothing irritates a woman more than seeing hair in the sink or fingernails spread everywhere. That’s gross. So, clean up the bathroom and leave it the way you found it. Even if you’re single, it’s a good idea to do this too.

Take it off! Take it off! Your body hair, that is.

Now that you know how to manscape, what parts of your body should you focus on? 

Many women have similar tastes when it comes to body hair. However, everybody is different; some women love one type of appearance and loathe another. [Read: 9 non-sexual things that arouse girls instantly]

Speaking on behalf of the majority of women out there, we have created a comprehensive guide to what should be manscaped, and what should be left alone.

Facial hair

Women often have differing opinions when it comes to facial hair. We like looking at facial hair better than we like kissing someone with it. Nonetheless, here is how most women feel about you manscaping your facial hair.

1. If it’s patchy, manscape

Nobody looks good with facial hair that only grows in certain spots. If it looks patchy and straggly, women prefer that you just don’t have any. None is much better than some that look like a hot mess. [Read: 6 big disadvantages of dating a man with a mustache]

2. Keep it under control

If you’re not looking to manscape—or get rid of—all of your facial hair, at least manscape it enough so it’s under control. Manscaping does not just mean removing all your body hair; it also means keeping it trimmed and proper, if you are going to keep it grown out.

Having a beard or any sort of facial hair that is wild and all over the place is going to look unattractive. Women think that you should keep your beard well-manscaped in order to pull it off.

3. If it makes you look worse, get rid of it

That’s right. Not every guy looks great with facial hair. Honestly, it can make some of you look pretty creepy—if it’s not maintained properly.

If having facial hair doesn’t enhance your appearance in any way, women want you to manscape the heck out of it! [Read: Facial hair – What kind of beards do women like most?]


Let’s be honest really quick: this differs between women greatly. Some LOVE chest hair while others prefer their men to be as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Nonetheless, here are the criteria that the majority of women agree on.

1. If it takes up more than 40% of your chest and stomach, manscape it

This is basically a standard. If your chest and stomach hair is so extensive that it’s literally difficult to see your body, then it needs to go.

Women think that you should definitely manscape that and get rid of it. It’s just something that we don’t really find all that attractive.

Now, some women actually appreciate a man with more than average chest hair. Until you find a woman like that, however, your best bet will be to manscape it! [Read: Masculine traits – 21 healthy and unhealthy manly characteristics]

2. At least trim it

When it comes to manscaping this region, you definitely need to at least keep it in shape. And by that, we mean to keep it trimmed up and not looking like an overgrown mess. If you prefer to have your chest and stomach hair grown out, you need to trim it every once in a while—it’s just what women like.

3. If you fear looking like a little boy, don’t

Some men don’t like to shave their chests because they think it makes them look like a “little boy.” But some people think this is ridiculous and overdramatic.

Many women out there love a man with a clean-shaven front. If you’re feeling like you may not feel as manly manscaping this area, just know that women feel like you should at least be paying it some attention. [Read: 13 little changes to be the sexy, manly guy you’ve always wanted to be]


This area is a very simple one to explain how a woman really feels. If you have a hairy back, you need to manscape it. It’s that easy. No woman is going to be excited to cuddle up to a giant, fuzzy human back. No, thanks!


Not a lot of people think about manscaping their ears because we don’t really think about having hair in them. But a lot of guys do. So, if you’re one of them, don’t forget this important body part too.

1. Use tweezers to pluck long hairs out of your outer ear

If you have long hairs that are growing on your outer ear, you might not be able to see them, but anyone around you can. And it’s not a pretty sight. So make sure you pluck, cut, or shave them off. [Read: How to be more masculine – start listening to your instincts]

2. Carefully use grooming scissors to trim any inner ear hair 

This one is kind of tricky for a few reasons. It’s difficult to see inside your inner ear, so getting it all is challenging. You might ask someone else to do it for you. But be very careful so you don’t slip up and damage your ear drum.


The nose is also a body part that we don’t really think about having a lot of hair. But we all do inside because it filters out things we shouldn’t be breathing in. 

However, sometimes guys’ nose hair can grow a little wild. So, make sure you trim the air with proper grooming scissors or an electric trimmer. [Read: How to be an alpha male – unleash the irresistible inner you]


Most guys don’t think about cutting or shaving their armpits, but it’s becoming more popular than it used to be. So, if you’re sick of seeing your pit hair, then don’t forget this area. Be sure to use an electric body groomer with at least #2 guard.

Arms and legs

Although we don’t usually think of guys shaving their arms or legs, sometimes it’s a good idea if you are an overly hairy man.

For best results, trim your arms and legs with an electric trimmer #1 or #2 if you want a natural look. But if you want a silky-smooth look, then use a fresh disposable razor to achieve that. [Read: What’s sexy and what’s cute? Women’s views on men]


Now for the finale! The moment you’ve all been waiting for. What do women really think about you manscaping your love-making region?

1. DO manscape in some form

This is a hands-down. About 99% of all women would agree that there needs to be some form of control down there. First of all, who wants to look at a naked person with a huge, fuzzy mess down under?

You need to control this region in some way. Women really feel that it’s much more attractive when it’s taken care of and looks fresh. [Read: The omega male and 15 traits that make him better than the alpha male]

2. If you like women going down on you, get rid of it

This is the truth behind manscaping your fun zone. If you want a woman to use her mouth on you, then you have to manscape it.

Whether you remove all of the hair or trim it back enough to be comfortable, manscaping will improve your chances of getting some action from a lady’s mouth. An added bonus to this is that you’ll even look bigger after trimming the hair that’s hiding you! [Read: 16 ways to get a girl to give you head and love it]

3. Be comfortable with whatever you do

The best thing you can do for manscaping your groin is to make sure you feel confident. Women unanimously think that confidence is sexy, so manscaping as you see fit is a must!

If you feel confident rocking a full-blown, overgrown bush, then keep it that way. But if you feel more confident doing what you know a woman really likes, manscaping is the way to go.

Manscaping designs/styles

Now you know the tools, the guidelines, and where to manscape, you need to know the different designs and styles you can use. Here are some of the most popular ones. [Read: How to be dominant – 20 calm and firm ways to be the real alpha]

1. Briefs

For this strategy, all you have to do is shave all the hair that sticks out of your underwear so it doesn’t look wild.

2. Lion’s mane 

This is when you remove all the hair off your balls and the base of your penis. However, you leave everything above the penis.

3. Trimmed 

This is something you want to do if you just want to cut your hair and not eliminate it. So, it’s basically just trimming your hair to a short length. [Read: Sensitive sides – should men embrace male femininity?]

4. Minimalist 

For the minimalist, you would shave all the hair above your penis but leave the hair on your balls and the base of your penis.

5. Horizontal landing strip 

If you want this style, then shave the hair above your pubic area but not around your penis. Then, you should also trim your ball hair.

6. Shapes 

If you’re the type of person who wants to be different and stand out, then try this design. Trim yourself and get creative with hearts, arrows, or letters in your hair. [Read: Random boners – why men get these erections and 20 ways to get rid of it]

7. Completely bare

This one is pretty self-explanatory. You can also go completely bare and bald and remove as much hair as you possibly can from your body.

How often should you manscape? 

While every guy is different, the short and easy answer is: as often as you need to. Some guys’ hair grows faster than others and they have more of it. So, just do it at often as you need to so you can look and smell good at all times.

However, there are some general guidelines too. For example, you should shave the hair on your body as regularly as you shave your face.

If you are doing wax or sugar, then you should probably do that every four to six weeks. And if you are doing laser, then probably every other month should be enough.

[Read: What men think impresses women Vs. what actually impresses women]

Women have strong feelings about manscaping. If you really want to know how women feel about your body hair removal, this is the place to find out! Oh! And if you are a man who is manscaping any region of your body other than the ones listed above, we have a response just for you: don’t.

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